2014 piaggio zip 50cc 2t review and sound check

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Kris Sana says:

I’m 5.11 and it’s just right for me

Colboy Montana says:

Nice video. Thanks.

Håkon T. says:

I have an italian made 2004 Zip 50 2t myself, they can take a serious beating, the engine is pretty much bulletproof. I’ve crashed mine several times, even drove it so hard down a hill once that the spark plug fried, but the engine still runs smoothly after 15 000+ rough kilometers. I’ve started refurbishing it for the second time, I crashed it shortly after refurbishing it a few years ago. It’s been standing in the garage for 3 years, so now it’s time to fix it up again.

It needs a lot of work, the front got severely damaged in the last crash (so did I, ouch!), so have to quite a bit of body work. Luckily the engine and transmission still works properly, but the electrical system needs a bit of work. I’ll post a video of it when I’m done with it, I’ll make the old girl pretty again. 😀

xDirector BM /Ghxst G3 says:

good video im 6’1 do you think a zip would be too small for me?

Harry Doherty's life says:

lovely scooter mate!!

Kris Sana says:

Yes you can

Frowzy says:

Can I ride this on a provisional AM with L plates?

SiriusXAim says:

I passed my CBT on it. I’m a tall guy and I can tell you that this thing is damn small. For the Uturn Maneuvers, I had to seat on the pillion seat as the handlebars were hitting my knees.

This is the 2006 Ford Fiesta of scooters. Basic, good for the money, but no sex appeal or true pleasure riding. Get a 125 ped or a real bike instead. No point in going 50CC. You’ll then be able to go dual carriageways and the extra oomph really saved me a bunch of times. Not all road users are as nice as I am towards a machine with a 35mph top speed.

Pussy Domain says:

One might like your presentation if you didnt sound so dead in your delivery. When one is trying to sell something, it helps to show some excitement and enthusiasm, rather than a dreary boring drawn out video

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