Look what I found while reviewing the new Peugeot 5008 | Mat Vlogs

I’m in Lisbon for the Peugeot 5008 launch and for those of you who watched my 3008 review, Peugeot equipped the car with a little electric scooter for me to ride around on. However, the scooter won’t be available in the UK like it is in the rest of Europe, so instead Peugeot are offering something else…you’ll have to watch to find out more. Enjoy!

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Changyuan Pang says:

I’ve seen electric bikes exactly like this one(Obviously without the Peugeot LOGO which makes it more valuable?) back in 2011. It was selling for 1600 Chinese Yuan(around 140 pounds back then).

tresveces m says:

. If it were 100 times better than the model it replaces, it would still be a crap.
.                    It is better to avoid buying the 5008, avoid Peugeot. Of course, Peugeot manufactures the best scooters

mista hutch says:

think matt’s feeling a little too comfartable in france lol

Radioaktivify says:

What a great Car ! 😀

Sgd On cars says:

This is why a car person whould never buy a modern Peugeot

John Kyon says:

glad to see your inner child brought out in this video matt!

Tom New says:

1800…. you can buy that car for that in 3 years time…

Pedro Marques says:

You’re in my country, Portugal! Yay Matt!

Jamcut says:

Why on earth can we have not this scooter in the UK? France’s punishment for the Brexit vote or some bs UK health and safety rubbish??!?

Afonso da Mata says:

You’re in Lisbon! I’m 5 minutes away from you guys! Give me aholler, I’ll pay you guys a pint 😉

yakuzza94 says:

that’s Lisbon. u still here?

Bukkageisha says:

Peugeot = meilleures voitures du monde, la majorité des rosbeefs crachent sur cette marque parce qu’ils en sont jaloux !

Lalalala Lalalala says:

I didn’t know you are wearing glasses. They fit awesomely to you!

M Rusydi says:

Lambo,Bentley,Rolls royce review

Daniel Wu says:

big kid

Gerardo Salas says:

Way better than the sissy bitch from car buyer

Manuel Gabriel says:

People are gonna need this when their pegeout breaks down

Nicole Fox says:

This man is so hot. I want to have his babies.

Xenon Games says:

dont buy these cars they gonna depriciate like a bitch

Fredrik Ly says:


Can you please do a review on the Audi A7 / RS7? 😀

Love your reviews! <3

1seipai says:

Typical that the scooter is not available in the UK no doubt for ‘safety’ reasons. Another example of too many laws to control ‘reckless’ behaviour. Just imagine what state control will be possible with no ECJ post Brexit in this fing hell hole of a country!

Optimus PrimeG1 says:

so the bike is e-fwd but human power rwd hmmm

Antonio Silva says:

Grande palhaço !

정준영 says:

nice review

juan lopez says:

I don’t usually fancy anything but I would like to own one of those things

Ariel Zakwan says:

review that car idiot not that shitty bike!

Amin Anis says:

why does mat remind me of phil dunphy

Lisbon Cycle Tours says:

you´re in Lisbon! great! let me tell you that we really love you 🙂

nazhif1 says:

Technically it’s AWD. lol

Ambergris says:

No surprise Peugeot offers an electric bike with one of their cars, we might as well say finally ! Peugeot did make bikes when there even wasn’t any car. And they indeed create very good ones, robust, reliable. So it’s a kind of a comeback. 🙂

Vlad Presecan says:

They give you the bike because if your Peugeot gets broken it would be much better to go home with that bike , so it will happen a couple times :))))

admiralpicard2010 says:

Its Clark Kent!

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