2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review – 4K

New for the 2018 model year, Suzuki has released its quarter-liter sportbike, the GSX250R. Suzuki plans for this motorcycle to not only be a bike for bike-curious riders to start on, but also to be a motorcycle for those returning to motorcycling to come back to at a reasonable cost. We took to the streets to see how it performed in various daily scenarios.

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NeZ CooL says:

Is it the same engine with inazuma?

『Kuuroshi』 says:

In my opinion this is a great motorcycle, but it’s not a recommend bike for American roads because it’s way too under powered. A 250cc bike isn’t the best for most roads in the U.S. This would be a great bike if it was a 300+ cc bike.

Antimortem says:

regardless what people say, this is the goldegn age. the manufactuer that listened were ktm & bmw with the single cyl bikes. jap bikes are downv on quality & value. those that ride mul5iplle cyl bikes are wekend riders. i ride everyday fun!

monkeydust100 says:

It looks big for a 250

Alex Lisyuk says:


Visal vijayan Rider says:

The video is. Awesome.
I never got a. Chance to hands on to gsxr 250 r but .as per the specs I came to conclusion that Yamaha yzf r3 is much better option than this in all aspects..

Rahul Reddy says:

Will it release in India?

Mathew Paul says:

Nicely made video

Christopher Tinosan says:

looks like a copy of kawasaki ninja 250sl..

Albert Setiawan says:

Why does it looks like Yamaha Fazer 25? Cmiiw

Chris Loew says:

2003 Kawasaki ex250 ninja is all a person needs! Neat video


Late to the party and irrelevant. Wake up Suzuki. This may sell like hot cinnamon rolls on S.East Asia and countries were people MUST start from a 50 or 125 but not in the USA, land of “bigger it’s always better” mentality.


I was constantly thinking whats wrong with this bike until you told about those 3 inches!!

josh r says:

Great video, still wish they had the balls to build an i4 250 again.


Please compare it with cbr250

Peter Q says:

It’s still just a 250!

anbanasable says:

In indonesia CBR250RR very looks good and so impressive!! You must to have and ride!! Full tottal control and no wire in this bike..

Meme Loaded says:

I had a nightmare last night that my r6 wouldn’t go taste than 130 . Omfg was that shit scary

Death666wish says:

His messed up ears are distracting.

romeo lagardon says:

This is GSX 250R. Its a bike that is good for touring.. Unlike today there is a GSX R125 and GSX R150. But, there are rumors that Suzuki is now making a GSX R250. Not sure if their going to compete with CBR250RR which is way to OP(Overpower) engine, But it may start in a moderate power like the Yamaha R25.. But we will be expecting more from suzuki..so stay tuned.

gamer sal says:

whatever its not R could be dream of biginers …fr me not RRRRRR

joe jack jack says:

you need more gay tattoos and dumb earrings to complete the complete douchbag faggot look—

Broadcast Channel says:

For indonesian and asian region markets

Gregorio Alvon says:

Dont forget to review CBR250RR

North says:

that guy corners like pro

Yashraj Malhotra says:

have you tried CBR250 RR

Prashant Singh says:

is it better then the rc390 2017?

Carl Jackson says:

I like the review and don’t like the bike

thara lalnun says:

this is what most people should be riding, if we want to save earth and still ride.


the bike looks awesome except for the exhaust. My god… what were they thinking

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