2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive – Long Term Review

2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive – Long Term Review: Having learned to appreciate scooters over the last year or so, I’ve been riding the defacto king of the maxiscoots, the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive for the last few weeks. Here’s my long term review of this uber-scoot….

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Kawasaki Man says:

Beautiful smooth bike powerful comfortable,but too heavy and way to expensive I had a 400 again very comfortable very smooth scooter but as you get older you feel the weight ok on the move feels ok but to push around your garage it’s just to heavy.

1BrotherMack says:

$11,000.00 in the United States

Ray Charles says:



Gary Frobish says:

Very nice review. One thing that wasn’t mentioned is the substantial savings of buying one used. The money you save can help offset the cost of the frequent service intervals. Really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work!

Mark Clark says:

You didn’t mention being able to fit two full face helmets into the lockable underseat storage. Have you tried it?

David Taylor says:

A great review. So when will you be reviewing the BMW C650GT so I can make my choice? I had a BurgerVan 650 a while back and I loved it. Maybe fancy getting another scoot soon as it’s far easier to tog up for scooting rather than biking. Keep up the good work……

Charles Griffiths says:

Whahey Mr Miss, another excellent review, even if you did overlook a few things. Re the petrol filler: I found on the 2008 model there was a lot of blowback, so you had to fill very slowly. On the 2013 model Suzuki seemed to have improved that. Still on fuel, I think the best mileage I ever got on a full tank, motorway driving, avg spd 65-75mph, I was pushing it to the limit trying to get 150 miles before a refill. On the dash, the ADJ button gives a choice of readouts 1: constant mpg and 2. ambient temp – both very useful. My personal, biggest bugbears with the 650’s were 1. calipers forever seizing up if the the bike hadn’t been used for a week or after any bad weather, and 2. I found it impossible to keep the rear suspension from rusting like crazy. I always paid for a 3-4-year service plan which is not cheap, but better than getting a much larger bill each year, so servicing the Burg can be an expensive necessity. The alternative is to buy a car at the same price!! There is one other thing which you would not have noticed, and that’s the wear and tear on the rear tyre. The Burg is a very heavy bike at around 280 kilos and I found that after about 4.500 miles it had to be replaced purely on safety grounds. The overdrive, you didn’t mention, but it’s something I never had to use, for as you say, the power is already there. I’ve overtaken vehicles doing 75-80mph with no no effort whatsoever, as the bike will hit a ton in a matter of seconds, should it be necessary! For touring, I always had a back-pack strapped to the pillion seat with both a cargo net and a crocodile strap, while in the “boot” I kept the essentials such emergency repair kits, first aid, spare gloves and boots, and…for me (going back to the fuel) a plastic 2-ltr gerrycan full of fuel..just in case! Never at any time did I feel the bike was off-balance, so for touring (and less back strain) the 650 has it. I suppose, as with any vehicle, riding around the town centres can drink the fuel like mad, but it’s impossible to put a value rating on that. If I were back to being a fit and healthy young man, I’d pick the Burg 650 over any equivalent step-through. As it is, I now have the 400, and it’s currently giving me between 83 and 99.9mpg. The best I ever achieved on the 650 (up to Scotland and back) was 87mpg. Now, that can’t be bad!!
Nice review Mr Miss. Loved it.

Tom Lego says:

As a Yamaha Tmax 530 owner I did a long distance ride on the 650 Burgman and I hate it! Maybe the Tmax has me spoiled. The Burgman handles like a horse wagon, it’s too BIG, it’
s a boat! The Burgman has a higher top speed but the Tmax has faster acceleration. I can tight curve the Tmax like a crotch rocket. The Tmax just feels safe, gives you more rider confidence, easier to ride.

debaia says:

What about reliability. Many owners brake gear clutch about 30000km with before 2013 models. I own a 2010, and break Gear clutch ar 36000km. Cost to repear it, is about 2500€…

staninjapan07 says:

Thanks for the review.

It was interesting to see a bike I am considering being reviewed in the UK, not only because I am from there, but because living in Japan where road speeds are 1/3 lower, I can hear how the bike handles at speeds I would do here on a quiet road with few police cars – the motorway limit here is 100kph (62 mph) on limited stretches and 80 kph (50 mph) generally.

You mentioned Suzuki’s official MPG figure, but did not confirm it by measuring it properly when filling up. That would have been helpful.

