Scooter on a car licence! Piaggio MP3 300 LT review.

Something really unusual here but bikes are bikes so let’s give it a go…

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Electro Concepts says:

i would like to have this scooter cost in india is how much

Mr X says:

I would aproach with with caution This is a deceptive and potentional killer off a machine, and should not be in the hands of the novice. The no helmet requirements are dubious to say the least. The bike tilts it does not ballance, and therfore is not as safe as they reckon to use without a helmet, or the passenger to have no head protection as well.. it looks like a concocted make belive world made up by agressive car drivers that want there own way, and you would suggest You canot have your cake and eat it, because it was a piece of cake, And some car drivers will go to any lengths to get a full motorbike licence without doing a test rather than riding CBT. Test. up until recently a person who had a full car licence could only ride a 28mph moped, now they can almost do what they want to like lambs to the slaughter? follow the sheep. It’s this kind of new laws that are a obvious disclaimer to any government department. “they know not what they are doing”, they made the whole thing up very word of it. The law should be changed, and the minimum requirement to ride a MP3 300cc on a car licence should be to take a “A1 motorbike test”. not a A2, or “A” but a A1 (125)
There is obvious floors in having this Scooter 300 in edition to what entitlements they already have on there full car licence. And you maybe only fooling yourself into belive you have the right to ride this. This is what the government’s experiments wants, it wants you to take the blame. The side efects ares showing though on the motorbike test circuit. (Modual-1 test) The floors are obvious. Example if you turneed up for “Modual 1” on one of these MP3 bike you will be told “to go home”. The test instructor calls the test off because the bikes unsuitable.. Why? what is wrong with the MP3? Nothing even if it canot make the swerve and avoid through the speed trap between two cones at 32mph because the wheels are to wide in order to hit the speed trap at a angle throug two comes indicating location of speed measuring device so you can steer around the cone located just a bit further up past the speed trap as younexit the area that is supose to reprosent a avoidance of the “left or right side of a back of a car, or a pedestrian” the test centers should simply move the cones further apart to compensate for the extra wideness of the front wheel so the bike is caperble of going through the two cones of the spear trap at a angle. But maybe the cones are wide enough already. and the test centers management are just messing us about.The MP3″ is not a trike” it does not stand up by itself, it’s trade make is the complex front suspension that tilts like a motorbike, when cornering
The MP3 bike can only stand up by itself when the rider disengages from the bike, in order to lesser the 200+kg heavy weight of the machine in order to put the bike on its center stand, and this when on the center stand “turn the tilt lock suspension off again” so the bikes suspention is not locked whilst parked. using tilt lock is a novalty that is not needed,, it is somewhat passive, it can ruin the hydronic if used regularly, even for stopping at traffic lights, it is not designed to be used for you to put your feet up.. The only problem you are going to get with this format of bike is the bumping of the wide front wheels on kerbs, it’s a knock undesired
Lots of people ride these things with bust tilt lock, the hydronic failed, amd so therfore decided it was just a novalty amd ride without having the hydronic serviced. It’s neither here nor there, it’s a motorbikes so it can be ridden with bust hydrolicsnas they are not nessesery. The extra fronttime wheel is there for one reason and one reason only, and this is to add 50% extra smoothness to the ride, it evens out the bumps in the road, it’s a smoother ride, you get what you pay for. the extra price for a wheel makes the machine comfortable to ride. I ride the 125 version on a motorbike that really is a 300 cc a harp back to the older direct acess caurse motorbikes teat days where as 125 learners was allowed to buy a motorbike up to the power of a 300cc but ride it as a 125 , and de restrict it when you passed your test. but the game has changed and you can no longer take your full motorbike licence test on a 125, and after two years ride a 1700cc after 2 years of riding a de restricted 125 . Today if you take your test on a 125 that’s all you get a 125 licence, you was once able to derestrict the 125 you past on up to 33bhp for two years and when they time exspired you could ride 100bhp motorbike of you wanted.
