Chinese Scooter Review | Living with the Lexmoto Valletta

Chinese Scooter Review | Living with the Lexmoto Valletta: So I’ve been borrowing this cheap Chinese scooter for a couple of weeks now and have ridden it in all sorts of conditions, are they actually any good? Stay tuned for my “living with” review to find out….

Many thanks to Lexmoto for the long term loan of the machine, visit them here

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Roger Kent says:

Very fair and balanced review of a quite pretty scooter, my first on road two wheel transport was a Lambretta TV200 back in the mid sixties but I must admit that within 6months I’d px’ed it for a Triumph Tiger 90 and never went back!

Joop Gord says:

I’ve just got a Peugeot citystar 125,
They are expensive but as soon as you ride one you understand why!

strange lee says:

Wait…i hope you paid for that petrol!
Bloody kids on their scooters filling up and riding off without paying..i dunno what the worlds coming to these days (Grumble grumble).

Dave Spooney says:

Brilliant review, thank you!

Jackey Tam says:

Damn the Chinese manufacturers are raking in a lot of money from these “cheap” scooters. In Malaysia 1600 pounds could get you a Yamaha Y15zr ,google that

BikeStuff says:

Chinese or taiwanese? because the taiwanese company, Kymco, makes the Kawasaki scooters, BMW scooters and the beastly AK550.

DevinJuularValentine says:

Very strange – if true – that the brakes are swapped around, usually on all scooters I have been on front brake is right, rear brake is left. Surely that’s the case with this, it would I assume contravene some manufacturing legality to swap them just for safety sake with training

Uncle Ben says:

Great video. You’ve done cheap, now do an expensive one. Maybe a Vespa 300gts? Something Italian? Maybe an Aprilia. Look forward to it.

Kram Phillips says:

Let’s be honest the how’s it ride about at night footage is completly useless. The footage shows two fifths of bugger all. Prehaps you can replace this segment with can I ride around town wearing a large backpack full of food. Seriously though another great review.

Graham Spink says:

A fine scooter for it’s price …no helmet space as they do not use helmets in poorer countries where these bikes are most popular, and partly because of the heat … Helmets are compulsory in Australia so better to use white ones which stay cooler… Thanks again for a most comprehensive assessment ….

Sam Down says:

I’m not interested in cheap Chinese scooters at all….but for some reason I was still excited to sit down with a brew and watch the new episode!, you really should have a TV show Mr Flyer!

Jemi Purwanto says:

Hmm.. looks like if Peugeot Django early design got stolen by Chinese corporate spies.

david kowalkowski says:

The problem with Chinese scooters isn’t handling, its reliability.
and 1 month is not enough time to see the difference between a Japanese and Chinese scooter in the case of reliability.
usually after 4 to 6 months you start seeing major problems. The money you save is not worth the hassle.
6:10 for running cost you should include repairs section: $300 a year

Moto PDN says:

Nice one TMF!
You stopped at my local Esso!
You edited the video so smoothly, it looks like you just drove off without paying! 🙂

Nice little machine and cheap! But i think i would feel too silly riding it!!

1990 says:

I cured myself of my recent interest in scooters in Chiang Mai last week. I rode a Honda Click 125 belonging to a woman from Bangkok, up on holiday. I offered to take her back to her hotel. Well worth putting myself out, but that’s not what I’m supposed to be talking about. The scooter was vile and the experience of riding with my feet forward put me right off them.

I am about to buy a Honda Wave 125i [latest development of the old C90 step-through]. There is nothing wrong with changing gear manually. And they get up to 160 mpg.

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

The only reason I would consider a scooter for city riding is the storage and being able to put my helmet in it, so this one is basically pointless… Thanks for clearly bringing this up.

Carlos Danger says:

The build quality of most Chinese products just isn’t there ,scooters included .their throwaway machines, when something goes wrong with them it’s almost impossible to find somebody to work on it because you can’t get parts the part number you order don’t fit when you get it so buy it ride it for a year and then go get a nice scooter

david jay says:

Very interesting vid .. my main question would be the long term quality ..£1600 is
an awful lot if your putting it in a skip after 3 years !
A quality machine may cost more initially but is much cheaper in the long run
if it retains a good resale value.. + the suspension would work / pride of ownership
/reliability etc etc .. no brainer.

Nick Evitts says:

It’s nice to have a balanced view, generally in favour of scooter riders, so thanks for that.

