Suzuki Burgman 400 2017 Review!

Suzuki Burgman 400 2017 Review!

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Mrflash222006 says:

From heavy metal to lugging heavy metal, Welding gas – Just got my self a larger bottle of pure argon, Hobbyweld – rent free, £65 deposit, £45 for a fill – If your still looking

indobleh says:

I feel like I’m going back in time watching this

Boon Doggle says:

My main bike is an MT07, I use a little Honda PCX 125 for crap weather days and for its storage capacity. I can carry about 5 large shopping bags between the schoot and my backpack. It’s certainly not a cool or exciting form of transport, but totally practical and I get to keep my 07 showroom clean.

Welsh Biker Mouse says:


HeadbangerFacePalm says:

Got a crapbucket piaggio x9 250. Looks like crap but the engines strong and the seats like an armchair. Jump off the CBR once a week to do me shopping and she’s back in the garage.

Tipperfrome says:

Spicy,what do you do about insurance for your long term test rides like the ones you do for Sinnis? I have been offered a similar kind of opportunity for another importer.

Eastern Menace says:

Well it depends on what bear we are talking about. You are certainly taller than an average sun bear or an average spectacled bear

shaggy says:

“For a 400 single this is quite surprising”, not really… Not when you consider theres a fair amount of 400 single cylinder bikes that can do 90mph and theres a lot of 400cc single cylinder quad bikes capable of doing 85mph… I think at some point you should see if you can review a quad bike.. I know its a pain in the ass thing, but if you’re reviewing things, i think it would be good to review a quad bike with winter coming up. Not saying you have to but i just want to know what the difference of feeling is. True you cant filter and true it doesnt feel like a motorbike, but ive ridden one in the past and would suggest you having a go… Theyre the kind of vehicle youd class as shit pants scary when you first get on one, then youd ride it a while and just get use to the drifting… Was going to try for full motorbike licence before i found my car covers me for quads. However im still wanting full motorbike licences, just i have dyspraxia and turning the U turn is a pain in the ass when you fall over a lot. Hence why im looking at quads.

fiesta rst fan says:

u should do the tmaxx 530

knight Owl says:

A great common sense review Spicy. As you say there’s a use for every type of bike, having owned scooters and bikes over the years Iv’e found scooters excel for commuting and in the city traffic and bikes are just some much fun on the open road. I was going to say bikes for touring but I once toured around Wales for two weeks on a 125 scooter carrying camping gear and a backpack. In my defence I was only 17 and it my first scooter and I just didn’t know any better.

CharlieJr says:

3:26 Spicy asking the real questions here!

ephphatha230 says:

Scooters are just communist motorbikes.

Viorel Rusu says:

What gloves are those man? Looking to change mine and i like the look of yours !

mr smith says:

Like your rewiews,,you tell what you like or not ,,

SuperMotoGuy99 says:


mrtommygunwhite says:

at some point hes going to move house but only when he can get his hands on a burgman 1800

Hippo-Drones says:

I think if I lived in the South of France on the coast, I’d def own something like this, cracking bikes for what they are intended… and a single cylinder 400cc bike should be def fine at speed (my KTM 390 which is actually 372cc is an awesome mile muncher!) 🙂

ViceTreven Yt says:


Supermoto Zach says:

But I can fit all my shopping in my top box, and my bike feels like an arm chair also xP. Sod auto bikes they get boring.

deathgear o8 says:

You should try a Honda st1100 pan European

10 points says:

nice review

EinkOLED says:

I hate the fact that there is no engine braking.

Clan Grundy says:

I’m restoring a Honda PCX 125 that is very slimier to this! cool bikes like

funkycowie says:

I always chuck my leg over my TMax, step through’s on a Maxi are not easy to step through. Its easier to get it off the main stand first then chuck your leg over.

Sirocco says:

Thanks for the nice little review. I have ridden motorcycles for many years but have had to switch to a Maxi-Scoot for health reasons, so after over 40 years of nodding I am now totally ignored by motorcyclists… strange old world. Ah well at least I am still enjoying two wheels rather than four.

slabby rider says:

What’s for lunch? A polo mint??

Homo Moto says:

The only thing you didn’t mention was the head/driving light… how bright is it for night riding? Other than that, awesome video.

MrKiwiJimmy MrKiwiJimmy says:


MotoVlogger says:

One car gear box would not fit never mind fucking two

Meifesto Twowheels says:

Some sneaky commercial in a review.
Smart, very smart.

Well, almost genius to be really honest :O

LazarkGaming says:

4:11 poor guy.

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