Yamaha X-Max 125 Testdrive & Review!

This is a very expensive, but very good 125 maxi-scooter!

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Shin sangwoo says:

Una pregunta. Con este moto(125cc)bastante puedo llegar a la distancia que median de 110km (solo ida) No habrá problema?

Dude Walter says:

What height are you?
I’m 1m70 is it enough?

Manuel Ramos says:

Quantos kW e q tem

mrbigtime81 says:

i also have a xmax 400 and it is my favorite.

ArizonaGirl says:

Brill, love you reviews so much I have subscribed, I ride a 125 motorbike cruiser but am looking to trade it in for a maxi scooter, at 60 yrs old a motorbike is a bit too much for me now lol xxx

chris4240 says:

Hi I like the Sym scooter better.

Julius Adiwijaya says:

How many cc?… 125 cc….. Its run good…
N max in indonesia… 155 cc its realy nice… Its have lot power… Specially i’m fat.. Still can run ….
125 cc. ???? Its can run good…. ???
Or just some fashion moto bike to look sporty…

Cristian J says:

Ola Cager!
I will travel to Lisboa in July for 8 days and I want to rent a scooter (125cc is the licence I have). Any suggestions, tips? Muito obrigado!

Uncle Jane says:

I hate analogue instruments.

Stevie Burrows says:

when are you doing the xmax 300

fingerhorn4 says:

Good review. But who would pay this much for a 125? It’s very ugly , very heavy and seat is very high. Just for a few KPH more you are paying a huge premium compared to the NMax. Most EU scooters now are priced and powered to fit with legislation. So rather than offering decent power and safe speeds for freeway traffic, everyone is making over-heavy 125s and creating an artificial price difference between so-called “maxi” scooters and other lighter scooters that are just as good. N Max does almost everything this one does but so much cheaper, and it has ABS too.

i comment for info says:

is this big enough for 6’5″?
And do you have any recommendations for scooters at 125cc that are good for tall/big people?

etom2000 says:

Thanks for the video and for doing it in English

xx rmgj xx says:
pedro luis tovar says:

parece que lo voy a comprar y le dire si lo compre si o no

LeoBeast says:

Hey Cager, just bought this bike yesterday I have done about 70 miles yesterday with it and the bike feels awesome…the bumps in the road are not a problem anymore… it is a bit priced up (xmax 125 abs model ) but is worth the money, anyway my question is can this bike be lowered down because is a tall motherfucker!

John Stots says:

Is the xmax worth £1300 more than the nmax?

Fabio Matos says:

cagerina work in mira sintra? 😀

IonStarX says:

I sooo looking forward when you’ll pit it against Honda Forza 125, once it’s available there

zaki moulen says:

Oohhhh men you speak to much you don’t live us hair the motor…bla bla fuck my luck you looking like Pakistanis..hhhh

Mertonion says:

Nice review. Especially for those who are thinking of buying one of these. About the stiffness of the seat, no, it’s not your ass but hard suspensions of the bike itself. I also read lots of complaints at forums in Turkey and most users are complaining about the smallest bumps and even the lane lines that they feel perfectly on their asses. I think this is a compromise that great control of the bike brings. However I dunno know whether it might make you hate your bike or not. Thanks again. (Great english btw, respect ;))

mouadh kamel says:

did you say “lala”? 4:12

vittorio iaccarino says:

This scooter 125 can be comfortable also for very tall guys?? I’m 2 metres tall.

T aro says:


Jory Augustinus Pribadi says:

So informative bro, hope this bike will launch in my country Indonesia, i like to have it……!!!!!,thanks for the review bro….

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

I bought the Yamaha X Enter 125 18 months ago new. Traded in Honda CBR 125 I had put 69.000km riding. Yamaha XEnter 2.780 € Big 16 inch wheels Flat floor very pleased 🙂 4Valve ceramic coating Injection and liquid cooled Tmax suspension monocross. I recomend it.

kagolko says:

wasn’t it little bit sloppy because it was a new bike and it peformance was eletrically limited? All new bikes bhp’s are downed for first 5000 kms.. please let me know. I’m strongly considering buying one of these babies..

Jesse Silva says:

Cager, Could you tell pros and cons of this one and pcx for riding on roads for 100km trips? Witch one would you pick for that?

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