You have to take into consideration that a motorbike is designed for passive road use only, 3000 miles a year max, a car is non passive designed for optimum road use of 12000 miles a year. Motorbikes cost exacally half that of a car, You can only buy a motorbike as semi passive not as passive this earns you have to buy 6000 miles, and then you deduct 3000 miles from that figure in order to be able to filter through the traffic This is exspensive and motorbikes cost the same per mile to run as a conly buy passive as a 125 (slow coach no frills manual) or some frills but thrashed (scooter automatic) A manual geared 125 will give you around 45mph average speed over distance, a automatic. scooter will givemyou 60mph average speed over distance.Filtering g through the traficing and getting g ahead of the cars is not ilegal it’s a god given right and that’s what motorbikes was designed to do, it’s all paid for in money to do this because it’s safer to filer terms to burn off the excess 3000 miles yiu paid for than to exstended on a poorly designed in the way of protection motor vheical. Filtering is not to be confused with “going on into on coming traffic” as this is dangerous, filter only when the road is clear, you know when it’s safe to do we the bus is picking up passengers, you may pass it’s not on coming. .
Scooters are faster than manual motorbikes because they have leg shields that prevent the motorbike from trapping the riders leg under the motorbikes in the event that a rider miss judges a bend and takes it to fast and over ballance a and the bike falls on top of them, the bike has a bad habbit of trapping the riders leg under the bike as it carry on , on its side sliding down the road at 30mph, taking bends at 35 mph is suiside on a motorbike, the bike is at a angle going through the bend and then it falls flat in its side as the rider panicks/looses control of the machine because of the severity of the bend he misjudged, and the bike topples over. so all geared learner motorbikes was restricted to 45mph estimated average speed in 1983, a reduction of aprox half its original output that use to be 90 mph average speed ,90mph is a top speed of between 105mph and 110mph. Up until 1983 yiu could ride a 250cc on LP LATEST, all levels of 250cc amd this included the racer 250cc, a racer 250 is the equiverlent to a 350cc road bike (20mph faster) in other words but branded 250’s because it went without saying that this was obvious a racer, you just supposed to take that for granted. today you ride a 125 on L Plates, and allowed to ride a 125 racer the same (scooter) A 125 racer is the equiverlent to a 200cc road bike 15mph faster Scooters are not 125cc bikes but 200cc motorbike.. But like i did aid with the expense of the road being what it is you will only be able to get a 200cc in thrashed format. The engine will ware down quicker. scooters cost more to buy more exspensive to manufacture than a manual geared motorbike. I will explain the standard car price is maybe getting on for £125mph to 13k, a standard motorbikes price (125mph ) is exacally half £6500?. A 125 bike will set you back £3300 as a manual, but the faster scooter is sold at the same price like i said it will be thrashed. the real price for 60mph average speed over distance that a top speed moment every of 73mph for a split second because nothing can run at its top speed. would set you back nearly £5000.So it’s a good deal. to use the road at a lesser price per mile, you can slow coach it, or thrash it. This is why you can’t by 125 scooters past maybe £3500. Just for a average speed of 45mph over long distance that’s a top speed of around 56mph for a couple of seconds, unless you red line the rev count, and maybe get around 49 mph top speed a increase of 45mph. Just 45mph will cost you over £3000. you can buy cheaper version in recent years , before the cheapest 125 was £3300 for a SR 125, or a PX 125, a Yamaha TW would set you back 4k, and and the Hondas VTshadow125 £5000 (250cc exspantions for older direct access course)but they will not last as long as the standard model, but just are as good in value because you can buy a new one to replace it for cheaper money. motorbikes costing only one quater the price they use to, they will do the same speed, and same mpg, but will have to be scraped at around 3 years old. A motorbikes millage is four times of what you see on the clock. it will read 20,000 miles but this is deceptive it’s really 80,000 miles, because motorbikes only can do one quater of that of a car because it’s a luxury ride you you get to filter through the trafic. This is the dangers of motorcyclists , exceeding 3000 miles a year it is suiside there is no armour in the way of metal, to protect you, it’s a passive format of road use, designed for people that don’t go out very much but want a link with the open to road, not 12,000 miles a year but 3000 miles.
So now you know that the MP3 ridden on car licence as a 300cc has obvious links with the NHS and disability benefits

