Piaggio Xevo 250 review

10,000 km Review in English. The bike is a good bike for the money, It’s a great practical inner city motorcycle. Put any bike under a magnifying glass and i’ll find problems. This bike is no exception. But the problems are not a deal breaker and the bike serves its purpose well. No mechanical failures so far. I’m pretty happy. I think its the best 250 scooter in the extreme Cheapskate price range. I filmed the review around Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. Enjoy, I hope you get some value out of the video, thumbs up if you like it…


DVDPlus says:

What is the cruising speed and on how many rpm?
מה המהירות שיוט ועל כמה סל”ד?

fingerhorn4 says:

Good review. I think this is a more modern version of the Piaggio X8 250 which is a 2007 machine. Yours looks almost identical in shape, weight and features, except for the addition of a phone charger. I used to have an X8 and it was fast and comfortable for a 250, but it did feel a bit top heavy, especially at slow speeds. Do you find the same? Also, forgive me asking but I notice you are on tip toes. Can you tell me your inside leg length. I think the seat height is around 790mm. Is this right?

mert balbal says:

I was thinking of buying a xevo but after watching this video, I think I’ll look for other maxi scooters.

John Oleary says:

good indepth review Dan
safe riding

Hotlips313 says:

A very good in depth informative review Dan. I’am glad i’am not the only one with mirror problems in the wind as you’ve stated yours is the right mirror on on my Xevo its the left one its so frustrating as i’am having to adjust it back to how it should be more often than not while out riding it. I came across your review looking to see if anybody had the same issue as me with their mirrors as i though it was just my scooter.

ada labaki says:

man you don’t like anything on your scooter…why don’t you sell it? everything is negative in your opinion….

wouter de clercq says:

Interesting read – easy to watch – I wonder what the exact innertrunk dimension is.

Cesar Mendes says:

great video! is the black matte still intact? usually this “color” suffers more with direct sunlight

dan guralnek says:

ronald mc donald, shaquile o’neal or ben guralnek

Vinay Webstar says:

Awesome!!! First time someone from israel has done a car/bike review!!! and that too in cool Aussie/kiwi accent!!!!

צביקה לוי says:

היי אני מתלבט אם לקנות אקס אבו או דאון טאון 300 כשאני נוטה יותר לכיוון האקס אבו. הסיבה שאני מתלבט היא משום שאני לא יודע, ולכן אולי תוכל לומר לי, האם האקס אבו יוכל לבצע נסיעות לתל אביב מירושלים בתדירות של פעם פעמיים בשבוע, האם הוא יוכל להתמודד עם העליות יחסית בקלות? אני יודע שהדאון טאון יכול ולכן, אם גם האקס אבו יוכל אקנה אותו.

Max Kravcov says:

good review. which helmet camera you use?

Ben Guralnek says:

what do you mean by “passengers with big feet”?

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