2018 Suzuki SV650X Ride Review | Retro REMIX

Suzuki SV650X – The SV650X isn’t massively powerful, its not particularly light but there is most definitely something special about Suzuki’s latest retro styled twin.

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Jme Be says:

Suzuki ‘mechanically brilliant’ [apart from brakes]. I had an original SV650s in blue. I loved the sound of it at idle; so much so that I used to wash it in the back garden and then sit outside with a cup of tea and watch it dry off. It ended up wedged under some armco barrier whilst trying to get first ever knee-down – I was fine but my beautiful SV was toast. Sniff

T0BBi94 says:

Hmm, that is strange I have the same adjustments on my SV650 2003 forks.. I guess they removed them for the new re-run of the lineup (except for the 650X)

Steven Febvre says:

As a “bike” I’m sure it rides and handles well enough, but I don’t honestly see this as retro (it’s just not old enough). It’s a last ditch attempt from Suz at knocking out a retro bike long after every one else has. In 15 or 20 years this might work.

Blazin'Blades says:

What an UGLY Bike!
What were those Japs thinking of?

prndownload says:

If you’re mates with Suzuki you should maybe re-test the 2018 GSXS1000. A few minor changes plus it’ll be good to have a fresh memory to compare to the new Honda CB1000R. =D

Phantom Rides says:

That’s definitely a weird looking bike lol

Jay B says:

Loved my little sv650

Sapa Lobo says:

It makes me think 82 Katana with a bikini fairing.

David Lockhart says:

There is a reason why so many people race SV650s.  They work way better than their price.

DaveMurphyEngineer says:

Would be very interested to compare this to my original ‘curvy’ SV which I am falling in love with all over again. SV’s have always had naff front brakes though, I believe the new one even has the same calipers as the original ‘99 model?

GixxerWayne says:

Always been a big fan of the sv650 since the very first one , I had a 98 600 hornet many years ago and my pal had an sv 650 we swapped on every ride and I always got off of the sv with massive grin on my face, mega fun , so forgiving great for wheelies too , gearbox is typical Suzuki, spot on , as for brakes . Some goodridge hoses and decent pads sort that out they have really got this bike spot on and they have done from day dot . Great vid as usual sir chops . Keep up the great work

Matrix says:

Anybody able to tell me what helmet he is wearing ? looks great

Glen says:

Ah the memories. My first road bike was an SV650S in black. Awesome bike and once the end can was changed I became my neighbours favourite person every morning! 😉

Pharaoh Skylar says:

Maybe it looks better in person or the picture you used for the video looks better but when I go to Suzuki’s website, I’m not feeling it..and I love the cafe racer styles. Maybe I’d be more interested if there was a way to turn that seat into a solo seat. The seat makes this bike look too 2006 Ninja to me.

Neil Cole says:

Must admit I like the SV650 smashing little bike for the money! Nice video Mr Chop! It doesn’t always have to have 150 hp plus to have fun!

BMRTV says:

They need to make an “R” version of it. Straight up same as standard sv650 but better suspension and brakes. Leave the rest alone.

Cielo says:

I just saw this bike at a Bike Show. If I was buying a first bike it’d be this, such a nice looking bike. Maybe not quite as pretty as the Ducati Cafe Racer, but i’d imagine its a good bit cheaper.

PaiN's RIdes says:

What a cooling looking SV….. I wouldn’t mind having one to scoot around on at all

2Stroke Squashie says:

Looks like quite a nice machine! Doing my a2 at the moment, didnt get on with the Suzuki Gladius V twin that the school have, I so much prefered the cbf600 for the inline 4 engine. I was looking at an sv650, but the gladius put me off. Feel like maybe I should try one before I judge.
If you like the retro, let me know and you can have a bash on mine this year if you like 😛 KH will be on the road soon, and the everyone who rides the fizzy falls in love lol

Steve Cade says:

My son had a SV650 as his first big bike after passing his test. Simple ecu restrictor on the fuel injected models makes it a 5 min swap to full power. The beauty of the v twin is it still has decent low down torque when restricted. Saw that x model at the dealers the other day and thought it looked really nice. The exhaust is a bit cheap but Suzuki probably done that as they know most will probably change it anyway to make the bike their own. Why pay extra for something you’re going to bin anyway. It could do with a nice belly pan and, as it’s a sv650, I am sure there are ones out there that fit from previous models.

Bob England says:

i used to own a 2003 SV650S i loved it, despite its modest power it did manage to keep up with my mates R6 to 70mph, very cheap bike to run imo. (who cares about brakes when you have vTwin engine braking)

Penfold83 glen says:

Love the old paint colours quick in the corners

Dougie says:

Ermmmm, nahhhh not for me that one chops. I’m sure its fun but can’t really love it, I’m sure someone will. Good review though mate as always, you even give the ugly ones a chance.

Jonniethai says:

No doubt it’s fun yet like the xsr900 and new cb1000 they are thrown together style wise. Nobody makes a bad motorbike now.

shaun lomas says:

Its the only thing the Japs will keep making good ITS THE BIKE sod the cars

Chris_ SVS says:

Not feeling that at all, but I suppose it may be as I own an SV already

StreetTripleSam says:

Looks querky, sounds pretty decent for a stock bike actually. Thing that lets it down looks wise for me is the conventional forks, but thats me being petty 😀 No electronics is sticking to the old SV650 heritage. A good bike to build confidence and learn limits on by the sounds of it. Audio is great, wish I could get mine like this haha

peter kiro says:

Suzuki needs to work on styling . For the last 4,5,6 fxxxing years Suzuki bikes looks shit

Christopher de Vries says:

It’s…….something completely different this time for sure. Good review. Great beginners bike i think.

Barry Beemer says:

its best to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow. 😉

CPUspeed says:

I saw it in the duke upgrade video in the back saying… hey I’m a vtwin too

Mp Mp says:

Good to see the chops hooning about. I agree 70hp more than enough for the road.

Steve R1 says:

Nice review chops. When do we get some chops an womble head to head tearing up the roads.

Mike Fry says:

Looks like how people used to customise the Curvey Mk1 when they first came out, cartridge emulators and GSXR shock, a rorty pipe and you are ready to go, straight back to the late 90s, great bikes

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