LordAgares11 says:

I won’t be trading my Triumph anytime soon for this Piaggio poor excuse for a Bike. I guess it may appeal to those too lazy to learn how to ride properly.

szili76 says:

Thank you

Michael Griffiths says:

Thanks for the video! after watching it I went and bought one, it’s amazing.

Glenn Maxfield says:

Piagio do a bigger CC than the 300. Gilera Fuago is a 500cc bike with that format. I owned one for about 18 months but couldn’t get used to the lack of power. At best it flattened out at 80mph and was useless on the motorway. Also, when cornering, you are limited with the amount of lean you can use because to much speed can cause you to run out of bend because you can’t hang it down low enough without lifting one of the front wheels. The degree of lean locks out too soon for a serious flirt around the roads. No good for filtering because of the two front wheels. To ride the 500cc version one needs a bike licence because the two front wheels where closer together..and it didn’t have the foot brake.

TheMissendenFlyer says:

Great to have you back Russ, but let’s not do that again eh? ;0)

neil matthews says:

Sorry, late to the party…the lock feature is useful when you have one of those wraparound leg cover – as many city riders have – which makes it harder and wetter to put your feet down. Most urban riders wear their work clothes not full on ‘gear’ which is another attraction and why I’m investigating 🙂 good review by the way thanks

Onno Vocks says:

There are a few practical reasons for owning one of these. I can back mine into the Garage with one hand when there is a Car already in it. I can park on a hillside, ..sideways! A bag of groceries will fit under the seat. It’s pretty stable on dirt roads with street tires. In short, it’ll do everything the ’79 KZ1000 wouldn’t, except go faster than 75 MPH (Yourban 300 LT). Love it!

lentilsouper says:

hang on, so anyone can open your boot without the key?

richard682e says:

I had the 500cc Gilera Fuoco version for four years, great fun and a great introduction into biking, built up my confidence and love of biking that i took my big bike test and now on 2 wheels. Got lots of looks and comments some good and some well lets just say blinkered but were all riders after all. Loved it.

Thanks for the great review Russ

Couple of good sites to visit if you wish to know more and join fellow MP3 Riders
British site
USA site
And check out the Facebook page where 2 & 3 wheels unite Bikes and Trikes United

MarkoBricksUK says:

Probably a silly question but since this scooter takes up no more room than say a big 600cc bike, would I be right in saying you could park this in a motorcycle bay? also whilst you can ride this on a full uk car licence do you have to have completed a cbt at least once or is it at least recommended?

Kelvin Rusling says:

Good review. I was a keen motorcyclist for 35 years , until I had a stroke 2 years ago. Left side weak leg and a left arm and limited movement and can I only grip. the hand unable to extend fingers with a lot work I am slowely improving . I was thinking adapting a normal bike/ scooter , but the worry is pushing the bike around when I off it and dropping it. The ability to lock the front and a rear foot brake could be the answer. It would save a lot of money on costly adaptions – apart from moving the indicators.
Any one else reading this who is disabled owns one of these? I would be intersted how they get on and any modidications.

sean barry says:

Hi mate, I live in Paris where there are thousands of these things up to 500cc. I’m not saying that they can’t all drive but a lot of them are clueless. Its a bit ridiculous that you can dive these ” machines” on car license. Thanks as always for your videos!!

vassilij zietseff says:


GeekMoto13 says:

@RoadcraftNottingham Would you reccomend this for someone whom has never ridden? Thinking I might save up and import one.

bowches says:

nice video nice bike…camera is really clear

DynamicPulse says:

Can anyone give me a helping hand, I’m looking for a good 50cc automatic moped to last me about 1-2 years. This will be my first moped. Thanks in advance.

