2017 Piaggio Liberty 150 Review

2017 Piaggio Liberty 150 Review


Ernesto Valenzuela says:

Robot the Anti-lock is only on the front so should you be using the front brakes more? On my mountain bikes I use both front and back a bit harder on the back. Do you recommend using the front or the back more?

daanje1062 says:

Two quality products. LIke he said you can’t go wrong with either one. Robot is the greatest.

trever pitts says:

tip when showing off a new scooter yall should put a gopro style camera on your scooter or helmet. so show us how it rides

Vincent Ong says:

Why do they always have drum brake instead of disc brake???
Anyone care to answer?

Jerry Hitt says:

Are they planning to offer a 250 or 300 cc version of the liberty. Very good info Thanks

Jeremy D says:

+ Bag hook
+ Big wheels, 16″ is *amazing* in this price bracket, but that’s why the Honda has more underseat storage room.
+ Spring seat prop
+ Running lights (makes it more visible to oncoming cars at night)
+ Flat seat design; I think pretty much EVERYONE prefers this.
– Air cooled
– Afterthought turn signals wreck the lines of the bike

Turn signals were kind of an afterthought; looks like crap. They didn’t meet US DOT regulations somehow and didn’t want to redesign just for that purpose, when most of their sales are not here.

Honda PCX DOES have a trip meter. Press the left button once to get to it. Press and hold to reset. Missing clock was a bad move on Honda’s part. How much would it have cost them?

What’s the fuel economy on the Liberty? Honda is 100 mpg, which is pretty much unrivaled.

trever pitts says:

the honda does look nice both scooters are good

joegolden481 says:

Looks like a baby BV

*skyartlerist* *D* says:

I’m not really a scooter fag, but I really love the look of this thing. Looks sharp!

mapollo says:

Wow. Here I go dreaming again! Beautiful bike. I’ll have to keep riding my 2011 150 LX i.e. a little while longer! Meanwhile Robot and the folks at the shop have great products to update and upgrade. Stay frosty!

Vlad Berry says:

very important information @Robot

joebug55 says:

where is this Liberty made? Tiawan or China?

Ian Johnson says:

A great review – thank you

Ernesto Valenzuela says:

Robot forgot to mentioned so glad you guys are doing videos more often, thank you very much.

T Travers says:

Looks great. What is the service interval (miles and months) for these new Libertys?

Ernesto Valenzuela says:

Robot I know you mentioned that my ABS light would go off as I drove on my 2015 Vespa Sprint but it never goes off, any reason to worry?

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