2014 Vespa Primavera 125 bike review

When it comes to two-wheeled, urban transport, few bikes can match the chic curb appeal of a Vespa.

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A huge thanks to CD Scooters of Brighton and Hove, for letting us loan their Vespa Primavera 125 for this review. Check out their website:

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Martin Fisker says:

Don’t you loose a lot of feel with that front suspension?

วรวีร์ วรศักดิ์โยธิน says:


Scooter Paint says:

Vespa hit a home run with this baby!

jimmy john santos says:

Hi, when will you have the Vespa SPRINT review?  thanks in advance..

KatiushaVN4 says:

This scooter is for ladies’, not for men’s.


what is the coat brand u use? 

Kaptein Flein says:

Nice design  too expensive

Fedor Kleber says:

A guy on a Vespa saying “nice bike” is like a guy wearing pink coming into a toilet while you’re peeing and saying “nice underwear”. Kinda uncomfortable.

Adolfo Novelli says:

Love it, had one in Italy, in 1978 too, a really fantastic scooter. An honest review.

Ayşegül says:

Does fit a full face helmet?

Ayrton Atif says:

I have always been a fan of Vespa’s i would really like to own one sometime in the future.

อัครพล ดิลกรัตน์วณิช says:


Imanoff says:

Very nice review! Did you manage to get on the Sprint? What is the different between Primavera and Sprint? Oh, btw, was this reviw taken in Brighton? Cheers!

ramnneek singh says:

Where was this review done? City,?

MichaelSE88 says:

I was planning on getting a -14 300 GTS but this review made me rethink.  I would look forward to a review of the GTS 300

Helen Ricks says:

Are these compatible with no driving license

zero chris says:


MichaelSE88 says:

Regarding range. Is it Miles per UK or US gallon?

Mikel Daniel says:

Can’t see myself riding one, but I will admit, that was a very good review. I enjoyed watching it.

John banjo says:

Went to the bike shop.Tried the PX and the Primavera.The Primavera won.I now have this bike,same colour.Love it.

Mr. Lengers says:

i love the vespa I’m going subscribe for such good

김찰리 says:

vespa i love you

Jay Santiago says:

rider height?

Masaomi Heike says:

Very good Review!

up dullh says:

nice … hope there is time to see the new 2015 review soon 
thank you @autotraderuk #vespa

Mark Makhoul says:

great review

Jennifer Piazza says:

This is everything I want in a good video review. Well done!

Jojo Rainbow says:

How much does it cost and where can I get one here in America?! Please tell me!! 😀

Thomas TheFox says:

Good review, only good Vespa review on craptube

Suresh Kumar G says:

Very good review and the editing.

JinkProject says:

what is that first song that you guys play in this??????

shardox1404 Sk says:


Bimalendu Das says:

I love vespa .

András Novák says:

How responsive is this scooter with two persons?

Demir Eldemir says:

show must go on

Aamir Sanwari says:

Can someone PLEASE share the names of the soundtracks that play throughout the video? This music is AMAZING. Just like all Auto Trader videos. Thanks!

Jelbi Sales says:

This is one of the nicest scooters ever made.


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