Goldman7911 says:

I have some doubts about pushing it hard. Supposedly you came too fast in corner, how it react understeering – losing both front wheels? Do it suffer from high side? Or, do it have more chance of high side? In hard braking do it easily rear lift? And about lean angle? You can lean hard? Yes I know it is a commuter, scooter whatever but I can see this in a near future.

Stan the man says:

great review, always wondered about them, might look at one myself for a commuter. front of your shop Russ looks like a bloody pan convention though!!!

Matt McAlister says:

if you’re 17 and want something bigger than a 125, could you get a car license and get in it?

Conway79 says:

You shouldn’t have apologised at the end. It’s your channel, it was a good review of a funky little trike. It would get boring if you only reviewed sports bikes, Harleys and other stereotypically ‘manly’ bikes.

Also did you upload this soon after recording it? It’s just that 16 degrees sounds very warm for the beginning of December.

OhGoshItsJosh says:

3:54 matey had a fookin rifle bag

m1rchegfn says:

This is the review I was looking for. Now I know how it feels like to drive this kind of 3-wheel scooters. Thanks, and keep up the good work with the videos!

sammyF70 says:

Yeah! At least a real test of the 300LT. Thanks a lot for that 🙂
(as someone not used to driving on the left side of the road, I had a couple of sweaty-palm moments watching you in the roundabouts;)

robin walford says:

I thought 3 wheelers weren’t allowed on the motorway?

Tony Garcia says:

I plan on purchasing the mp3 500 Business in the summer of 2017. I like the fact that it looks weird and I’d love it especially when I want to cruise around NYC. I will add it to my choice of transportation alongside my 2014 JCW mini Cooper Countryman. Also it will match up with the colors of white with black trim too. And yes I’d give ’em a thumbs up to the this Italian made trike as I did so to my German incorporated vehicle too the Mini.

10secondsrule says:

Weirdly enough I’ve enjoyed it. I was thinking to get one of those for winter and daily commute but I am afraid it might be too big for central London. Sight..

Peter Wright says:

Glad you used the picture of the pink trike so we understood lol

ComandanteJ says:

One of the problems i see with these things is that they can be riden with a car license… but they hve pretty beefy engines, i think there are 500cc ones. Not a very good idea to ride a 500cc bike without some proper bike training.

glenn4871 says:

i have mp3 ie 250 which i take on the motorway every day doing 70mph. i’m averaging about 60 mpg. i have no bike licence or have i done a cbt. it cost me £360 to insure with no ncb and £38 to tax for the year. its costs about £9.00 to fill the tank up. on a big roundabout i can go round at about 40 mph and it feels very safe. i have felt front wheels go before but the bike stayed up right and stable. the only time i have used the stand was on a hill at every other time i just lock the front and use the hand brake. the only other bike i had ridden many years ago was a honda c90. as i car driver i would recommend this bike to anyone. i love mine. the bike was first registered in london but i live in portsmouth and have only ever seen three or four of these bikes here.

Colin Clarke says:

Mister covak don’t go with the tricity. need a cbt and L plates …its classed as a bike due to wheel spacing. .

Sherly Wirly says:

I bought one of these a year ago after seeing Motortriker’s review ( you definitely should ask for commission Motortriker) Never ridden a bike before, sold my car and its now my only form of transport and I love it. Thank you for being so open minded with your review. I watched a lot of your videos when I first started riding and found them invaluable.

vassilij zietseff says:

dont knock em dont be sorry , there popular more on the continent EU and end of this week beginning of next im getting myself one 300 yourban thanks as always

C D Hanks says:

In the states only scooters under 50cc can be operated on an auto license, above that must have a motorcycle endorsement.

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