2011 Vespa GTS 300 Review

I was honored to have Piaggio loan me two Vespa scooters for two weeks! Here is my overall review of the two Vespa 300 GTS’s (Super and IE)!

Song: The Story’s Ending Now by Echo Inada


fish bowl says:

sweet thickness

LtFluffelz says:

wow, the dubstep was a surprise, cool vid

BMWR1200RTRider says:

I need a lil Monica in my life, a lil bit of Monica as my wife. Ahgh ! Combo number 5 Ahg! Da da da dat da da da da Ahg!

Davide says:

great vespa!!!!! wow GTS 300!!!!!!

Smalltalkerin says:

Very good video. Tnx from Germany. <3

40yard4and25 says:

Better buy yourself Tuono V4 or even Panigale.

rick north says:

picking up my midnight blue new Vespa 300 in about 2 weeks. Buying from Scooterville Minnesota in Minneapolis. Great Dudes!

CMOSjockey says:

@LunaLakshmi I really love my Internaltional 150, but it definitely is not as comfortable at 55mph as I would lke it to be. The 10 inch wheels just get too busy for my taste. The bigger Vespa I tested before buying really did ride smoother. I just wasn’t willing to spend so much for something I wasn’t sure would fit into my life. Sadly, my Buddy was just stolen, and am now considering this Vespa as a replacement.

carlos schmidt says:


Murat Ner says:

everything is nice.. piaggio history vespa fashion colors and quality and bla bla
but the price? TOO EXPENSIVE these brands only for dummies !!!!

tullio serafin says:

good review!

landahoycaptain says:

basic wasp is fine though there are two faults..
some are over styled for the wild hog brigade and the other major flaw
they are steel prefer plastic myself..
ps pretty girl should have wore some leather…

Jamie Byrne says:

Not For Me

Sand flake says:

when i saw the price on this one i started considering getting work on an oil rig, im still considering it just to get one of theese as fast as possible.

LunaLakshmi says:

With a Vespa you know it’s gonna be a quality scoot although a bit pricey especially for the upkeep. They are like the Cadillac of scooters! LmL/ Genuine scooters has a great classic scoot in the Stella for almost half the cost.

iridemotorbikes says:

Great review and GREAT scoots but the price= ouch!!

Randy Farrell says:

@Hoopermazing then why are you even bothering with a scooter video? You’re clearly not the target market nor a scooter guy/girl to begin with. Your scene is street bikes and that’s fine, street bikes are more popular in the states and therefore cheaper then scooters overall. You’re only looking at it in terms of strictly price when in reality its more of apples to oranges in comparison. How can u complain about price diffences when the riding styles, physics, and purpose of both bikes are completely different? How can u justifiably argue it on price alone when you’re comparing two different things?

-HiveMind- says:

I’d ride her scooter.

j sparrow says:

i would like to ride her.

Jimo368 says:

Finally, a GTS review with some good information, thank you.

Hoopermazing says:

@dkw12002 You missed the point of my previous post. I wouldn’t buy GZ250. I merely mentioned it by way of example that the price of a Vespa GTS 300 is within the range of motorcycle prices, which, to me, seems absurd. I’d just buy a motorcycle and call it a day. (Also, even if I someone acquired a Vespa, I wouldn’t driving it at freeway speeds. I don’t trust those tiny wheels to stabilized those things at high speeds.)

luis alvarado says:

Is this scooter OK for daily freeway use?

Reuben H says:

I own this bike and love it. For me (not having ridden to many other bikes) it was good to hear that this Vespa can definitely hold it’s own…. Maybe I don’t need to get a cafe racer…….yet.

listenup pilgram says:

In Australia they cost $8250

Avonaco76 says:

I wanna make sure I have plenty of room to store my Stahl Helm riding helmet

Scott Covington says:

The song that starts at 1:38? I would like to use it for my alarm clock.

Hoopermazing says:

@dkw12002 None of that means anything to me. A Suzuki GZ250 motorcycle has a MSRP of $2,999. There is no way in the hell that I’d pay twice that for a scooter.

bluelipbeaver says:

Thank you for a very well done review. I think it would have been a little bit more interesting, had you unzipped that hoodie about 10 inches! I own a 2010 GTV 250. Getting ready to drive it 1500 miles from NH to South Florida. In the winter! No fear. The engine loves cold days and it should be fun………..

Gilera runner says:

Top Tip: If you are going to buy normal IE version you might as well pay the few extra pounds or dollars and get the super as the super has some very small but nice looking touches to it that really gives the bland looking GTS a much better look all round.

aikido775 says:

does this 80mph scoot STILL have a drum break on the rear? Very spooky..!! I own an lx 150. No matter how tight the cable…dangerous at high speed. What gives?

badbeatking80 says:

Bulky to handle….odd remarks coming from sports bike or cruiser

Marktuyet says:

good review .. thanks

Blair Coe says:

Dam she is sexy as hell wish I had a girl like that to ride with

abbaby555 says:

great review, how did you talk piaggio into lending you scooters to review? i like your style…. good job

yxekam says:

boring, not interesting, not professional made review

bahamaboy25 says:

so we just gone act like this Lil mama don’t have curves do you see her thick thighs ?? listen I know it’s all about the scooter but DAMMIT MAN!!!

จักรพันธ์ จิตต์ปิยะมิตร says:

good car but i don”t have monney more

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