Speedfight 3, el scooter más deportivo de 50cc de Peugeot

El karting de los Santos de la Humosa fue el escenario elegido por la marca francesa para presentar el nuevo Speedfight 3, el scooter más deportivo de 50cc de Peugeot. Disponible en dos versiones, refrigerada por aire y líquido, el Speedfight 3 se presenta en tres opciones de color: rojo, azul y gris, y una exclusiva versión RS en negro con un look de lo más agresivo.

El precio es de 1.999 € para el Speedfight refrigerado por aire y de 2.249 € para el refrigerado por líquido. (P.V.P recomendado I.V.A incluido).


thomas johansen says:

please respond, how did you excactly open the ”trunk” under the seat at 2:00

joschua tekno says:

fuck so scheiße das ding ey

scheiß auf den china-müll
das licht und die verkleidung einfach nur hässlich!

speedy 2 rules

Nikos Marg says:


9xxbmxx9 says:

was habt ihr eigentlich? mal was anderes von peugeot und mit nem baumarktroller kann man den nich vergleichen

Barry Batsbak says:

lelijk een beetje getunede speedfight 1 en speedfight 2 zijn vele male mooier

osk4r2 says:

what is hp of speed fight 3 ?

Tank797 says:

Fucking commercials

da fuq says:


Kasper akkermans says:

Thumps up for phone charger inside the buddy seat!@

Patrick W says:

first.. they had the speedfight 1 … it’s ok (:
then.. they had teh speedfight 2 … very good improvements (: ..
and then.. they uglified the shit out of it.. and called it “speedfight 3”

– my opionion doh x’D

Thomas Fooij says:

engine block is peugeot so it sucks, the carb is gurtner so it sucks, the exhaust one these suck, so the whole thing pretty much sucks

Chris Fckyou says:


Speedfight 2 looks small, tiny and retarded ^^

ImStuba says:

@thomasfck923 you probably just turn the key in the keyhole (or what ever you call it) left, until it clicks and the seat opens. most scooters work like that I guess.

shay balogun says:

wow that looks really ……. shit

tatochavez1 says:

hay en peru ?

muista says:

I getting one maybe next week. I think it looks cool even if some people say it’s ugly.

McRcup says:

3,8 kw = 5,2 PS

ae126 says:

PLASTIC PLASTIC PLASTIC!!! looks like some china crap!!! wnb aerx??? then they have FAILED!! epic freaking fail !!
It´s UGLY!!!

muista says:

@granictor Yeah now I’ve had it for a year and I’ve liked it 🙂

dj videos says:

why is there music each time we see it run, is it because of all the noise it makes or what?

Padryque says:

the name is redicioulous… scooters just ugly.. sportsooters suck most…

s33k4r2 says:

ugly as hell!! DERBI FTW!!!

shay balogun says:

no jus this one

Chris Fckyou says:


Mats Stuckens says:

So wanna have it, now getting that 2000 euros..

kjl says:

wnb aerox ;D heehehe

Tank797 says:


morrarN says:

its ugly ffs^^

Viet Dang says:

50cc mà đua mẹ gì, cùi pắp

Maddi Raz says:

Already done 😛

Do you even lift? says:

speedfight 3 looks cool but i prefer the speedfight 2

HelihunterX says:


ukNRG says:

i never liked speedfight’s but now peugeot have lost it, it looks like a very very very bad chinesse scooter 😐

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