2019 Suzuki Katana Review

Judging from the roll-out, Suzuki really wants us to like its new 2020 Katana. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to Japan for a bike launch, probably because I never have been. For this one, they spared no expense – flying a bunch of us to Tokyo, shooting us via Shinkansen bullet train to the Kyoto Brighton Hotel, and renting out the Arashi Yama Takao Parkway for us to ride up and down upon unmolested for a day. When we weren’t cleansing ourselves with the remote control Toto Washlets in every room (the bidet, it turns out, is for saps), we were touring the local temples and noshing expensively on the Miyazaki beef. They kept dragging us away from the hotel, though, to visit a guy who forges katanas, to tour the new Suzuki factory in Hamamatsu and the Suzuki Museum.

A suspicious mind might think all the hoopla was to divert attention from the idea that the new Katana is not much more than a GSX-S1000 in new clothes. Which is pretty much the case. But, like, what’s so wrong with that? The original Katana of 1981, which has achieved cult status especially in Japan, was really nothing more than a reskinned GS1100 – which was a fine motorcycle but maybe a bit lacking in the personality department. That “Universal Japanese Motorcycle” term largely reflected that in the ’70s, nearly all Japanese bikes followed a typical round-headlight, naked-bike pattern. They all looked alike. The first Katana represented a radical departure. To its credit, Suzuki stepped outside its comfort zone for design advice, landing upon one Hans Muth and his Target Design studio in Germany.

Read the full review here: https://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/suzuki/2020-suzuki-katana-review-first-ride.html


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Walter Wilkins says:

I have no problem with the video, it’s well done and entertaining. However, there’s a difference between “review” and “rear view” . . .

Greywolves60 Greywolves60 says:

2020 Katana styling – NAH. John Burns – yup! AGREE you DO need to put more VIDEO content on this VIDEO site. ESPECIALLY love the drone shot of the group riding up the mountain! NEED MORE!!!

Phil M says:

If this is the Katana where is the pop up headlight?

Ronald Tartaglia says:

Inline 4 cylinder worst sound in the world.

dbreardon says:

Personally…..just my opinion so don’t jump on me, but it has one of the ugliest front ends and rear ends I have seen on a bike. I’ve been disappointed in Suzuki styling for a number of years now ever since they destroyed the SV650 and turned it into the Gladius….and now it is the SV650 again but to me, looks just like an updated Gladius.

Although, I will say I do like the GSX750s styling in their range of naked/semi naked bikes. But man, Suzuki needs some new body work designers if you ask me. Worst of the big four Japanese bike manufacturers. Again, that is just one man’s opinion so don’t jump on me because I don’t agree with you.

CPU UK says:

LOL, life is tough being a motorcycle journo… is that a really tiny violin I can hear in among the Koto notes 😉 As a long time Suzuki fan I have to say that Suzuki could do with putting a few more the bells (electronics) and whistles (blower) on this Katana. Ah, well, here’s to the next Katana.

Rory The Red says:

Sorry, IMHO Suzuki have failed to do justice to the original Katana. The first Katana’s are iconic, they really broke the mold and launched the mass produced motorcycling world in fresh new styling direction.
Triumph and Kawasaki have produced wonderful homages to their iconic retro motorcycles. Suzuki have cynically slapped some tacky Katana-ish looking plastic into what could be any other modern bike to cash in on the retro wave. Very disappointing effort.

TheTripleDubya says:

Old people, trying to make us read and stuff, dude my attention span is only so long !!! ha ha ha ha ha

Elia Sun says:

The bike looks good. As I recall the original had clip on handle bars that make you stretch over the bike. It was like a Tron bike, looks cool but uncomfortable. Now Suzuki designed this with a common sense.

Soloman 5k says:

It looks beautiful and unique..

Doug BM says:

I like it but it’s difficult to riff of such a pure and resolved design as the original. Seems like a good fast standard bike that’s mildly retro.

Sergey Brody says:

Actually when it was unveiled, I was pretty sceptical at design of this bike, now I see it’s looking sweet

1990 says:

Nice video. And pay no attention to the idiots below who say it’s too short, click bait etc etc …

SamBamBiker says:

Le beast

iodineclip says:


D. Paul Gladstone says:

The fairing is perfect for the street. That really keeps the heat from burning your crotch because it is dispersed better. Not sophisticated enough? That the problem with modern motorcycles. They are too sophisticated, because you really just want to jump on and ride.

Joseph Chapman says:

It’s a “sport bobber” with atv handlebars, what a joke.

Dudez 08 says:

Original katana has a clip on handle bars.. different engine than the gsxr series…

Aniq Anuar says:

im always confused why is it called 2020 when its released this year

Friendly Robot says:

That’s gotta be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sgt. Doakes says:

Байк отличный, но слишком маленький топливный бак ((
Nice bike, but tank is too small (

Teh509 says:

The 80’s retro kinda gives me a nostalgia boner but I just don’t think many people will buy into this in 2019.

sky works says:

Nice work Suzuki, 80s was amazing, I was born, movies like Top Gun, Black Rain with bikes in them, and 2019 is also amazing, Katana in back, I got a new Vstrom 1000 XT with Remus exhaust….

Taijean Moodie says:

All I want is a sport touring verson of the hayabusa… Suzuki all you need to do is make a bike with power windshield, heated grips, cruise control and saddle bags. Like Kawasaki concours 14 and Yamaha fjr1300…

GMak81 says:

I would check out the article but I can’t read.

I want this bike in a way I have never wanted a bike before.

Cool as Ice says:

I absolutely love the looks but i believe its too small. Motorcycles are decreasing in size especially sportbikes. In 10 or 15 years there won’t be any bikes for People taller than 6’0 and heavier than 230lbs.

gm16v149 says:

We’ve already had a look at them in Australia, Suzuki had a couple of them on display at the MotoGP at Phillip Island. They are going to be on sale here in September for $AUD 18,990 on the road, that’s $1,000 more than my Z900RS.
That’s equivalent to $US 12,892

Alex Marshall says:

Looks sexy AF.!

Brandon says:

The bike looks so badass

ham_sandwich says:

that is one ugly motherfucker… the bike i mean… yeah maybe the grandpop too

catnipkit Choppers says:

A very sad attempt at a Mt-10 .. They should farm out their designs like they did with the original Katana.

Johan Schröder says:

Uggly as hell

Games, Gains, And Petroleum things says:

Motorcycle. Com needs to get with the times. No one wants to read a stupid article. If it’s not in the video people will find videos with the info they are looking for in it. No one goes to look at articles anymore lmao. Unless your 40-60yrs old maybe. Or a harley rider. Get with the times

Queenslander says:

As stealth as a brick & designed by Stevie Wonder.


Here is a real review from a real magazine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqEfjyCpv_U

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