Razor Jimmy says:

Chaneese scootah!

potatochobit says:

cost of ownership in america means – what exactly is going to break? and how much am I going to have to pay to fix it? I went ahead and bought a new honda giorno/metropolitan

Paul Stredwick says:

I was just marvelling at how cheap this thing is when it occurred to me my Peugeot 106 cost me £1600 and has given me 61k miles without breaking down once. It doesn’t cost much more to run either. Obviously not as good as city transport but if cheap motoring is the priority…

Peter Kalinowski says:

Obviously a man of taste, spotted the cans of Speckled Hen on the bench in the back ground, lucky for me, I can buy them here over here in NZ, the Kiwi beer is shite! But the roads were made for motorcycles…..

mitchell nix says:

Another excellent and comprehensive long term review thanks. Nice to see an honest review and someone willing to list the bad with the good. It is obvious you are a biker as opposed to a scooter rider, watching you swing a leg over the seat to mount the machine! They call them step throughs for a reason you know 🙂 Much easier to get on that way, particularly when years of biking starts to make the old hips stiff and sore. I look forward to you reviewing more machines like this.

Bret Snow says:

yep you have the brakes the wrong way

William Cherrington says:

Good vid mate, nice looking scoot too.
One thing you could add in a review is DIY maintenance, how difficult/easy is it, and from my experience , Chinese scoots are pretty easy to work on, they use proper screws unlike A Jap scoot I had was damn fiddly and used “Plastic fixings” to hold the plastics on.
My only gripe with mine is the seat catch doesn’t always work unless I sit on the scoot, and fuel filling is slow as that bar in the filler neck causes splash back if you try to fill quickly, but all in all a great machine.

SID says:

Can you do a review on the sinnis adventure tourer 125 please be Intrested to find out a little more about the bike as you’ve recently been posting alot about 125cc bike great reviews by the way!!

graeme oatley says:

why waste your time ?

Gerry Nightingale says:

The scoot has a nice ‘retro’ look…reminds me of the ‘Lambretta’ styling from the late ’50’s early ’60’s era.The ‘top-end’ seems a little ‘off’ to me…my ’08 Honda ‘Metropolitan’ will hit 42mph on a level-road w/light- winds…I’d expect at least 55 to 60mph on a 125cc scooter!(of course, like all ‘CVT’-driven machines, you lose tons of torque w/o being able to’down-shift’ for hills, etc.) My own Honda has all the ‘normal’ performance up-grades…Kevlar-belt/6-gram ‘rollers’/larger ‘secondary’ carb. needle/high-flow air-filter/etc. etc. but engine is ‘bone-stock’ as well as exhaust (I HATE noise and vibration!)  The main contribution to ‘top end’ seems to be fuel! I use the ‘high-octane’ and STP ‘octane-booster’ as well (2 or 3 spoonfuls per gallon) and I get MUCH better ‘torque’ at high-end! Consistently! (the under-seat storage on the Honda is like an ‘endless-cave’…I carry a LOT of emergency stuff like tire-repair kit w/CO2 bottles/emergency ‘jump’ starter/driver-bitw/a billion different implements!/and other misc. crap! No room for my helmet! )If you think I’m ‘too paranoid’…you’re ‘right on the money!’ The scoot sounds like it would price-out around 24 or 26-hundred in the U.S. which is a little steep for a 125…(this vid is the first I’ve seen of it!) Good video! But, I would like more ‘in-depth’ on ‘fit & finish’ type stuff…does it ‘rattle?’ Squeak? No ‘wobbles’ in steering? (Chinese scoots seem notorious for that) Does it ‘track-true’ when you let-go of the grips? Stuff like that.

Gary A says:

Thx for an unbiased review as always, TMF. For me personally, I’d rather a used Vespa to tinker on I suppose. Btw, loved the fine terminology you’ve used that I will no doubt pinch: “snatchy”, “grabby” and “crashy”! Cheers for another superb video.

1957khartung says:

You have only had the bike for 4 weeks? This does not tell me anything! How long will it hold up is what I want to know? Will the engine blow up before 10,000 miles? Nice video, and thanks, but a long term test is needed.

Astrobleme says:

I owned a Lexmoto Dart 125 last year for a bit of fun, split the price with my brother in law and it cost us 500 pounds each. After a year we sold the bike for 480! so for 260 pounds we had a scooter for a year, was awesome because we didn’t have to worry about scratching it, or dropping it, it was just our go to bike when we needed to pop out somewhere not too far. 🙂

pauline bavington says:


Jackey Tam says:

Damn the Chinese manufacturers are raking in a lot of money from these “cheap” scooters. In Malaysia 1600 pounds could get you a Y15zr google that

mightress says:

Have a chinese scooter for years. The chrome rusts like hell and paint faded quite fast. Maintain them engines properly and they hold up well. 40.000 km now and no issues besides sparkplugs and a quite regular oilchange

Pinche Pendejo says:

taotao vip powermax 150cc is best $650 USD  NIB_ 1600 $ is NOT cheap it is way expensive

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