2014 Vespa 946 Review

L.A. Times auto writer Charles Fleming reviews the Vespa 946.


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Batman Bin Superman says:

Fuck, very nice indeed! I’ll take one in red.

dphotos says:

To much money for a Vespa in my opinion. I bought a two year old Vespa LX150 at a fraction of the cost. This model is basically a luxury LX150 at Ferrari prices.

beugen2001 says:

With 10k I can get a very cool car . Really

fleetingdays says:

I am very impressed with the fit and finish of all Vespas. I looked at some Urinals, no, excuse me Ural motorcycles from Russia. There was pitting on the paint finish and castings on the motor. For me, a scooter and or motorcycle should be a personal item. It should be something that you take home and take pride in. You might even put some polish on it! 

sk says:

Waste of money… One would rather go for Harley Davidson.

João Soares says:

The american paranoia of putting orange reflectors on every road vehicle fucks this Vespa’s style to an astonishing extent…

Christian Forbes says:

What the presenter fails to mention is that only 350 examples of 946 will be made available in North America (3,500 total world wide production). Yes it is hand built and has a quality and attention that I’ve not seen on Any Vespa, it’s finished better than my BMW C6 sport.  When the buyer takes possession of the bike all of the documents are in lovely books that come in a presentation box including a very nice and fashion forward coffee table book dedicated to the 946.  It also comes with something that I can only describe as an executive paper weight. In all chrome it shows the vespa logo and a 3 dimensional model of the bike, so that when you are not riding you can look at your bike whilst at work. Expensive, YES, Exclusive, YES, Beautiful to look at YES, Slow, YES… It is all these things but just like any hand built anything it is well made and you just won’t see to many of them on the road. Sure, you could buy 3 Primavera’s or LX 150’s for the price… but I only have one arse and would choose to ride this over anything that is currently on offer in the Vespa range.  Only the GTS trumps this thing and that is only because of the displacement and speed that would be necessary for long range missions. I’ve seen 65mph on the clock on the first day out and it felt stable and sure of itself. It’s smaller than a GTS and bigger than a LX or Primavera and has a very very long wheelbase… all in all it really is what it is, a modern tribute to an earlier age. 10K is a ton for a scooter that will not do 100mph, but I’ll bet it holds its value very well just based on the extras and the exclusive nature of the machine.

MarkVL says:

For a piece of art it’s not that expensive. I think it will hold its value pretty well.

Kurt Hines says:

Why in the hell would they charge that much money for thks bike?

kartiktraj says:

Haha over $9k and it can’t break 60 mph… give me a real motorcycle any day. I will admit that it is aesthetically very nice though.

Greg Najduch says:

I think they should definitely make a 300 version of this.. Anything that great looking should have a lot more usefulness by way of a more powerful engine. 

jackisonline2 says:

Way way overpriced, but really meant for collectors. Go for the standard models if you still want even a shred of value for money.

t5e2 says:

American roads are not safe for scooter motorcycles…  too many pot holes, especially in Los Angeles city.

zerlius wiyono says:

9000$come on
give me a break

undercoverson22 says:

ouch on the price. the specs and looks are wonderful though.

fleetingdays says:

Some bicycles with no motor cost over 9500.00. This one has a motor. All in all, I love all Vespa scooters! Thank you for the review!

Replevideo says:

Beautiful, yes. Way too expensive at GB£8,500. I can get a new car for that money. But worst of all it has no soul. By soul, I mean the put-put of a 2-stroke, that stinks, goes off the line like a scalded cat, and puts you in the ditch before you know it. With this gleaming work of art, I would suffer a mental breakdown the first time a scratch appears on it. If I win the lottery, I’ll buy one and screw on the wall in my new minimalist designer apartment.

blipco5 says:


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