2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review

This was my first time on a scooter and it was fun! No, I won’t be buying one BUT this baby had some good pep! Packing a 650 engine that’s smooth as glass, the automatic CVT transmission makes it simple for anyone to not only get around town but take on the freeway, no problem. With power folding mirrors, power windscreen, push button shifting if desired, plenty of room and office chair comfort, it’s certainly appealing to many people that have the need for a scooter.

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Intel 6700k Unlocked Skylake Processor

Western Digital Black 5TB High Performance drive (x2)

EVGA Z170 Classified K Motherboard

G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz Model F4-3200C16D-32GVK


ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB ROG STRIX OC Edition

Corsair Hydro Series H110i GTX

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 200mm Red LED Silent Fan

APC 750VA 10-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Sewell 78 LED USB Powered Bias Lighting

J Channel Cable Raceway – Black – 48″ Length

Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent

Lycom DT-120 M.2 PCIe to PCIe


MrPolymers says:

Funny, I traded in my 2011 Suzuki Burgman Executive for a 2015 FJR.. For me, the FJR is just a much more fun bike to ride. The Burgman would be great for those that want a comfortable ride for transportation. Not exactly a sports car like the FJR..

Steve Miller says:

Your description of sitting in a chair, going down the road reminds me of how it feels to ride my Vespa300. It’s very upright and with nothing to speak of in front of you, it feels like a 70MPH bar stool.

Dominic says:

have you used the power mode any difference ?

s lewins says:


Ahmadu Wachuku says:

They say that the 2007 Suzuki Burgman uses gears whereas the 2016 Suzuki Burgman uses a belt drive and that’s funny because the 2002-2005 uses a belt drive also.

Khodor Al Baba says:

I’d like to see you test riding the yamaha Tmax 530 2015-2016

Ian Digby says:

super review.

Peter Davidsz Polman says:

Awesome video!
Do you have more of these?

Peter Jarmuda says:

What you should have done is keep it on automatic and engage the power button. Keeps the RPM’s around 1000 higher and is so much more responsive. I have a love hate relationship with my burgman. On one side I’d Like to get something with more per, on the other side, its hard to give up the comfort for the Two of us.

greginnm says:

I’m certainly glad you enjoyed your ride on the 650. There are a couple of issues I have with your review. The front brake is in fact on the right handlebar just like on any other motorcycle and the Burgman 650 will do 99% of what any other motorcycle will do. Obviously from my comments I own a Burgman 650 and am very pleased with the bike, I traded my Suzuki V-Strom 1000 for my Burgman and can say the only thing I miss about the Vee is the incredible suspension that bike had. I use my Burgman for everyday riding to long distance riding and have been very pleased with it. You review was very nicely done and you gave the bike it due. Most people poo poo the without ever riding the bike because its a “scooter”, I believe that’s a mistake in not  giving the bike a chance.

Steve Halt says:

Erm… Front brake is the lever on the right.

Heedeh cheenuh says:

If you get the chance..test the Suzuki Burgman 400 abs. I am disabled and have R.A. stage 3-4 and have been thinking of getting the 400 or baby Burgman as they call it. To me the Suzuki Burgman 200 abs should be the baby Burgman. The storage and ride are the biggest sale for me.

9999plato says:

It’s not that great on gas. I have a barn door windshield and I get 33mpg, it was 35-36mpg with the original shield.

Chatham Rabbit says:

Nice! Thanks.

Waz zeR says:

hi, didn’t hear u mention about hybrid engine system, does it has one like honda scooter?

Jason Chicoine says:

No tank so no knee controle was my view, and also as you mentioned the small wheels. Id be worried about potholes.

Ivan Bobby Justificado Pela Fé says:

good +1subscript

VilasTerror Motogp says:

Really appreciate the part that you speak about insurance and other taxes related to engine cc.. For example here in Portugal the prices get a bit heavy on cc higher then 750cc, wish means for us is caind difficult to maintain long Touring motorcycles, thats why is not usual to see see GoldWings, K 1600 GTL , Indians, Victorys Etc also because they are really expensive, but when you think about a small cc touring bike we run out of options, basacly touring bikes until 750cc you have the Honda deauville 700, so in this case we have to appreciate the Maxi Scooter market because both the Suzuki Burgman 650 executive and the BMW C 650 GTL offers more less everything that one big touring bike offers and most of the times give more pleasure to use everyday… In my opinion the Burgman 650 is the best Maxiscooter a true Scooter to enjoy doing everything in a good Vibe..