You said the bike had a stack of storage, but details of top-box and side cases – if you can fit them and what is available – would have been good. After all, no-one tours without them on any kind of 2-wheeler, do they?

It would have been good to see how easily you can filter through traffic, rather than seeing how easily you can ride on a quiet town road. Of course each rider must decide whether he/she can filter at any given moment, and it’s not to be expected of a 650 scoot’ as it is of a 150.

A great review over all.
Very useful, thanks.

Michael K says:

Burgman is the king of scooterdom. There is no other.

Ian Mann says:

Well I took the plunge and now have one on order . really looking forward to riding and being able to do some longer journeys in comfort with my wife …My current vfr800 is a superb bike but unfortunatly the riding position inflames a degenerative disc in my back … so i’m pretty sure the burgmans comfy saddle and riding position will be excellent …your reviews also helped greatly , keep up the good work …

Marcus Aman says:

Long term? Did you say two weeks? Try again in five years.

Scotty B says:

“Despite what I tell the Mrs.” LOL

David Taylor says:

A great review. So when will you be reviewing the BMW C650GT so I can make my choice? I had a BurgerVan 650 a while back and I loved it. Maybe fancy getting another scoot soon as it’s far easier to tog up for scooting rather than biking. Keep up the good work……

Pomoz7 says:

Good review MF and I think you did a good job of finding the issues that are common with scooters. I’m riding my Honda Forza (I call it barge arse, great big heavy old thing it is) in Thailand for the last year and “crashy” suspension as you put it, seems to be how scooters behave in general. Most of them have the engine sitting on the back wheel and the driver is also perched on top of it so all the weight goes through the rear. Even with adjusting the suspension, the physics and design limit its ability to cope with rough roads. I have ridden a number of other scooters and have found that to be case. Your butt and lower back are going to suffer.

I also found that the legs at 90 degrees position that most scooters adopt, means if you have long legs your knees are touching the dash. On some bikes I can’t even turn the steering to full lock because the handlebars hit my knees. U turns can be much more difficult than they need to be because of that. The Honda Xdv is like that and is a 750c cc bike, it makes no sense to make it so cramped.

Don’t get me wrong, scooters are still really great for nipping around town and the storage space is so useful. But if you are tall and you are likely to be on rough roads, I think you might want to consider something else. Your butt and knees will thank you later.

Bob Keen says:

Great review, thank you. As always informative, entertaining, and presented in the usual very professional and measured manner. Great stuff sir.

ivan milojkovic says:

Bravo. Video and analysis is spot on. This is first video i watched and it seems like a good channel
Thumbs up

Toria Summers says:

Another great video buddy, thanks. Don’t suppose you could do one on the 400 Burgie?

Richard shill says:

My good friend is on his second one. Loves them, as you say they’ll pop to the shops or tour to Spain no problem all. Trust me I’ve followed him, they don’t hang around!!!!
Great review

Steve Mortimer says:

thank you for the follow-up here Mr TMF. very fair reviews all round. As i think i said before, you really ‘get’ the Burger. i don’t find the BOB (‘Big ol’ Burgman’ as you often refer to it as) any better at filtering in towns than say my VStrom650. just as long, and no tighter turning – in fact the ‘Strom would win because i don’t care if it gets bashed… i reckon the 400 must be on your list now as a comparison – bet you end up buying a scoot just for popping out on… unless the new Honda Cub bites your bum..

Ronan Rogers says:

Hhmmm…if only my wheelbase was that long!

Breaking News says:

The Burman is a wonderfull and comfortable scooter. But since BMW is on the market, especially the new 2016 C 650 GT, which i Ihave, BMW is the better choice. If you want your scooter to be a little more like a motorcycle Burgmann has no chance.

S M. says:

I’ve seen your review XADV , TMAX and Burgman 650 which one do you think is the best? let say worth the money spent, handling, power, equipment Thank you

Silas Andrade says:


David Bardock says:

WOW, this was THE best review i have found about any maxi scooter, i really hope you will make one on BMW c 650 GT, cause im im to buy one next year

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Electric Motorcycles/Scooters please
Philadelphia Pa

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

The fuel up looks like a faff 😀 I never understood what they want you to do with the fuel cap when it’s not attached to the bike in any way? It’s never a good idea to put it on the ground or on the bike for that matter. Just a bad design.

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