Mahindra’s all-electric scooter, the Genze 2.0 — CES 2016

The Mahindra Genze 2.0 is an all-electric scooter designed for commuters riding in city centers. Speed limited to 30 mph, the Genze can be driven in most states without a motorcycle license. The Verge’s Sean O’Kane took his first hands-on look.


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Robin Harrison says:

Rush hour traffic has never bothered me on 2 wheels. Move right on through.

Suresh Rajan says:

really find it great that a Indian company exhibiting products at CES

Artur Ragulskyi says:

make a review of Vector ebike please 🙂 it is 50mph, and can go 60 miles on 1 charge.

Morph Verse says:

In The Netherlands this scooter would be modified to break the speed limits and for you to get ready to get your tickets from the police..

SemmyRace says:

What’s up with all the ugly big rimmed suvs?

Brandon Bennett says:

is this legal to ride in NYC? also do they deliver to NYC?

Arjan Singh says:

INDIA baby, I’m so proud 🙂

Ha Jay says:

Xaomi shall Kill this if they want!

TekBasix says:

too costly.better to buy hero flash only rs 20000 means at only usd 180.
you can watch at my channel.

നിന്റെ തന്ത says:

*a lots of Indians are gonna swarm saying Mahindra is an indian company/hes an inidan and even though prefer indian motorcyles and cars over japz/korean/german/american products anyday*

abhishek sejwal says:

it is quite ugly to look at

exxodas says:

Think of Mahindra as “India’s Honda.” Very good and dependable company. Can’t believe this costs about the same as the new Macbook Pro! What a steal. Just wish it had the Mahindra logo.

adi cahya says:

I hope they improve the styling

Nivesh Singh says:

Nice one in 3K

lovell menezes says:

Is it only in US ? Can I drive without license

Ramkumar says:

INDIA all the way 😀

Sassymui8 says:

Should I buy this or a Tesla Model S? I’m a billionaire by the way.

Vikas V says:

Rideables? Now thats a new wank word

metraian says:

really ?why would you do this ? is it like “cool” in the usa? because it looks like garbage

Captain Obvious says:

I would buy it to mod the battery a bit. 1 hour use for 3 hours charging doesn’t cut it for me. Great product though.

Prasad Bankar says:

Can i ask Indians to act normal ? on BWM video I don’t see Germans going Proud to be German. be proud of what you achieve not on some companies product

karthik G says:

Those alloys @2:29

alex says:

the renault twizy is much better I got one for the same price as that

Alexandru Vornicescu says:

2:11 dat wheels

Mii Rich says:

4 hour charge for 1 hour of use? Yeah fuckin rite, ain’t nobody want that shit

vishnu deep says:

Finally A Indian product.

Uki Malefu says:

If it had double the range and double the speed… maybe.

vanhakaveri says:

That Porsche at 2:28….. just why??

杨鼎 says:

30mph is too low !!!!

Ankur Kini says:

I love the fact that Mahindra was present at CES2016 😀

Rose Dey says:

if anybody want e Byke in West Bengal Kolkata then call me 9088880000

General Darsh says:

No radio

Jarren Ong says:


EPSTomcat11 says:

Too big and cumbersome for bicycle riders, and not appealing for scooter riders either due to lack of a passenger seat, and lack of speed/power for inclines (especially in cities like San Francisco). Misses the mark which is too bad – perhaps version 3.0 will be better on point.

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