Suzuki Burgman 650 executive test Drive:srkcycles

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Bhavish Poojary says:

Prince money?

revolutionpm says:

Alcratraz Tours have a Suzuki Bergman.

JWalker says:

That’s quite frankly the coolest scooter I’ve ever seen. Wow.

GrrMeister says:

Can it do a *Wheelie* in third gear ?

Roger Lockwood says:

I have a 2015 650. Love it. Sorry to see you didn’t learn about the bike before making the film.

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

Dont ever ride one or something similar. You will realize all those years or greesey chain bent up knees cold lack of carrying space uncomfy pillion passenger and rest of it was mostly a waste of time especially as you get past 30 odd aches pains catch up.

Jonathan Robinson says:

Me and my wife did a 3000 mile tour of France and Northern Spain on an ’07 Exec. Plenty of room under seat for clothes etc for a 2 week journey. 80mph cruise on the pèage, bumbling along at 35 on some very narrow roads all without clutch or gearbox, so easy. Very comfy as you can stretch your legs, good on fuel and handles way better than you think it will.My first Burgman after 15 plus bikes and I love it.

Babylyn Penaranda says:

All that shit’s going to break. Go simplicity!

Simon Vuille says:

I’d love to have some of these features on my bike but I can’t get over the looks, I’m sorry but I find scooters so damn ugly, here, I said it lol

David Kermes says:

Might have been more interesting if he knew how all the features worked on the machine before he tried to tell us how it worked .

Andromeda says:

Im just amazed by that stick it note!


Comparing this fancy scooter with a Harley is like comparing an apple with a rotten orange.

Eastern Cowboy says:

Cadillacs are nice but their not a Corvette……

Rata 4U says:

I don’t understand scooters at all. There’s a video of an ex Suzuki executive…he’s 70 years old and rides a Hayabusa. I want to be him as I age. I’m never going to stop riding supersports.

dlucas90 says:

It looks like what would happen if a Goldwing got pregnant by a Vespa. Looks fun as a scooter but as comfortable as a Goldwing.

John AMG says:

I just love bikes no matter what type I’ve had plenty different types and brands and enjoyed them all currently a 1800 Goldwing and a KTM 390 Duke smallest bike I have had for many years but an awesome commuter in crowded traffic, I live in Panama City Panama

GrrMeister says:

Should have tried out the Suzuki RG500 first to compare it to, and you would have been _speechless !_

So you got 650cc 4 stroke and more miles per Gallon OK, but afraid less *Smiles*

Dusty Rains says:

It’s a lane splitters dream machine.

Peter Koperdan says:

The video wasn’t very informative but were you trying to say that big scooters are awesome and you would totally ride one, if only they were as cool as Harleys?

Franco Castro says:

Burgman when your goldwing is too big for a Daily commute

Timothy Harrison says:

Well I’ll bet the scooter won’t be in the shop after 6 months unlike the Harley which will spend its life in the repair shop or on the side of the road!!

Chris Harris says:

Couldn’t bother to see what all the buttons did before riding huh? Really think Jesus stuff is necessary for a bike review? More preparation and less preaching.


This would be a great scooter if it was not for the fact that it lacks a cruise control.

Logan Lindenbalm says:

I started on a 1967 lambretta scooter in 1969. After all those years riding everything from a 750 2 stroke widowmaker to a GoldWing I now ride a Honda 250 Reflex. 70 mph all day and 70 mpg now hauls my butt around nicely with too many perks to list. The bike is just fun and anybody disliking scooters either has a testosterone deficiency problem or just aren’t worth knowing or listening to.

the king of hearts says:

If you like Marlon Manson you would love Crowder

Hunter Watson says:

If you want a place to look at cool motorcycles or post your own pictures of your ride check out The 250cc king on Facebook!!!

Iggy Moyano Jr says:

See ; I’m old school , I WANT my scooter as a Virgin , We will learn together . I dont want that bike after you ran her hard and put her away Wet ..

eoscrab nardwar says:

Do you guys this its comfortable at highway speed? Cross country..? Could it pass a car at 80?

rob379 says:

It’s not a motorcycle babe… it’s a chopper. Who’s Zed… Zed’s ded.

TheSoloAsylum says:

God comments from the start, now I can’t believe a single thing you say.

neil rich says:

The only thing the Burgman’s lack is the “badass image” that Harley has been cultivating for over a 100 years. They are fast – smooth – very easy to ride – comfortable – highway ready – cheap on gas – and above all reliable. They also have the bonus of an incredible amount of storage space under the seat – 2 helmets plus stuff plus the carrying case behind the passenger. No clutch because it uses a CTV transmission and anyone can learn to drive it in 20 minutes. But a motorcycle is a different experience.

Esploratore Estremo says:

Certo che non trovare buche per strada ad un Italiano prende la malinconia!

Ivan Bryan says:

Scooters are a pain in the ass to work on though

Patio Furniture says:

I use to ride with a friend who own a Burgman. On his the engine was mounted on the rear swing arm just in front of the rear tire. Which increases the bikes “un-sprung” weight and is at the top of the short list of scooter inherent short comings. When riding behind him on tight mountain roads I would watch and listen to his rear engine and exhaust pipe to bounce and rattle. I would then know. to adjust for pot holes or bumps in the road where he bounced. Well he did not bounce but that engine on the swing arm was and I know he was feeling it. Their swing arm bushings can wear out faster because of it too. The benefit of the engine placement is two fold. First- being you do not have to lift your leg up and over to get on it. Second- the volume of storage under the seat …. is so big it has it’s own atmosphere and clouds can form and it can rain under the seat of a Burgman when you are riding on a sunny day!. The small wheels on the Burgman contributes to that storage space also. Smaller scooter wheels and close ratio gearing give the Burgman peppy acceleration and good milage .There is a price to payed for those smaller wheels even though the wheels cost less because of their size. Small scooter wheels do not create as much centrifugal force as large wheels of motor cycles. Especially at lower speeds they can feel less stable. When compared to female motorcycle riders female scooter riders are way cuter by like 10 to 1.So besides holding two cases of beer when you ride a Burman you get a peppy good handling step though bike that has low fuel and maintenance cost that gives you something in common with really cute chicks who enjoy bikes! Unfortunately my friend and especially his Burgman some old fart who did not look before pulling a dreaded left turn right across his path. My friend recovered his thrifty Burgman did not, However he did okay cashing it out this way, because he has no plan to replace the Burgman. We use to tease about his Burgman.In hind sight perhaps we had a case of Burgman envy!

Cee Cee says:

It’s very cool , very laid back and fun vehicle…

Curtis Lenox says:

Well, if you GOTTA buy a scooter…. this is wayyyy better that a buddy 125 🙂

Abhishek kr Singh says:

I like this scooter Burgman I want to buy this how many prices this scooter please tell me .

Melih Kavas says:

I used to ride Burgman An400 and now i think im in love with 650 executive sorry an400 🙁

Erica Guidino says:

Can you go cross country on this scoot?

Bruce white says:

still better than a goldwing

abz124816 says:

Hey buddy, if you are going to showcase a machine, do your homework and read the brochure.
Saying “this is longer, I think” does not cut it. Also, go back to school and learn English. This was a waste of my time.

Ric L says:

Dude you are Hilarious!!! Great Demo , hahaha

kishore kumar says:

Which place is that ? It looks fabulous

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