2016 Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Activa 125 :: Comparison Video Review :: ZigWheels India

Suzuki’s all-new Access has impressed us in a lot of ways, and feels better than the original. But can it reclaim its crown of being the best 125cc scooter?

For news, reviews and complete information on Suzuki Access, log on to: http://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/suzuki/Access-125 and Honda Activa125: http://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/Honda/Activa-125

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Shivam Jaiswal says:

thanks sir but if I am comparing activa 125 bs4 with new Suzuki access 125 which one is better

ankit raj says:

compare Vespa vxl125 with other 125 CC scooter

Arun choudhary says:

It seems to be a paid review.

Dancer Μahi Dadhich says:

please give information activa 3g vs activa 4g which scooter is best

Sanjeeb Digal says:

sir I am confused that what I purchased plz tell me which best for me

Shivam Jaiswal says:

is there any technical or hardware difference between bs3 or bs4

NH Creation says:

my brother tell me that Suzuki new access is good but I thaught that he is just joking I want to take activa but by seeing this review I think Suzuki new access is best than activa 125!N! Thank you zig wheels !! : D

Lakshmanan Swamy says:

Overall, very good comparison video…

Saddy Vaingankar says:

Acess or Jupiter which one is good for daily commuting?

shivansh aggarwal says:

i own both activa 125 and access 125. Both are best in thier own ways. Activa is best for comfort and if you love speed then access 125 is a better option. Fuel efficiency in both the scooters is same.

Harshal Kulkarni says:

can you do a compression between Mahindra Gusto 125 and Access 125 ..And also any information regarding any company coming with 150 cc scooter other than Aprilia

Tushar Shete says:

access 125 it is!

Vishal Verma says:

maestro edge vs jupiter ??

shubham savant says:

I am quite surprised that the Activa weighs 8kg more than the access! That would really shore up the handling and efficiency of the Access

suraj singh says:

access is best of all since i own both activa and new access 125 so best one is access

Manik Agarwal says:

which is better for boys


Suzuki The All New Access 125 SE Pearl Mirage White and product code is SCOSUZUKI-THE-AG-D-272507C0656344 its BS – III or IV ?

Prashant Salvi says:

@Zigwheels: Does Access 125 vibrates above 60-65 kmph speed????

rohit r says:

wont rain water get accumulated in the access pocket?


iam thinking of buying a scooter,kindly suggest me in between jupiter,access125,aprilia150 and activa125

shan nv says:

Friends…..i like to buy suzuki access 125 but these scootter for my wife . I dont know its good for ladies or not . Especially the weight

Dhiren Dharmani says:

whats is the mileage on road we get please help someone?

Karthik Nair says:

Access 125 any day!!

S-B-J team by sam says:

good job

NH Creation says:

is aceess has good ground clearance then activa 125

Divyansh Singh says:

Paid review.

NaheemShah VEVO says:

zig wheels suggest me which scooty is best to buy for speed, power and mileage!! suzuki swish, activa 125????

Pikazu Lemen says:

heyy…please suggest…. access 125 or Honda Dio???? wanna purchase within one week…..reply….

Bragdish Rozz says:

2017 Activa 125 or Access 125?

indonesiarayas2 says:

wow i had no idea about this bike, though kinda confused. same power output or even more from address 115…

Prasant Das says:


Bhaskar Jyoti says:

hey..please tell me which is the best tyre for activa? for muddy road /offroad ??

HITESH Adhikari says:

activa for sure. I had a bad accident a week ago and if it wasn’t for metal body Activa I would have been a goner

Saiyam Patni says:

please compare access 125 vs TVs Jupiter

Pratish Ish says:

which one is the best

Baljeet singh says:

access 125 or aprillia sr150

Shashank Shirole says:

I would not purchase a vehicle solely based on first impressions.

My review after 2250 kms:

My wife and I have purchased the new suzuki access 125 from Deccan Suzuki (020-41464999), Ghole Road, Pune.
Date of delivery: 8th October 2016.

On the date of delivery, the vehicle had already done 62 kms. The showroom staff could not explain who had used the vehicle, for what purpose and in what manner prior to delivery.

Secondly, I was offered Extended Warranty for my vehicle. I have yet not recieved any written confirmation regarding the same.

Thirdly, I have recorded every tank full of petrol which I have filled up into the vehicle since delivery. The recorded mileages thus, are as follows: 45, 47, 45, 50.81, 1st free service on 19 Nov 2016, 49, 45.81, 40.78, 43.69, 41.06, 41.95, 31 (29 Dec 2016). As you can see, the mileage has dropped considerably after the 1st free service.

Fourthly the vehicle has nowhere near the acceleration that it had before the 1st free service, or for that matter for an Access 125. It struggles miserably on mild inclines where other 92cc vehicles pass by it very easily. I own a 2003 model Honda Activa and it climbs up the same incline with ease.

Fifthly, The vehicle struggles when riding with a pillion in the range of 30kph to 50kph.

Also, it makes a huge noise when pushed hard, which is not normal. Regarding this, the showroom service manager informed me that the company itself has made the vehicle in this manner. I fail to understand how a company like Suzuki can manufacture a vehicle that makes so much noise when pushed hard.

The front brake vibrates considerably when pressed hard, indicating that the factory-fitted front brake liners are of substandard quality.

After months of saving and spending Rs 70,000 of our hard earned money in total, I am deeply dissatisfied with the performance of our vehicle. I have sent our vehicle to the workshop twice after the 1st free service.

At the time of writing this, the condition of the vehicle remains the same.

I have come across online reviews by owners facing the same problems, and have also spoken to an owner in Pune with the exact same problems as our vehicle.

I am following up the issue with the showroom, hoping for the best

Sushil Kumar says:

Which is best scooter Jupiter or Activa 3g/4g. Engine reliablity Honda good but what about Jupiter engine, I m confues, is it Jupiter engine reliable. is there any problem in Jupiter’s engine. Some local machanic says Jupiter’s​ engine has some problem, but Over all I like Jupiter. Specially tyres and suspension of Jupiter is too good compare to Activa. What would u suggest for Jupiter engine

sanam says:

Dear Abhay Varma,

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience. it’s really informative.

I’m planning to buy a best scooter (I got bored with gear vehicles) in the market (in all aspects like elegance, performance, mileage etc.,)

I found many -ve reviews against Access 125 in different websites (@ 60 KMPH bike is shaking, Engine noisy, mileage is poor.. etc.)… of course +ves too.

I need your honest opinion on this scooter segment, which scooter I can buy blind folded.

Shivam Jaiswal says:

sir I want to buy activa 125 but I am confused which one is better Bs-3 or Bs-4

allesouvik says:

which is the best access 125 or new activa 125 ?

theBbOoSsSs says:

can’t stand the shape of any of these scooters

Arjun Mohandas says:

I want a scooter for my father , he is 6.3ft high n bit fat…which will suit him the more

Shivam Jaiswal says:


Mr. V.I.P says:

which one has higher pickup and more hight?

azhar qureshi says:

make a video on aprilia sr150 n access 125 activa 125

Vaithyanathan Swaminathan says:

good thing I did, sold my 2010 model Access 125

Vyom Tiwari says:

which looks beter chromed rear view mirror or simple one

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