2012 piaggio typhoon 125 cruising review 0-60


Chris Jones says:

i cant decide weather to get this, or a aprilla sr 125, does the helmet fit in the seat? 

Cam says:

can this keep up with traffic? let’s say on a 45 mph speed limit main street

joegolden481 says:

Cameron keeping up with 45 is no problem on this scooter. 55mph is not an issue either.

keks says:

probabaly 94 km/h

jason meegan says:

i have one of these and al i done to it it put a gear up kit onto it as it over revved at 70mph (on the clocks) and once i had the gear up kit hits 84mph (on the clocks) once i get a decent camera sorted ill upload a video

abbinash babashyam says:

So am planning on getting this scooter!! I just wanted to know how many miles per gallon do you get out of this scooter??

tvojootec says:

I have these on Aprilia SR R 50

RodV213 says:

do these require a M class license?

joegolden481 says:

it shows about 62mph on the speedo. Doesnt sound too fast but it sure feels like your flying on a little scooter this size.

joe golden says:

yes these are the original mirrors..This scooter was a blast for the money

Damiano Jüngling says:

Sind das Original Spiegel ? Translate German to English Please

SCR Twist says:

Are u sell it I’ll buy it for 700

markymark6275 says:

I’m surprise4d u sold it? How much did u pay new? I paid 3500 and that was cash.

Alca Bringer says:

whats the top speed bro?

ניקול חן says:

wehere its?

joegolden481 says:

I would top out at about 60-62 mph  but I have read the speedeo is sometimes 10% optimistic…haha…I sold it for $1800 with 1200 miles on it a few months ago. I bought a BV350  will do a video of it when weather warms.

joe golden says:

I get around 80-90 mpg but I am hard on the throttle. Also it is not fuel injected and that boosts fuel economy for sure. I rode a new Honda Elite and it is fuel injected …It was very quiet and much less vibration than my typhoon . But I still love it. Super reliable.

TechCheck says:

Cool Video 😉 but what’s the Top speed?

The Geekazoid says:

beautiful countryside where is this??

wilson pinto says:

130 km/h

Reaper Productions says:

Thats bullshit, i have one and the top speed is 62mph

stephen brown says:

put racing exaust on your thyphoon and upgrade clutch and variator rollers and springs should go faster my 70cc thypoon tops about 55mph and has this kit polini belt ect nice bike but,



markymark6275 says:

I’m hitting 65+ easily and ride on I-93 one of the busiest in Boston. 70+ downhill one time I almost hit 75 mph but the bike starts to shake and the forks jut forward.

MrKrayzeeKrysis says:

4:25 ”This is where I ride my typhoon most of the time”, You sounded like Forrest Gump LOL!

You Toober says:

How is this scooter compared to the Zuma 125? Better? Worse?

Do you recommend this scooter?

Montanan Mapper says:

Hi dad

tvojootec says:

These are original mirrors?

Cryptic Haste says:

How would this thing handle on a busy freeway?

Elaine Coleman says:

North Georgia near Chattanooga Tn  very pretty out here

Reaper Productions says:

lol didnt realise he might have meant km/h lol 🙂

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