Urban Commuters – Piaggio MP3 vs Renault Twizy Vs SEAT Mii

If you fancy a cost-effective urban commuter that will reduce your dependency on public transport, then keep on watching!

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Morten Orre says:

I have a Twizy, and please DONT listen to this IT guy. It is an absolutely amazing vehicle for urban transportation. In Norway you get tons of advantages using an EV, not sure how it works in Britain. I pay about 30 pence for a full charge (6.1 kWh) and it takes me effectively 70 km on a normal run which is less than 5 pence per 10 km. No monthly battery rent (at least on mine), no road tolls what-so-ever, very low government annual fees (1/8 of a normal car), extremely low maintenance fees.
The re-sale value on these are quite good so it’s a bargain considering the running costs and flexibility. The only issue is of course weight, a collision in 70+ km/h would probably be fatal and should be taken into consideration. For urban use, definitely consider this, if you do mainly freeway driving look elsewhere.

A Han says:

Telling people you don’t feel safe in the Twizy but you feel ok on a normal bike , is BULLOCKS.

gudu Rana says:

very nice renault twizy electric car so nice i hope full this car come soon in my country in pakistan

Adrian Nedyalkov says:

So the Twizy is unsafe and overpriced while in the glorified scooter you feel safe and is a great buy at just a grand under!?
You’ll always get soaked thanks to UK weather…
I understand the pros of a bike in traffic but c’mon at 6k… anything but it!
Sorry but I have a hunch this guy’s been through a brain damaging scooter accident…

theactualnic says:


JP3 says:

oh i see, a scooter with 3 wheels is fine, but a twizy is fruity and people will laugh at you

xmeda says:

Piaggio… but driver is completely wet.

CAElite says:

Why the hell dont you just get a regular 125cc Scooter. Better at lane splitting than that hideous piaggio.  You can ride one after a single ~6 hour CBT course. You can get them new for ~£2.5k from the jap big three or as low as £600 new from a cheap chinese brand (~1000-1500 from a reputable chinese brand) There road tax is somewhere around £20 a year and they usually get just shy of 100mpg.

Maximiliano Luera says:

Somebody won’t be buying a twizy any time soon…

David Macdonald says:

The scooter is a good idea only 60 miles to the gallon not that good get a CBF 125 and it’ll do approximately 1:30 to the gallon .

MorgzT says:

I’ll bye the piaggio

Tarik El-Yabani says:

Dacia Sandero?

False Teeth says:

I do my daily 75 mile commute on a space hopper.

David Macdonald says:

The scooter is a good idea only 60 miles to the gallon not that good get a CBF 125 and it’ll do approximately 1:30 to the gallon .

Harry M says:

the twizy is just a pathetic excuse for a car. youll never catch me in one.

Mikolaj1406 says:

Agreed. I’d go for mp3 too, the rest is just cars so stuck in traffic all the time.

Primo says:

In the city nothing is like a scooter !
And if Rain just take a set of waterproof clothing .

Since years and years I don’t use my car in town
always with the scooter
winter or summer, rain or shine.
Only with snow is impossible to go

to stand 10 minutes in queue into a metal box
just for to overcome a traffic light
makes me hysterical !

Andrew Kristufek says:

“The twizzy doesn’t look safe” then proceeds to buy the motorcycle

chirito85 says:

I have been watching these videos about the piagio and its nice, no 2 ways about it. It has clear benefits but for £6000  £1000 for a CBT(dont even think they are that expensive, £600 – £2000 for a reasonable 125cc scooter  at the highest end your still half price for an average scooter. ok you cant go on motorways and some a roads but if you wanted too in 2 years you can go up to a full licence and still save money.

exwhyz33 says:

A silly comparison really – Apples and Oranges ?

SunzOffski says:

Wow, did he say 6k for an MP3? :O 

Biguss Dickus says:

£50 to rent batteries and that’s only if you do no more than 4000 miles a year and good luck selling the car on.

superade1000 says:

Phil has hit the nail right on the head on electric cars. Turns it is more expensive to run a ev. And we are told to go electric!! I like the idea of ev’s but they are hardly beneficial. Personally the onty reason I would go electric is purely because I am a big fan of piece and quiet

Rekless Musik says:

Does this guy want to get around or impress people? Smh

Roman Yudin says:

Honda PCX your choice – cheap in every way

Dave says:

Little disappointed that he never mentioned the rain.. will he really come to work dry in the scooter? We are looking for a dry alternative for a bicycle (not another car), too bad the Twizy are too large for the bicycle roads.

mr bad example says:

what a fucking idiot!!!! electric vehicles have no carbon emissions?!!?!?!? how much carbon does it take to manufacture a battery? and electricity doesn’t grow on trees! if he came to the states, he’d vote for obama, he can stay where he is, good riddance!

Ironman Lee says:

affordable…..6 grand to who the middle class

νικος γιώργος says:

That Phil guy sure is negative…

Hero & Poloolpp says:

Twizy feels unsafe but bike is ok???

dredloc121 says:

It’s sad that the reviewer has such low self esteem that he actually cares what people think of him.  

AmirMafia says:

i have a Twizy and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo mach safer than a bike !!!! and it Switzerland u can park it anywhere u want like a bike ! this guy only want it to show of his dump bike oh and i dont get wet when it rains take that lol

Al GESBREK says:

Silly person you….ARE..It was not meant for a comparison, as per say ,but options, that a commuter has for commuting

DanteDaVincius says:

nice video!
i also prefer the Mp3 as one of the best vehicles for the city! 🙂

clapps says:

Why is this fool wittering on about leasing a battery for £15 a month (thats only £180 a year), does he insist on paying for his petrol, servicing, car tax and insurance all upfront. Also why is this old git worried about his street cred.

flitsies says:

Here’s something you obviously didn’t know about trikes and quads, you don’t actually have to wear a helmet with them, the law states that only motorcyclists have to wear a helmet so you could legally ride around without wearing a helmet.Renaults wisdom regarding the battery was flawed, because many people didn’t buy them purely because of that wisdom.The car is just a car in the city really not worth bothering with.However if you wanted something for getting through traffic, then perhaps the mach1 electric scooter should be considered because it’s quite a nice small scooter, I would place a link but youtube won’t allow the link.So these mach1 scooters can be purchased for as little as £430 and you have to register them as mopeds but are quite fun to ride, the cheaper one’s use gel acid batteries or you can get agm batteries or the more expensive ones are the lithium battery scooters at around £1200 but let’s face it if we are looking for low cost easy to get around vehicles this is hard to beat.

Cherry Colla says:

Lol that Renault twizzy looks fun.  I want the piaggio the most though.

umaxen01 says:

A good option would be a used car which someone changed their mind on. I have seen tiny cars with 500 miles on the odo resale for $4000 under initial cost… (Full warranty transfer for $200)

La Cosa says:

I love the Piaggio MP3 500, but in rainy conditions, I would definitely buy the SEAT Mii, which is about the same price. In southern cities, with better weather, I would definitely buy the Piaggio.

Tarik El-Yabani says:

Phil, £50 a month to hire the batteries is a good deal. You would spend about the same if not more on petrol for Mii/MP3. £50 a month covers the batteries so if anything goes wrong, Renault will replace them at no extra charge. You should’ve gone for the Twizy!

Captainwigglemuncher says:

omg the 93 bus thats what i take

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