Yamaha XMAX 125 Review (English)

The first video in a series on the Yamaha XMAX 125


Brucie Braveheart says:

I’m thinking of Buying one of these Brand new ! What’s the build quality like ? Does look a nice bike

Angga D. Baskoro says:

I’m hoping you would upload about how it was on the road, the suspensions and engine and all that stuff if you can?

I’m waiting for this to show up in my country Jakarta. But it seems Yamaha still focusing on NMAX so far here.

A_Wise_Young_Man says:

Did you take your motorcycle test on an automatic scooter?

Angga D. Baskoro says:

How much was it when you bought it?

KimJongWins says:

torn between this and the forza 125. similar in price I’ll be using it as my daily driver in London. what would you guys get ?

Sechssarius says:

The Video was really good and I want more pls !!

carl lewis says:

I am like you new too motorcycles and am considering taking my cbt and then get a 125 – I am not sure if I should get a motorbike or a scooter.
I have been considering a yamaha t125 and came across your video xmax 125
what made you go down the cbt route rather than direct access and why did you choose to get a mt07 from a scooter 125 ?
also where would you suggest I obtain insurance from

TheMuddatrucker says:

just bought exactly same colour couple of weeks ago! although with ABS. Whats your opinion on the phone holder?


Que gran scooter!!

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