Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus Video Review – $4k NuVinci Harmony Auto Shift Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/piaggio/wi-bike-active-plus/ The Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus is a beautiful looking, feature-complete, well balanced, Class 3 speed pedelec (capable of ~27 mph top speeds) from Italian automotive company Piaggio, the same brand that makes Vespa scooters and Aprilia motorcycles. Custom alloy frame has been sculpted with smooth welds and some blade accents that double as gussets for strength, the frame is longer to accommodate the battery mounting position, perfectly matched mono-shock fork and chain cover. NuVinci continuously variable transmission works well with the belt drive and custom mid-motor, shifting is done automatically and you set a desired cadence using the LCD display and smartphone app, lots of features to explore. Available in two frame sizes and with the NuVinci CVT or 10-Speed Shimano Deore (which is lighter and less expensive), optional rear rack, premium integrated lights, no bottle cage bosses, only available in high-step for now.


Snowflake1 says:

On a bike that costs at least $4,000, the components should be “better than nothing”.

Shane Crowley says:

Hi Court any other circa 2k bikes u know of with a percentage battery indicator??

David Keenan says:

Admire the design, beautiful work .Not for me , others with more familiar motors more appealing.

Meno Passini says:

Wow, 2018 is a game changer. Will be interesting to compare 2017 E bike of the year, Trek’s Super Commuter to the 2018 E bike of the year. Amazing progress in one year. The App, self diagnosis, theft warning and 2 year warranty are great selling points. Just 18 months ago it was rebranded Chinese bikes.

Kaden Karuna says:


Robb Chastain says:

I always enjoy your reviews, Court. You are really into these ebikes and you thoroughly present them with fascination and enthusiasm. And with other cycling channels doing a weekly show, you might think about hosting one–maybe call it Courtside with Court. And in this review, you mentioned removable components, and that is a nice feature, but is anyone really parking a 4k ebike at the subway rack? One of the GCN channels–GCN Tech, a new channel with a weekly show and almost daily features–mentioned a product being funded on Kickstarter, a $400 front-hub motor with a bar-mounted battery basket, and that low cost would start to make it reasonable to convert a bike into an ebike and leave it at a rack all day. And with Piaggio, maybe they could brand their ebikes as Vespas, or at least some of them, and do a modern retro something like the Super 73 mini-bike ebikes. That’d be cool.

joes joey says:

Another genious review Court need to catch up on your vids been working hard! looking Riese & muller maybe are they reliable and fast?

Mark Elford says:

Very nice to see Piaggio step into Ebikes, its a looker.

David Macdonald says:

This is a lot better than anything els out there , with the app Tec.

Human After All says:

nice bike awesome but that light gray color will not hide squash and dirt I like the gunmetal color nice design as usual good review

Mike Mas says:

As always perfect review Thanks!

herman lewis says:

Nice come a long way pretty soon go n to be like the space shuttle. Great job

trekkeruss says:

Good looking bikes, but I would be very hesitant to buy an e-bike with a proprietary motor, especially if there is not a larger dealer network.

ForbinColossus says:

Def an epic review, Court. Nice nice mix of footage. Would love to have that app on a full susp. haibike. Although, I still think ebikes should have removable displays just to tell you speed and battery percentage – you wisely emphasized the importance of actual batt % . Overall, very groovy features on that Piaggio, especially the anti-theft. Will all that innovation, a big company like Piaggio is beneficial to the e-industry and may force the laggards to up their game.
BONUS cool action shots (the belt angle) are appreciated!

pj520 says:

Love the look and finish of these bikes and nice lights. The belt drive is a big step forward for bikes. Lots of fancy stuff with the app and all, hope it never breaks cause who is going to fix it.

Rotormatic says:

Gorgeous frame!

Matt LeMond says:

I own a Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus model, like the one you review here, with the NuVinci but without the electronic shifting. However, here in Europe, these bikes are not speed pedelecs but are limited to 25km/h (15mph), which is not really enough, considering the high price. Do you know whether the European bikes have the same motor as the US bikes but are just electronically limited or are the US motors upgraded?

el rey de los acostados says:

TOO MUCH MONEY for that Bolognese pasta dish! Ey buddy what about Mark Sparx (?)

juppan says:

What about charging the battery separately? Indoors?

D Danilo says:

I just KNOW that somewhere, in a dark, damp, cobweb-filled basement room, there’s a totally mad engineer feverishly working on a “separator-link” of some sort for belt drive systems. It will eliminate the need for frame-weakening joints on the rear of our bicycle frames. Just sayin’……

emmcey says:

why do i want an e-bike so bad when i don’t even like riding regular bikes

Roger Unwin says:

That shifter cable dangling by the drive belt really needs tying to the frame.

Adog828 says:

Where are the bottle cage bosses

abbaby555 says:

leave it to piaggio to make such an artsy ebike, great review Court thanks for sharing.
I’m really going to make an effort to go test ride this one, its a runner on my list for a new ebike this year

Dreamer 111 says:

Wow… I will have to go try this bike.
Great review as always!

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