MotoUSA Scooter Shootout: 2011 Suzuki Burgman 650

Jump in the cockpit of the largest scoot in our shootout. Then read the full review in the 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout article found at


Taalib Muhammad says:

UPDATE: With nearly 4,000 miles on my 2013 Burgman 650, I really have to laugh at this inept “review”. Obviously, none of these guys understand anything about a scooter and even less about a Burgman. I certainly hope their ignorance doesn’t dissuade anyone from checking out the Burgman 650, as it’s the best scooter you can buy in the USA…and maybe the world! These nitwits should stick to conventional motorcycles and leave maxi-scooter reviews to those who know something about them!!!

ToledoGsx says:

Bad review! One of the worst I have ever seen.

John Public says:

I love my Burgman 650. You guys are obviously not scooter riders, your assessing scooters by standards for a manual clutch bike.

lesslee42 says:

The first thing I noticed about the bike was that the clutch is inconsistent, it lowers the gear when there is any roll off from throttle. Practically braking the bike , there is no bike or scooter that I have had that does this under any circumstance, when I myself have owned a Helix, GSF 500,TW200. there is definitely a problem with the CVT when a bike rider with more experience than I has a problem with the bike.

Ofay Cat says:

I just did a 2500 km round trip from Vancouver Island to Jacksonville Oregon. I was with a BMW 1200 and a Ducati 1000 …. no problem keeping up with the bigger dogs. We took as many back roads as possible and did some i5 miles too. The bike handled wonderfully on the sharp winding roads and the up and down hills. I have owned everything from a Harley to a Yamaha FJR 1300 to old Triumphs, and a Ducati 620. The Burgman 650 Exec is the bike I enjoyed the most.

Statu-Palma Barba-Cot says:

It was called a Burgman long before Americans discovered unleaded fuel!:)) …..something exciting my ass…

maimed lord says:

thumbs down for the name? what?

Scooter Queen says:

crappy reviews about an amazing scooter.

TheSogmeister says:

Well they are obviously wrong 🙂

MrPolymers says:

I have this same exact scooter.  Color too.  I’ve owned the “2003” 400 a few years ago too.  The 650 Burgman handles well, is very fast and with a few modifications, is probably the most comfortable two wheeled vehicle you’ll own.  This review is crap in my opinion.  Check out my Youtube channel to see my 2011 Burgman 650 in action..

1Xbeemer says:

sucky review

rscosworthfan says:

some americans talk shit

Stan Dennis says:

Utter crap!

Donald Crump says:

These guys obviously don’t have a clue what a CVT transmission is and how it works.

Rolando Perez says:

Yea. But that was 2011 model. I sure they made some fixes in the 2012 thru 2014 models by then according to feedbacks from loyal customers and test riders

iniakpmarc28 says:

Don’t know what bike they were talking about, but it certainly wasn’t the Burgman 650.

Iyswift says:

whats wrong with them…. this is a legend..

Paul Osman says:

I cuncur with all the comments on how poor the reviews were about this vid. They obviously need to do some research on a bike before you go and do a review. In the scooter frenernity it is common knowledge that the CVT give you infinate gear ratios. So when these guys say that the clutch is slipping or that it doesnt seem to know which gear it should be in because the cvt knows your throttle position and will adjust the revs so you always have the right amount power for the speed you are at. I have always felt that my burgman always gives me enough usable power around any corner or overtake. These bikes are such a different riding experience than standard bikes so maybe they should have riden the scooters for a longer period to get their heads round the different characteristics.

Johnny 'N' Stuff says:

this was such a PRO Yamaha scooter

Chris Denham says:

Is this a review by the middle schoolers and their creepy uncle? Get some professional riders please.

Andrew Stanford says:

EXACTLY! These guys must be superbike squids or something. I don’t have a Burgman, but I rode my partner’s today, and I might be selling my BMW K1100 to get one, I was extremely impressed. No hunting for a “gear” (CVT dummies!) no ‘clutch’ slipping (gimme a break) Handles just fine, very surprising how well it handled the twisties.. very quick for a scooter, actually just very quick period. You can dispatch just about any car from the lights if you need to, plenty of power, comfortable…

lesslee42 says:

I have a 2005 Burgman 650 that I purchased used 2weeks ago, the bike has been down on both sides,lower panels are a mess and the right hand brake lever is bent , the bike was owned by a guy who has a Harley and a Hyabusa’got the bike for his wife because he thought an auto transmission would be great learning bike, she went down on it to once(left side) thinking it was due to her incompetence he started using the bike and in two weeks of using the bike also went down on it(right side).

