2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Review

2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive Review: Having learned to appreciate scooters over the last year or so, I get to ride the defacto king of the maxiscoots, the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive. Here’s my initial review of this uber-scoot….

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I’ll be honest and say I have never liked scooters but the Burgmans do look ok and I love the idea of the handle bars folding in to do the filtering, nice review, still wouldn’t get one tho lol.

Kessl1492 says:

“At least, summer has come”
Oh come on. I was in Scotland in may and you had brilliant weather. Spent all my money on sunscreen and water and still went home thirsty and burnt.

Mr Bojangles says:

My neighbour had a couple of these over a number of years as well as other ‘proper’ bikes. He called it his second car. He gave me a lift once to our local Kop Hill Climb and I can confirm that it is indeed comfortable on the back and still went ok. I believe he toured Scotland on it too! Another great review TMF.

Andrew Hartshorn says:

Great review TMF as always!
I have owned 3 Burgman 650’s and I love em!
Owned very sort of bike from cruisers to Superbikes, from super moto to scooters and Maxi-scooters are up at the top of the list of favourite bikes.
Just a few points about the Burgervan (as they are affectionately called)
The power button is not needed as much as on older Burgman.
The Burgervan has an E-CVT transmission that differs from normal CVT where a ECU controls the position of the belt.
This is why it has a ‘Manual’ gear mode (this is useless because the computer can change gearing far faster than a human!)
The final drive is also different from any other bike I know in that it is gear driven.
There is a row of gears that transfer the drive.
The other security measure the Burgman has is a metal shutter that closes over the keyhole.
You use the rear of the key to turn the shutter down.
Hope this helps 🙂

Dan 1135 says:

Great review TMF – dnt stop the scooter reviews.

1madboiler says:

When I came back to biking 8 years ago… I bought a 400 Burgman, I hated it, the stand would scrape at anything above walking pace when cornering, it was a bit sketchy when going over any road markings, 100m rumble strips approaching junctions were awful, first time I hit one it vaulted me off the seat. It also hurt my lower back, being so upright meant that my tail bone got very achy. I couldn’t wait to sell it on and buy a more trad bike.

covcrew cov says:

Had a Burgman 400 a few years ago there was a re-call on this bike for the altenator major issue was draining the battery and the bike could cut out to dead this happened to me battery fully flat would not start you could imagine what issue you could have is this happens on a dual carriageway or a motorway I had to replace it, apart from that nice automatic bike have a ST1300 now

Matas Raškauskas says:

Please do a review of Honda cb500x ;D love your vid :*

John Wallwork says:

Great review…again. Scooters not really my cup of tea but I’d love to tour Europe on one of these..I think it would be a blast.

John Oleary says:

As a subscriber
An i ask you to “review” the
AK 550 by Kymco.

Ride safe

Russ Cattell says:

A few years ago, on a French campsite, I got chatting to a senior couple with a big motorhome and a 650 Burgman racked on the back. they reckoned it was “the best of both worlds” for them, since they retired from Gold Wing touring.

Thomas Evers says:

When are you going to take us flying with you ? You need to review the Can Am Spyder !

Boodieman72 says:

I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

Joop Gord says:

I’ve owned many bikes and I’ve now got a Peugeot Citystar 200,
Absolutely love it,

Nevets says:

Perfect bike for mugging comedians…

ChromHarpman says:

Great review, as usual. I could see myself on one of these big scoots sometime down the track. Like a mini goldwing at a fraction of the price.

C C’s says:

Nice review TMF I like the look of it although not the price. For comfort it looks great. I think Honda do something similar but a 750 (can’t recall the name). Be interesting to see how it performs with a pillion. Cheers Col

bob row says:

heck yeah the top of the line best scooter

Peter Lewis says:

Please don’t compare this to an RT, there is no comparison. I bought one a few years ago, it was the biggest mistake I ever made. Suspension was terrible, my wife came out on it as a pillion, she hated it. I took it on a tour of Ireland and was so disappointed with it. It was great for running down to the shops etc and that is where it excels. I sold it after 6 months of ownership and lost a lot of money, you also lose street credibility owing one of these. They have there place, I agree, and some people love them, but not for me.

R Zu says:

I hope you’ll be doing a night ride on it before you give it back. I’d be interested in seeing the headlight and instruments at night. Thanks!

ozzyg82 says:

Like it. Folding mirrors are a bit pointless to me, if you can’t get your mirrors through a gap, it’s likely your shoulders and handle bars won’t make it either, or be too close for safety. Maybe just hold on for a moment…?

riotofmyown says:

I like the scooter reviews. I’d like to see you review a CanAm Spyder!

1madboiler says:

5″ to 6″… you wouldn’t want it on your forehead as a wart 🙂

Axeman says:

You have to love these maxi scooters, a bit ugly but they do so much and a ride like an armchair! Definitely one to have in the quiver. Top review.. TMF

JLO Staff says:

Just when I think your medication is working, you go and do this……………..;-)

mitchell nix says:

Another great review. I have an 07 version. The best touring bike I have ever owned. The reason it pulls so well is because it isn’t CVT. It has five speed auto gear box with manual override. I have surprised a few “proper” bikes on mine. I look forward to your long term review when you’ve been riding it for longer. The balance is so good that I can pull up at a give way line, look both ways and set off again without putting my feet down.

John says:

I usually run when i see 2 people on a scooter.

Tony Tng says:

it’s 2018 and suzuki is still producing bikes that look like they were made in 2010

ray wite says:

These are brilliant, not my cuppa but for those in the market this is the one, Almost all weather protection with all the bells. A few friends have them along with their Vincents, Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, Indians ( real ones). etc.

Lilana says:

is the Burgman 400 or 650 allowed to ride in Motorway?

Nick Evitts says:

Great and fair review, most “bikers” don’t know what they’re missing.

John O Meara says:

TMF Great review i commute all year round on the 400 version and its a no brainer faultness keep up the reviews love your channel

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