Quadro4 review | Visordown Road Test

It’s the first leaning four-wheeled scooter. Does that make it a quad? We’re not sure but we thought we’d have a go. Watch our verdict.


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Quadrover says:

No point comparing this bike to a Yamaha TMAX as the TMAX is a bikers bike and this is really a car drivers bike, I have this bike and love it but as a car driver I can’t even think about riding a TMAX.

Jeffrey Miichael says:

just a small point I believe the bike you showed at the end and said was a piaggio sport,is actually a gillera fueco unless piaggio has bought it because I believe gillera do not make it anymore as all their designers and technicians deserted for quadro and built the 350s or am I totally out of time with this now.?

Visordown Motorcycle Videos says:

CLARIFICATION: The importer of the Quadro4 told us the machine would be granted exemption from the London congestion charge on a case-by-case basis, in response to individual applications from owners. However, Transport for London today confirmed it is not eligible and neither is the Piaggio MP3 500. A TfL spokesman said: ‘Neither of them qualify for a discount as they do not meet the specified requirements, outlined here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/congestion-charge/discounts-and-exemptions?intcmp=2133.’
Sorry about that.

Graham Spink says:

Only allowed off road in Australia …I would prefer a 1961 Messershmitt KR 200 and be out of the rainy weather in UK

Motorbiker says:

You can’t get exemption from the congestion charge on a Piaggio MP3 LT 500 as it’s too long ( by a couple of inches). You used to be able to get exemption on an individual basis but TfL stopped granting it ages ago. The Quadro4 is 3cm longer. I think the importers are trying to pull a fast one here.
As for the congestion zone cameras only photographing rear number plates – wrong. Used to be true but no longer. I got rid of my MP3 as I was forever getting charged in the zone.

Carlos Juarez Soto says:

Que buenas motos ojala pudieran ya traerlas mexico

Luis Cruz says:

Does anyone know if that can be exported to US?

Gordon McCoy says:

Great review and well understood – Thanks! Gordon

Mario Alberto Hernandez says:

Hermosa scooter no se qué tan bien salga pero tiene buena imagen me gusta pero yo creo que su precio es muy alto me gustaría que estuviera en venta en México pero en un buen precio saludos a Quadro4 bye

Nigel Tabb says:

250kg! Blimey!

A_Wise_Young_Man says:

Stop cutting back to your face. We don’t want to look at you, we want to look at the quad bike.

ccc eee says:

very nice and fantastic

Carlos Juarez Soto says:

Que buenas motos ojala pudieran ya traerlas mexico

hcw199 says:

why did they put a brake peddle on it? cant see the point? any ideas?

ad00s says:

This machines look impressive and should be very stable on roads. The exterior looks solid and strong except that if only the windshield could be higher and broader but most importantly, allowing it to control its up and down height just like the Yamaha FJR and Suzuki Burgman 650 exe.

Al GESBREK says:

Its nice today’s riders have so much choice,for my 9th motorcycle I chose a burgman 400 . .and really love it . 78 miles per gal. What’s not to love .I am thinking yammaha t max for more power next year cheers

Andy K says:


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