Taking On The Isle Of Man TT On A 3 Wheeled Scooter #TBT – Fifth Gear

In this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, Jonny takes the Piaggio MP3 Yourban around the TT course. Bit safer, a lot slower.

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mike William says:

2:20 Holy Christ, that dude flew off the cliff. That is going to hurt.

Enjoy! says:

what a waste, i thought it was gonna have more power for the price .

Firebrand says:

Isle of Man TT racing is the craziest thing I’ve yet seen. The potential for disaster over an extended period of time is off the scale and (I hate using this word, it is way over used and totally cliche now), it is EPIC! At the limit, on the edge and constantly pumping full of adrenaline for what, 2hrs? Could you imagine, screaming constantly at full pelt for 2hrs? And only a plastic bucket on your head for protection xD

Åberg says:

What cc is this?

John Durkan says:

First comment

Dominic says:

Car license are you sure? its a goddamn scooter

Insight Flow says:

3rd comment

Blake's Garage says:

How many G’s can you pull on that thin?

Junpei Kawada says:

this vs Yamaha Tricity.

jodelboy says:

When I was in Rome a few years back everyone was driving around with one of those two-frontlegged scooters.


llegaran algun dia a Argentina

Frankie LowNRG says:

Italian job

Denis VR6 says:


Bolivar DiGriz says:

What license one needs is determined by local law. I used to sell Piaggio scooters and BMW motorcycles, and these require the M (motorcycle) endorsement in the US. After all, they lean like bikes.

Giuseppe Capozzi says:

genius!!!! good piaggio

D SV says:

Jonny seriously looks like Sacha Baron Cohen’s new character with that freaking facial hair….

SovietZekk says:

This is motorcycle BLASPHEMY!


For that price they should have made it partially enclosed/covered! Cheers, Patrick

anhad bedi says:

6000 for a scooter. Need to do cheap stick alternative for scooters now.

陳祐 says:

HAAAAAAAAA crash hell
so slow

EspenJ says:

It might be the quickest 3 wheeled scooter around the track, but with a separate class for sidecars, far from the quickest 3 wheeler. Still: looks like fun in a strange way.

Nik Khalmizahar Nik Ab Malik says:

this three wheeler scooter is heavy therefore the 500 cc version is more appropriate for city and long distance tourer.

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