TheVilouboy says:

Ok, so we all know it is NOT a GSXR, so just for putting around town and not trying to redline it, is it a good scooter? Because obviously these guys are trying to take it to motogp

kaneda956 says:

Burgman is not such a bad name… i like it .

KnewWorld says:

you lie!!!

Lps2005 says:

if I see any one of these cocksuckers on the street I will punch them in the face ven that dumb bitch ….peace

jalil16 says:

those people are big stupid this bike  for  around town not for track race

1Xbeemer says:

where do they find these people? let alone pay them for a review

Lps2005 says:

burgman is the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best fucking scooter ever made…….u pussies could not handle this scoot thats all……………… but thats what happens when pussies review a bike !!!

vote4thepeople says:

Quite clearly they did not read the owner’s manual. Turn power mode on, turn power mode off. These “editors” strike me as people who “think” they are professionals and “expect” everything they come into contact with to comply with their “limited” understanding. While I admit the Burgman 650 takes a little getting used to, but once you get past the learning curve you are riding the best MAXI on the street. That’s a KEYWORD, little lady.

Taalib Muhammad says:

Pretty useless review. These guys obviously don’t know much about scooters…and even less about HOW to ride a Burgman. The “shoot-out” itself lacks credibility, as the bikes aren’t in the same class (a 500-vs-650?). A REAL test of super maxi-scooters (for the USA) would be something like the Honda Silverwing – BMW GT650 – Kymco MyRoad – and the Burgman 650. BTW…”the clutch kept slipping”??? “weird clutch”??? Duhh… The bike doesn’t have a clutch…smh.

Lps2005 says:

bunch of fucking PUSSIES clutch slipping ……you fucking morons !!!!!

raduchiorean2020 says:

Why dont u make a review of the Honda Silverwing,even if its an older model?It’s one of the best scooters and no review from you 🙁

Ben Bourne says:

This bike will hurt me.

iniakpmarc28 says:

Amateur road testers.

Zachary Smith says:

Dummys I have 46000 miles on mine. Done The Tail of The Dragon not squirly as they claim just have to trust her. Power Buttons is for passing or more engine braking if needed. It’s at home on city streets as freeway driving. I wish it had a bigger tank “Longer Range” just hate getting off to fill her is all. They should know their product a little better

Tri Pacer says:

This is like a bunch of children looking at a old Cadillac and saying “what do you want all those buttons for”? If you have to ask you don’t understand and I think these fine kids just don’t get the Burgman. All the whining and complaining about the transmission and every other feature it has. I bet if you gave them ANY sport bike they would have found wonderful things to say, the Burgman is in a category all it’s own!

Famas arfdsafsa says:

and this is exactly why i’m getting the tmax 530 🙂 man that bikes sexy!

Daniel E says:

yeah i thought that too! He realy shouldnt be reviewing something he doesnt understand.

dikkiedo44 says:

i have to agree i ride a silverwing but i got a incredable deal on it. the burg is a gr8 scoot if u like scooters and dont expect it to b a ultra nimble sport bike its a wonderful cruiser. it isnt slow its just that when u ride it u want to enjoy the scenery and relax and it isnt hard to turn or anything i rode one be4 i bought my silverwing and it was a gr8 riding scoot well worth the money. it just comes to preference between suzuki and honda or price.

Christian stein says:

I’ve got a 2013 Suzuki Burgman and my CVT Works flawlessly

Randy Farrell says:

It’s called “skywave” in Japan, personally id just debadge it or get skywave badges from Japan and rebadge it, its proper name.

Bass Player says:

Slipping clutch? The clutch does not slip unless something was wrong with the one you rode.
I’m not sure these guys were used to a CVT transmission?

fowlmd says:

they actually called this on par with the Kymco 500 – duh, retarded. This is what happens when people who drive rice rocket bikes review scooters. They pick the scooter most like a bike…. and least like what scooter enthusiasts really want.

belbro62 says:

why are motorcycle junkies giving a scooter review like a person on meth giving weed a thumbs down lol its a different shit of course .

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