slimdudeDJC says:

Also, just wanted to ask since the engine’s power pull tops out at 60, what is the top speed of this bike? I wouldn’t go much faster than 65-70 anyway, but wouldn’t want to redline the thing either at a max speed of 55-60. Thanks again. . .

felix romero says:

great ride!!! I enjoy it thanks…

Jasmiro Pinto de Jesus Júnior says:

I really wanna know this motorcycle

Ron Miller says:

Great review, wish the reviewer was a bit more familiar with the 650, much more to the bike than meets the eye in a casual first ride. I parted ways with a 1500 Goldwing and purchased a 650 Burgman with ABS brakes. The Burgman won’t carry as much luggage although the luggage capacity is still quite large, but the riding position is much better than the Goldwing in my opinion. All said, I’m much happier with the Burgman!

Ed Victory says:

I think that the 650 puts out 60bhp. Insurance on this is cheap compared to a traditional mc. You should have tried POWER MODE. Makes a difference.

שמוליק אלוני says:

חלק מהדשבורדים לא מתאימים לתנאי האקלים בישראל . אצלי הדשבורד פולט חומר דביק ומבריק שמשתקף בחלון ומקשה על הראות.

ThreePhaseHigh says:

Only thing you left out is that you can’t easily drive that scooter from New York to Los Angeles may not be as comfortable as a full-size cruiser but just as comfortable as anything else. Also it well go down the road 80+ mph all day long.

Sky Walker says:

Hello, very nice review!
I look it maybe 10 times…
There are not much reviews for this 2016 suzuki…
I will buy one in 2 month, but as you says, by us in Switzerland it cost 1.40 the liter and 700 chf Road tax /year +insurance… 🙁
But cheaper than a car and much more fun! Thanks for your greet review, take care over there

9999plato says:

The CVT finds the best settings. The only advantage to using the manual is sometimes you get a higher OD “gear” ratio. Its only useful on the highway otherwise the automatic is great. The Old Honda Helix was great but it was a 250.

kram namwen says:

the right lever is for front only – the left is for both rear and front too!.  new ones have heated grips and individually heated seats!

BrQtje says:

125cc is relatively popular in Europe due to the drivers license classes. A1 license is a light motorcycle license up to 125cc and 11kW.

there are age restrictions on what license you can get, so that’s the main reason why people would get them

0ConkersBadFurDay0 says:

I’m ‘new’ to the bike scene and have been looking around at different bikes. Not really into crazy stupid sports bikes so, have been looking at scooters. Your review has literally sealed the deal and this is the one I’m going for. I really enjoyed the review, the honesty and the detail. I almost didn’t want it to stop, I was enjoying it so much! 🙂 Cheers.

Cody Plumber says:

Very nice to see someone do a high quality scooter review video. Can you review some Kymco scooters?

Всюду Зрада says:

Слава Украини!!!..Героям-слава!!!

Klaus Gromenauer says:

Thanks dude! Great job!

torontothegood says:

is this the same engine as the legendary Suzuki SV650S?

Paul Callaway says:

I’ve been out of riding for about 8 years or so and I’m looking to get back into it with something small-ish for around town riding, errand runs and short commute to work. My actual needs might lean more towards the 400cc version, but the Burgman is looking good to me. Great review by the way!

Lydon Lewis DoUbLeZz says:

pretty funny I watch this video probably in January when I had a 400 things happened in two-three months later I got a 650 and now after watching this video again I understand everything that he’s talking about! This thing is awesome never want to part with it it’s my commuter I’ll worry about a car after I finish paying it off! BTW I’m right across the bridge in St Petersburg! =)

s lewins says:

the bike does have average mpg on lcd and an eco indicator AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU DIDNT TRY THE POWER MODE!!!!!!

Mark Luebbers says:

Great review! I just bought the 2016 burgman executive. Its great! Love it!

Mariano Dominguez says:

Buen vídeo con agua incluida., Luis

joseph warren says:

This is the best bike I have ever owned. The practicality is simply amazing. The local airports do not charge for motorcycle parking, so I am able to store my luggage in the bike itself, and park at the terminals for 10 days or more for free. The power is more than adequate, and it is very smooth and comfortable, with all the fairings.

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