2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 – Bike Review

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LiL Poopy squirt says:

I personally prefer the birdman

Freedom Work says:

I’m having trouble finding your friend’s channel. tales of the snark side

ohbogey says:

I did consider a scooter like this Burgman but also the TMax – before I took the MSF & got my endorsement. I wonder how the TMax would do for DR?

camren raymond says:

So what we would normally consider the clutch lever is what? I’m guessing the rear brake. The scooter is automatic or am I missing something?

Jackie Besse says:

Hi, I am just curious about passing my motorcycle exams with this type of maxi scooter… can this be possible to do the figure 8, u-turns easily or too complicating etc etc…is this too heavy and too big? What do you think about doing msf courses manœuvring with this heavy weight scooter? Thank so much for your reply and also your awesome videos!!

Tyler Sanders says:

Yeah I love this thing but maxi scooters are so overpriced. I’ve got a genuine hooligan 170 and it’s the most expensive I was willing to go on a scooter. It has clean and tight acceleration up to 50mph with no hesitation. Great for what I do with it but not so good on a 70 mph highway. It’s low maintenance and reliable and is good for any grocery trip I do no matter what I get.

Georgi Kiriakov says:

These are actually great machines! Really practical and comfortable. I currently own a gilera runner vx125, and it seems really practical, I imagine what the Burgman would be like. For busy city riding, scoots are the bikes to own, easy to live with every day,but they really get boring on long distance travels.

Andrew says:

Get a scooter because you don’t want to look like a fag by getting a Harley.

OtterConnor says:

7:45 “you can’t use a grom…. er, cut that out….” lol

simonsienna says:

My brother owned this exact year and model, except his was blue. In Jan 2010, I spent a two week vacation at my brother’s house in El Segundo, CA where I got a chance to learn to ride his 2007 Burgman. Of course, since I didn’t have a license to operate a motorcycle, I had to get a motorcycle learner’s permit first. I After 10 days of practice, I got my CA M1 endorsed license and later took that back to Texas and got exchanged it for an equivalent license. I admit I was really scared on the highway at first because it way more traffic than I was used to. I did wear full riding gear and a green reflective vest, like the type road construction crews wear. At one intersection stop, a guy commented that he had never seen a small female ride a maxi scooter and not “drop” it because they are heavy. I gave him a cold look and left him and his Harley in the dust! I’m 5’5″, however, I have a short torso and long legs. I actually have to sit back a little or my knees knock the front of the scooter! At stop signs and lights, I can easily remain seated and both feet plant flat on the asphalt with no problems. The only problem I have is that I struggle getting the Burgman on the double kickstand because it’s a heavy scooter!

sp3ak says:

My dad has the 650, he used it as primary transportation for several years and I don’t think he ever had any issues with it. For a comfortable commuter on 2 wheels it’s hard to beat.

BrianWest58 says:

Where’s the mirrors?

Filthy Hooligan says:

Is it true that you can actually feel your soul dying when you ride a scooter?

CM MOTO says:

these scooters are great in europe

vote4thepeople says:

It would be safer and legal if you put the mirrors back on.

wild wild west says:

burgman is the best scooter. unlike the sym.

mr1bienvenu1 says:

I’ve been riding motorcycles for 35 years and always wanted to get a scooter but they just cost too much. If they were less than a motorcycle I’d buy one.

John O Meara says:

good honest review fair play dodge

Dan Garcia says:

I just went to Flagstaff Sunday for lunch from Payson and was getting 67.1 mpg on my AN400 K7 with 62k miles on it.

EmperoroftheArctic says:

First 1:50 is pure scooter porn

Michael K says:

People make fun all you like. The 400 is the king of scooterdom. Feels like riding on a lazyboy and as much storage as a coffin.

Yoko Kurama says:

How fast does it go? You said it’s good for highways

Loren Davis says:

Thanks Snarkside for letting us enjoy your scooter.

Vincent Esteves says:

test ride the baby duke 390? I wonder how a beast owner would feel about it’s smaller counterpart.

William Jones says:

I’m around 200 lbs and I routinely get mid-60s in fuel mileage. I have gone an indicated 94 MPH on mine, which may be 88-89 MPH. I have been surprised more than once when I thought i bought too much stuff at Costco and it all still fits under the seat. I have also surprised some of my riding buddies when they are in the twisties and I’m right with them or ahead of them.

Noel Burger says:

I have a 2013 burgman 400. I go for rides 8 hours at a time so I can put my jacket gloves rain gear food drinks I bring everything so I don’t have to go back home.

ballersac32 says:

having owned and commuted on both a big scooter and a standard motorcycle…the scooter is far superior for city riding and commuting. it has all the power you need and you don’t have to ride the clutch and/or shift gears every 7 damned seconds (city traffic). storage is also a bonus

Brian Curran says:

Yes sports bike do suck never ride one again.looking to buy Burgman

thefilmguy says:

The question that must be asked is, will the Suzuki Burgman 400 do dank whoolies?

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