Suzuki Burgman Street vs TVS Ntorq 125: Which scooter to buy

TVS Ntorq 125 has already proven its prowess in the 125cc scooter segment, but how does it stand ground when challenged by the all-new Suzuki Burgman Street. While the Burgman offers a grown-up design and riding dynamics, the Ntorq 125 boasts of sportier performance and an elaborate list of features. While they’re both powered by a 125cc engine, which one is a better investment? Find out with Abhilasha Singh and Dipayan Dutta.


Narendra Kumar says:

Burgman looks are good, but, the wheels are smaller, it should have been 14″ ones. Otherwise it’s fine for a tourer or maxi scooter.

Kevin Nair says:

any SR150 owner here?

Jojo Dutta says:

Nice review as well

Arvind Singh says:

Good review, however there is one Technical disconnect.
At 4:35 mins into the review, Abhilasha said that if Owner gv the Scooty to someone else and they overspeed, then owner will get a notification & can call that person…
However, the scooty syncs up with your phone through Bluetooth and you are “out of range” if you move the scooty more than 10-15 feet away…
So owner getting an over-speed notification & calling the rider is not possible as of now… Since the mobile – sync depends on Bluetooth and has range limitations!

any thing says:

Best aprilia sr 150…….but mileage sucksssss……………

Anuj Kumar says:

रट्टा मत लगाओ गर्ल्स have no knowledge about vehicle

Kapil Dhawan says:

TVS entorq Lena Chahiye ya nahi

NewBiz Consultancy says:

This videos is nice. Also plz make detailed video about mileage, horse power, top speed, ride comfort and other things.

Samardeep Bharadwaj says:

I like both scooters , design wise burgman is better but it’s wheels are too small and wheels doesn’t go with the whole design

Aman Tasildar says:


Bhavesh says:

music is so loud & dislike for this.

Santosh Subramanian says:

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to sell my Activa and get a TVS NTorq.

Sandeep Jindal says:

सिर्फ ज्यूपिटर उत्तम है। 125 cc का कबाड पेश किया है सारी कम्पनीओ ने। इस सैगमेंट मे गियर वाली व 15-16″ टायरों के साथ गाडी बने। वर्ना ये नहीं चलेगी।

Syed Kousar says:

proud owner of ntorq blue

SR tech&more says:

Hindi m bol lo

Anish Naik Gaunker says:

First don’t even compare it with ntorq. Burgman is a different segment scooter maxi scooter. Ride one and see the difference between both. The comfort you get on burgman no other scooter can give you. And it has the most powerful headlight among all scooters. So practical scooter. It has enough torque for highway cruising and comfort is next level. Ntorq is just revised honda dio with better engine and digital meter.

Mahendra Sahu says:

Hindi nhi aati


Hindi m bol dete na sir n mam

Hamid Qadeer says:

Do any of them have engine immobilizer which the Hero Mastro Has?

StangGT Fan says:

Burgman is for the fat people. Ntorq is for everyone else

Kevin Nair says:

kinetic blaze was the first maxi scooter i guess

Ishfaq Nazir says:

Totally misleading…ntorq comes at a price tag of 74k you whore…who told u to make review vids

EON says:

Plz tell the seat length in tvs ntorq when compared to grazia and burgman

fayyu Ahmed says:


Rajveer Singh says:

Show some interest through ur voice… it’ll help.

Jed Taneo says:

That Burgman is ugly

Ashish Sawant says:

Suzuki BURGMAN looks terrible. Wonder whether it’s designers were DRUNK ? TVS looks SUPERB as far as design is concerned.

Arjun Deora says:

Thanks for the review..i wanna buy a scooter for my sister..and damn..the ntorq looks good for girls aswell..cheers Tvs

Auyesha Kausar says:

u didn’t say about mileage

Abrar Uddin says:

Ntrok is best

Kamal Sarma says:

Tvs NTorq is best

AVM Entertainment says:

We should promote Indian company which profit margin is lesser than Suzuki and Honda

These foreign brand only to make money as Vodafone did and Jio make it outdated.

Guys seriously nTorq is awesome scooter you can see various episode on my channel with my personal experience

Tejaswin Jain says:

Burgman 125cc seriously.. it should have been 150-200cc range

Tanmoy Bag says:

TVS rocks.

Mukesh D says:

Look and space wise Burgman is best and digital features wise NTorg is good..

Mukesh D says:

ntroq look like ladies scooty…small scooter for ladies

Aditya Mohan says:

Talk about the refinement levels, riding comfort, Highway cruising.

Missed few vital points.

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