Suzuki Burgman 400 – Long Distance Touring Machine – Full Mods

See the drill down of the gear below:

Airhawk Seat Pad

Airhawk Pillion Seat Pad

Givi AF266 Airflow Windscreen

Denali D2 lights

Wind Side Deflectors / Side Visors

Motorcycle Larry Reservoir Cover

GPS Holder

Fehling Racks for sidecases

Give E21 Side Cases

Front Fender Extender

Ram Mount X-Grip

Ram Mount Arm

Cruise Control

K&N Air Filter


Youtube Channel:


Greg Lee says:

l wanna go there from
Canada. ..long~way
LOL. …

siemenssx1 says:

Wow, is the Burgman reliable enough for the purpose you are using it for?? What if it breaks down, self repair would be impossible wouldn’t it?

Kent Merrill says:

Great video! I will use it as a reference for my AN SCOOT. Thanks

mentalplayground says:

Fantastic trip. I want one like that 🙂

jesuisravi says:

wonderful job of outfitting your Burgman

apeirrron says:

I love that setup!

Alexey says:

He hey, Fernando!
Can you please share little more info about your Denali’s? I’m looking to buy this set as well. Are they good lightning up sides of the road? Do they blind oncoming traffic? Do you run them in city? You previously mentioned that they worth every penny. Can you share little more info please?

TinMan says:

Wow, you are definitely set to roll!  I like to see another biker that travels on his scoot.  Enjoyed your video.  Ride safe my friend…….Mike

michael adams says:

awesome video.

Noebiwan Kenobi says:

Hi Burgman Chili
Very nice machine and a very good setup.
Can you upload a video on how you mounted the Garmin Zumo on the steer?

Arekw99 says:

great facilities!!!

jonathanbain14 says:

great set up, you just need a bigger burgman lol, 400 is too small with that kind of weight on it.

Mario TC says:

Hola burgman Chile, soy de Perú, sabes, quisiera comprarme una burgman 400 pero hasta donde averigüe no hay en mi país y quisiera saber si en Chile lo podría encontrar para así yo también hacer un turismo por machupicchu y Puno, sería genial si ustedes hermanos chilenos también se unieran. ah si en Chile venden la burgman 400 a cuanto seria aproximado? gracias saludos desde Perú.

Carlos Pagan says:

DUDE you are awesome , Do you have a follow up video, Tremendo video, Te quedo bien

Dustin Walker says:

Sweet set up .idk why people hate on scooters. Slim but extremely comfortable very little wind fatigue. low maintenance and plenty of storage what more could you ask for Beats my ninja I’m getting one of these.

Yigal Gudkov says:

Hi, thank for video! can you tel me where you buy Win side Reflector? thank

kim Z says:

hello mate , very nice video . where did u get ur wind side deflector ? , I need them for my burgman 650 regardskeep up the good work

ScooterDano says:

Nice set up! Thanks for upload!

Chad Bolling says:

Do you ride with the seat raised up? I see that you have a lot underneath it at it was not latched.

GLS says:

Enjoyed your video. I have a 650 Burgman and my son and I ride together. We rode our bikes to Moto GP last year here in Austin Texas at Circuit of the Americas. Your bike has everything but a TV on it, but hey, all cool stuff. I am an old fart and not into the high tech stuff everyone uses, except for Sena Bluetooth. That is awesome for rides together. My son also has a channel (HunterHonda). Did you install all of these accessories or did someone else do it.

basilboris says:

Greetings from England! Great video and a great bike. Ride carefully and have a good time.

Burgman Chile says:

@reveritus: 1) I really recommend the AF266 instead of the DT because in summer you remove the sliding part and make it a sports windscreen, with a lot of wind on your chest to make your ride fresher. 2) Buffeting is eliminated to the driver and reduced 80% to the pillion.

Willa Jabir says:

Awesome ride!!! Fun ride!!!!! Thanks.

Steve Miller says:

Great adds to the bike. I rode my Piaggio MP3 500 down the Coast Highway from Salem Oregon to Santa Barbara California. GIVI topbox was useful but unbalanced the bike. Saddles bags are a far better choice, keep the weight low.. I wish I had the seat pad you have there, that was the only point of discomfort. Standard seat was good for about 4-5 hours at a time, only. I had my GPS on my bike but your rig is much more durable.

1969jmac says:

I’ve had several 400cc scooters to include the 07 & 09 Burgman 400 and an 07 Yamaha majesty. What I’ve noticed across the board with all three of them is that although they will get to 70 and sometimes a little over. It’s not something you’d want to do for an extended period. I have had the 07 burgman to 78 while passing but it wasn’t stable at that speed and wasn’t much if any throttle left. The 09 and the majesty aren’t any better as far as top end, they all seem to like to hover around the 60MPH range, as for touring I wouldn’t say that you could run from say NC to MD at 70 before having problems. The scoots are great around town, but as far as what I’ve experienced although they do have highway capability I would say that you wouldn’t want to go on a major interstate with a 70MPH speed limit for very long

reveritus says:

How do you like the Givi 266 Airflow windscreen? Is the buffeting reduced or eliminated compared to the stock windscreen? Does the airflow deflect over the pillion with the screen in the full up position? I am going to replace my windscreen with either the AF266 or the 266DT, still deciding which one would best suit my needs. Thanks for the videos, take care.

Vim Hill says:

thank you, very informative

Yigal Gudkov says:

hello you, can you tell me please what “brackeway control” you use? big thank!

Nathan Ton says:

why did you choose a scooter over a motorcycle?

Tony irediao says:

The seat cushioning apparatus is amazing.

Alexey says:

Very nice video!
Can you please share what model of side racks do you have for Givi cases?

Tony irediao says:

Machas Gracias amigo de Argentina. Great video. I would love to take a road trip from Texas to Oregon during spring. This video is motivational.

Esploratorestremo says:

I’ve a Burgman 400 k7 like this! Now I want to prepare it for a long trip in Europe. Your video helped me with interesting ideas.
Thanks 😉 
and greetings from Rome

Adventure Perspective says:

Very jealous of your burgman

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Vega says:

hola viejo. soy un argentino viviendo en australia y me acabo de comprar una burgman 400 2010 con 12000km. tiene solo un problema y es que vibra cuando acelero de estatico, cuando despego… vibra y se siente una sacudida. no se que podra ser. vos tenes alguna idea?

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