2015 All Caps Scooter Shoutout

What makes a scooter a scooter? Is it the step-through frame? The completely hidden engine? The underseat storage? The clutch-free operation? We have here two radically different visions of scooters in the form of the Honda NM4 and the Yamaha TMAX, representing the different design intents of maxi-scooterdom. The NM4 looks like a futuristic scooter but rides like a cruiser. In fact, Honda lists the NM4 in the cruiser category on its website. The TMAX strives to be the sportbike of scooters with its aggressive styling and performance. What the pair do share is a price tag separated by just $509, with the NM4 costing $10,999 to the TMAX’s $10,490.

Read the full shootout here: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/caps-scooter-shootout-honda-nm4-vs-yamaha-tmax


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Soul Princess says:

Hannes is right ..my T-max had also ABS like all in Europe..on which planet are you living??
T-max is the best Scooter!!

ascensiondw says:

Why are they calling it a scooter? Because of the DCT? So is the NC700X and the CTX700N and yet those are considered motorcycles. I don’t see how they can compare a scooter to a motorcycle. They’re completely different.

Rata 4 U says:

I need to be anchored in by straddling the bike – i felt very insecure on a scooter.

Oleg Volobujev says:

nm 4 is much better then tmax. I ride tmax and is good bike but for long ride is really uncomfortable to drive. nm4 is amazing bike but there is problem with a storage and passenger is also screw up… still if choose between nm4 and tmax, nm4 beat it easy

58eltoro says:

suzuki burgman 650 executive, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannes K. says:

In Germany you get the Yamaha only with ABS! The brakes on the T MAX are the best of all scooters on the market!

theoriginaldimi says:

The Honda is not a scooter… Maybe stick to motorcycle tests, Motorcycle.com? You might make a bit more sense that way.

MFizzle777 says:

The BMW C600 should be in this, however I also know it’s the best by far.

panikpro says:

APRILIA SRV850. drive that and after forget all the scooters

Gary C says:

I have to agree with the others here, Honda labels the NM4 as a Motorcycle, not a Scooter. You might as well label the CTX 700D as a Scooter, or the NX700DCT as a Scooter. All have the same engine and same transmission.

mentalplayground says:

love it

neil rich says:

I have no idea why someone would spend this much to get so little. There are so many other options available new and used that blow these 2 out of the water.

CeeStyleDj says:

The Honda isn’t a scooter though…. Why is it in this?

cn 250 says:

nm4 two year only what crap

Zraupp10 says:

also with the DCT, D mode(Drive) its at its TOP ECO/ Best MPG it can be. if u want sporty Put it in S(Sport) /or SS (Super Sport) if u want to shift like a manual

MrSweeper says:

what kind of helmet is the nm4 guy wearing

Mr Tmax says:

An odd pairing. I thought I was going to see a maxi scooter comparison. NM4 is a motorcycle.

paymydues says:

The Honda NM4 has a lot in common seating and wheelbase wise with their very popular Helix ,one of which I used to own with Kenwood/Honda stereo.A great bike but spare parts woefully overpriced. A new muffler at the time in 1991 was £199.00!!! I kid you not and it only lasted a year as the baffles came loose inside (I had it cut open and those removed for nothing).A new battery was also £100, unbelievable.Bike was cool as hell though and I enjoyed clocking up 33,000 miles in the three years I owned it.Always gathered a lot of attention.

Dave Stone says:

Rather have a PCX150 anytime. NM4 at $11,000 is insanely priced.

Gemini 0557 says:

I like the TMAX feels scootery than the honda. But what I dont like about TMAX is that the belt and its pulley is exposed. Exposed to dirt and other elements.

Barry Ervin says:

I’m not really into scooters, although I have owned a couple of smaller ones and they were fun and convenient to ride around town. I actually kind of like the TMAX. But the problem for me is the price of these “maxi-scooters”. For example, Yamaha sells the FJ-09 sport touring motorcycle for exactly the same list price as the TMAX, $10,500. The FJ is far more powerful, more capable, and better performing in every way than the TMAX and I’m sure it costs more to produce. Spending many thousands of dollars extra just so you don’t have to shift gears is not reasonable to me.

Donovan Tyler says:

this is one of the worst labeled videos you guys have, literally. I understand someone in your office wanted to make a point about the NM4 being a scooter but it’s marketed as a cruiser (see the confusion here). I’d seriously been considering buying one but haven’t been able to test ride one in my area so while I do thank you guys for this video, but could you at least do something about the title of the video. 2015 All Caps Scooter Shoutout (NM4 vs TMAX) that would help a lot and also may even get a few more people checking this video out b/c I never would have unless I actually went to your main page and used the search bar there instead of YT main search bar.

Nico says:

the honda you choose is not a scooter, is a cruiser. And the yamaha it is. So please.

Sav Rah says:

both are ugly bikes. get a vespa.

Tony DeTuna says:

What am I missing?
$11,000 for a scooter?

why not just buy the yamaha 250 cruiser for $4,000?

Soul Princess says:

a piece of s.. this upload..this honda is not a scooter my friends

Mister Fanzy says:

03:06 what helmet is that i need it !!!


I love bikes so much the most one I love is scooters

Sidney Hemphill says:

A bike with a DCT is an automatic motorcycle, scooters have CVT engine types which means you don’t feel the gears shift unlike a DCT.

John Dough says:

Ok this video is retarded the title says Scooter but they’re showing full blown motorcycles. The only scooters from Honda right now are the Metropolitan, Ruckus, PCX150, Forza and the silver wing. Any vehicle other than those 5 are not scooters.

Quatele says:

Scooters have a step-thru frame and floorboard. The Honda is not a scooter.

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