2013 Piaggio MP3 Yourban bike review

For anybody looking for a safe and practical way to experience motorcycling without having to go through the hassle of getting a bike licence.

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Juck401 Imzo says:

whats the retail price for this one? awesome!

Ninja 87 says:


Robert Espinosa says:

I am in Southern CA, USA, where can I buy this motorcycle???

gizzee2000 says:

A charity I help out had two of these bikes as fuel consumption is great. but then the steering bearings went, luckily it was a warranty fix but both bikes had less than 8000 miles on them, so  the next time would have to be paid for, at a cost of £800.00 per bike, needless to say we got rid of them, but they had to back to the original dealer as nobody will have them as a part ex due to bearing failure and Piaggio are not very good on aftersales

Sean Murray Rothbard says:

Yet Jon, I think if you were asked the question would you buy and ride one yourself you’d say “god no”

Canal Royale says:

seus wtf

Clayton LeBlanc says:

Needs a real 2 wheel motorcycle liscence here in Quebec Canada……
Get a real moroecycle liscence anyway, it may keep you alive

Золотая Груша says:


Hafiez Pasha says:


Auto Trader says:

Another great bike review from Jon Quirk!

staninjapan07 says:

Much more enjoyable than a railcard.
And so true.

I am considering a bike of this nature, although I already have a ‘normal’ 650cc bike.
I think it’s probably the novelty factor that draws riders of normal 2-wheelers to these.
The CVT is nice and all, but it means a real drop in fuel efficiency.
I get about 90 miles per UK gallon from my 650, if I ride it gently, but I’d never get that from one of these.

I’d love to have one all the same.

And yes it was a good review.

Aczel Carballido says:

excellent video, which is the name of The song?

wagend says:

Jesus Christ AutoTrader, sort your sound leveling out in your videos! That speech to music transition is horrendous!!!!

Ronnie Kumar says:


C D Hanks says:

No foot brake on the US version and most states require motorcycle endorsement, some states like Oregon has 3-wheel exception only requiring the written test, not the riding one.

Moultonist says:

“Great fuel economy” (80mpg), he says. Some cars aren’t far off this.

tim jacklin says:

211 KG dry? Holy frack.

Michael Griffiths says:

I’ve been riding one of these for some time, a very stable ride.
I recently got side swiped whilst overtaking a row of stationary traffic, chap decided to do a quick 3 point turn to avoid waiting; only problem is he failed to indicate or look…
Anyway he hit me whilst I was doing about 25 mph, the scooter didn’t drop and remained stable.
I’ve got a full (A) bike license and have ridden bigger more powerful bikes but nothing is as stable as the Piaggio mp3.

νικος γιώργος says:

2:45 “Experience your city in a totally new and exciting way” yet he looks bored as hell…

Pietro Menatta says:

Great review! i fall in love with this vehicle

hong jiang says:

don’t understand why the music has to be louder than engine sound in review, viewers cannot hear the sound of the cycle. should have done a better job on this aspect of the demo when bike is running

Dimar RF Siregar says:

Since I have no issue with 2 wheels, well, I’m not really interested on this.

cucumberman1234567 says:

For those thinking of buying this bike beware. It has become obvious over time that there is a design flaw that makes the steering behave in a dangerous manner. The fault lies in the lower steering bearings. Piaggio know of the fault but refuse to offer a solution citing it as normal wear and tear.. It is an expensive job to fix and involves dismantling the front end which is far from easy. It has been a problem in bikes as young as one year old. Google “Piaggio steering notch” and you will be swamped with examples of the full horror of the problem.

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