Suzuki Burgman 125 Review & Testride

This is Suzuki’s 125 Maxi Scooter. Although I am not too fond of the “rounded” look, this is quite a nice bike…


Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
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BigBenMotoVlogs says:

Use to have a Honda Pantheon/FES 125 a few years back. Brilliant maxi scooter, great handling and loads of room. I do miss it but love my mt-125 to much 😀

Art Hall says:

Hey Cager. Love your videos. Could you do a road test of the Burgman 650? Thanks.

Norman Xu says:

i think you meant x max , not t max

Andreas Foerster says:

Very good Video – I think my next Scooter will be a Suzuki Burgman 125 😀

Stevie Burrows says:

How do you record the commentary .I have a go pro video camera .I enjoy what you have to say and would like to comment on my video on the move

baskiria1 says:

Nice bike, nice review as always, keep up!

Boodieman72 says:

Wonder if you could review the Burgman 650 cc

manDrop says:

Could you test some 2 stroke 125 supermotos? I’ve been thinking about buying an aprilia sx 125 but there’s only a few reviews around there and i’m not old enough to test one by myself. Would be amazing if you’d find one to take on a test ride. Anyways, great video keep it up! 🙂

Wyattchoi A says:

That cut away on the floor looks horrid. Plus it’s space I like to put my feet. I don’t think other company’s missed out here, totally unnecersary, and looks bad

TLMYC says:

I agree, the shape isn’t very nice. Example, is John Goodman – rounded shape – in better shape than John Cena – a more chiseled shape?

monck55 says:

Not cheap in UK, £3500.

Squid WithGear says:

Very in depth and informative review.. although I pretty much only watched this boring bike because I enjoy your accent lol

homedegel says:

“Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary is what gets you” Clarkson said in TopGear. And this is true, depending on the speed you are doing before suddenly stopping.

S Tomas says:

No ABs ahahahahaha!!! tyres are screaming!!!

Natpagle for lichking says:

i love this bike looks great. but you checked for ABS you dont wont abs on a bike its dangerous. i reckon new style scooter bike that look sharp are not as nice as rounded bikes

Wayne Ho says:

Hi Cager. Just curious. What is your height

Carlos Batista says:

Cager para decorares essa do T-Max e X-Max, faz o seguinte. Visto que a T-Max é maior, tem mais cc e com linhas agressivas, considera-a como se fosse um T-Rex. T-Rex = T-Max

NonRated Gaming says:

stop breathing

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

That ass is sooooooo fat, ugh. I’d need to NOT look at it after getting off of it, to be able to ride this…So basically that means I can’t ride it 😛

Bastian Attiach says:

+CagerOnTwoWheels You said the Burgman 125 was like the T-MAX, butit’s like the JoyMAX actually

applecorp says:

You’re a lunatic with your ABS “tests”, haha. 

Entertaining review as always.

John TT says:

Could you test ride BMW C650GT?

최기훈 says:

Nice review

THeBaNDiTa says:

Aprilia Atlantic 250 has those curved lines for legs since 2004 I think. 🙂 This Burgman has very similar shapes even 11 years later… 🙂

Chris Till says:

Have you actually done a T-Max video Cager? I can only find the X-Max one. I really want to see a T-Max vid.

blazej thebluerooms says:

Good as always review mate!  so… if you can make a choice between four scooters – honda pcx, yamaha majesty125 or yamaha nmax and suzuki burgman 125 what bike gonna be a winner?

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

Please learn your tmax vs xmax already! 🙂 It’s not that hard 🙂

Pete Lucas says:

stay away

Khushboo Chopra says:

when can we expect the scooter launch in india???????

Poul Hansen says:

Please stop blowing in your mic.

Petr Dvořák says:

To give you the same feedback as many others did, just in a more positive way – go to the nice Yamaha store and ask them to lend you the T-MAX for a video review. This year, I bought Yamaha Majesty after seeing your neat review but it is becoming too small for me – I need to see your video of T-MAX before I can finally buy it… 😉

Jake Lonergan says:

I know exactly what you mean about the looks. I have a Yamaha Majesty and this rounded look doesn’t work for me (That ugly seat!!). Was looking at bikes yesterday with my son and we noted the lack of dedicated Suzuki shops in the USA yet there are Burgman 400 and 650 scooters all over (not sure I’ve ever seen the newer 200). They are supposed to be top notch but I couldn’t get past not being able to find a dealer, for sales OR repair.

Andy Gray says:

Hi am 6ft 3 would this bike be to small

Malsi Rebdah says:

hay cager I think it’s got a combained brakes on the rear lever like the new PCX and for new 2014 upgrade there is ABS version.

peter ryan says:

As a very trusted reviewer, would you mind giving me your opinion of the ,ksr moto,125 cc,i have just got my cbt pass and am keen to buy my first bike ,we have a ksr dealership here in town ,thats newark notts uk,and wondered if you have time to give me your opinion,as the internet says some worrying thing ref ,chinese connections.

Indie Farinoff says:

Great review! Please try Burgman 650 K5. it’s suzuki 125 multiplied by 5 😉

ChinnuWoW says:

Definitely not much of a cool bike but looks very comfortable.

David Collins says:

The leg indentations make sense. I’m with you Cager, should be standard on all scoots. Great review, great scoot. Thanks.

dominosYT says:

Could you do reviews on bigger scooters? 150-300cc

Kostas Z. says:

i was hoping for the adv1190 review…

Wasim Akram says:

the moment i hear your breathing it feels like that i’m troubling inside space shuttle helmet with running out of o2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,damnnnnnnnnnn ///// it makes me breath heavily tooooooo

Wyattchoi A says:

Think yr starting to like these maxi scoots… If u have Kawasaki in Portugal can u review the j300? Cheers

OperationFoxley19441 says:

Why would I buy a scooter when I can buy a good manual 125cc………a proper bike!

But a good review as always Cager

jean philippe Carvalho says:

bonjour pourquoi tu commente pas en portugais.
Et pourrai tu faire un essaye de la bmw 1200rt merci.
Continu comme sa .

IronicRebound says:

Not much a fan of scooters, but your reviews are great bro. speed safe!

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