Yamaha Tricity Review & Testride!

This…. “thing”… is surprising.

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Yacine S says:

hi cager, I m about to pass my car driving license so I ll be able to drive scooter 125cc max. Between the gts125 and the yamaha tricity, which one do you advise? Under rain is the gts125 really bad, not stable? coz it s raining often here.
thanks for your advice!

Antone Remich says:

You always produce the most useful bike reviews on the Internet. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

TheTroy1477 says:

The only issue on that is about the self standing in traffic.. I want to have my feet not on the floor, like some flood, dirty road, I want three wheels without side stand

storma95000 says:

Cager on three wheels 😉

Uhlir János says:

this THING wow mate 🙂 cool…

JordanGaming says:

Cager I realy realy like your test ride videos and I’ve also recommended your videos to all of my friends keep up what you’re doing man cause you are doing absolutely awesome!!!

Charlie M says:

What would you buy this or the Nmax abs?

Godscountry says:

could you tell us how it handles when it hits even pavement.one wheel on a higher elevation than the other.Does it tend to self steer when hitting the lip of the road.

David Whittall says:

Nice concept for City Commuting in heavy traffic.
I would like to know if one can stop at traffic lights and not have to put any feet down – is it stable enough. to not ’tilt’ over (or can one ‘feel’ this happening and counteract with leaning to correct?

I am also wondering if anyone will develop an ‘Electric Trike’ with the same 2 front wheels!

Having spent time living and working in China, electric ‘scooters’ are very popular in the Cities, and relatively inexpensive.
A brushless electric hub motor in the rear wheel would be very compact and leave a lot of room for batteries and not having muffler and auto transmission to the sides, would make it potentially ‘slimmer’ for lane splitting and getting through ‘gaps’ between cars.

Karadjordje Trkulja says:

It should be a 250cc or 300cc version!!! It is really cheap for Yamaha!


great review excelent presentation hello from Greece

Ovlek TV says:

bro can it stand by it own when we are on this bike ? i know it can’t stand by their own.

sothere1 says:

Thanks cager!! I always looked at those and thought “they look stupid as hell” as well, and watched your vid to see what the benefits are, and now I know! I won’t look at them and think they’re stupid any more.  Lisbon also looked like somewhere I’d like to visit (I’m from Australia)

undertaker says:

U in Portugal brah

GAR A says:

hey man do you have to put your feet on the ground when in fully stop like red lightsm, how long this thing drive can I drive this 3 hours straight without overheating?

roger piero says:

Why are they trying to market it as beginner bikes? I just see that as more variety.

torean51 says:

Good vid, with practical info.


Nick F. Gigante says:

You should google GM’s Lean Machine. It was designed in the 70’s by an american engineer named Frank J. Winchell. He designed it to improve the wastefulness of the automobile. It achieved 200 miles per gallon.

Ben Lovett says:

YAY! a non-swearing motorbike reviewer! you’re officially my favorite reviewer now!

Dragon Link says:

Very interesting review, I have always wondered how those things would ride…   Given your review, Honda should make a 3 wheel CBR600R  🙂

Spiros Kaltsoukalas says:

Great review!Nice!!!

giwrgosicehole says:

incredible review! I just ordered mine with abs.
Thank you mate..

abhay sharma says:

wow queen of city seriously

Jap C. says:

Fantastic review! The best bike review I’ve ever seen on the net. Honest, informative, fun to watch. Thanks!!!

Zac Golus says:

Great video 🙂 I’m thinking of getting one as my first Scooter

chiltano says:

Here’s an interesting question for you. Since there are two wheels at the front, does countersteering still apply? All the best from the UK, England.


Hello, I’ve been debating to purchase one of these or a MP3 – As I’ve recently lost confidence after crashing my Suzuki Marauder. I’m a short guy 5 foot 2 to be exact, how high this bike? Will I be able to reach the ground with ease?

Alex zaki says:

Bitch then why did you buy it.

Mark Pinkney says:

Can you ring it on cbt

El Jefe says:

“its retarded how easy it’s to ride” hahahahah

Peter Gold says:

Your review on the Tricity helped me a lot in the decision to buy one and it has been a great ride for my daily commute for 12,000k. There is a new 155cc model coming out soon please review it if you can. looks like it addresses the 3 down sides of the original, the power, the seat and the foot room. I would like to hear your comparison of the 2 models.

undertaker says:


MrSpycore says:

Probably a silly question….. Can you attach a top box, to the red,three wheeled thingy??

PetroL says:

Very well made video. Thank you mate.

TROY says:

My dream bike

Godscountry says:

Too many motorcyclist’s are afraid to endorse safety,new technology etc,as if someones going to take there Harley away from them.Love it or hate it,this is a plus for the motorcycle industry.It may not be for everyone,but it will put a lot of new riders on the road,that’s for sure.I wonder if Yamaha has included the American market,after Piaggio’s bust with its MP3,the Piaggio was expensive ,lacked the quality Yamaha is know for,American’s said,its to expensive,plain and simple.Do you agree?

Jefrey Landicho says:

whats the difference having the two wheel behind 

Bosisto says:

Thanks for the great review, I appreciate you tested the tricity out on varying surfaces, especially the tram tracks which can be a bother in some Australian cities.

xxwalakopangalanxx says:

Hi Cager, thanks for this review.

I am just wondering since I am very interested with this scooter. Will I be able to ride this one? I don’t have any experience with riding a bike or even a motorcycle or even balance myself up since I had a fear on it when I was a kid.

I was curious because this one has 3 wheels and it made me want to finally own and ride one if that is the case.

Godscountry says:

more surface area is a good thing,more rubber[bigger contact patch] and more braking[more braking surface area],it should have ABS for super short and safe stops.Love it

PatricksTechReviews says:

May I ask what microphone setup you are using and how you manage to record your voice clear with little to no wind noise and still some ambience sound? Thanks

vac33 says:

Yamaha tricity 300  should be the best scooter

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