2015 Vespa GTS Super 300 ABS bike review

The GTS Super 300 is the fastest production Vespa ever built and the UK’s best-selling scooter. Jon Quirk gets his commute on in Brighton to sample the most modern manifestation of the iconic Vespa brand yet. Special thanks to Central Bikes of London for the test loan: https://centralbikes.co.uk

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ilke tama says:

which city in uk?

Billy East says:

7 to 10 grand will get you a used Harley

Dez Bradberry says:

Can someone just open the seat and glove box and steal what’s inside? Or is it locked idk it should be obvious right? Haha

Shawn Sahara says:

Great review! But you didn’t mention the Bluetooth capabilities you can install in the upper left part of the dash. This extra can connect to the phone through usb, for gps navigation and other important info. You have to download the vespa app for this. The app can even help you locate where the scooter was parked on your phone.

ioannisalbatros.Greece.Athens. says:

gts 250 in greece 3550€

Cafe Sportster says:

Auto-Trader your channel has the best videos best reviews in youtube !! enjoyin ur videos everytime.. but i wish to see japanese scooters like yamaha xmax and others too. Thank you..

Barrett Benton says:

The most concise and well-produced video review of this bike I’ve seen yet. Just got one of my own a few weeks ago. Simply love it.

Daniel Sandoval says:

It’s a shame how some countries look down on mopeds (United States, I’m looking at you).

tigerbalm says:

That’s the nicest looking scooter I’ve ever seen! I’ve been interested in scooters now that I think riding a motorcycle in town is dangerous and a pain in the ass. I just want to hop on a light scooter for short errands or light shopping, I hate motorcycles since they are heavy and takes too much room in the garage.

Scooter Paint says:

check out scooterpaint.com to get some awesome Vespa Touch up paint.

Stephen Abbott says:

A guy just showed me his facial reconstruction photos from when he was wearing a half helmet. He still has metal plates in his face. All could have been avoided with a full face helmet.

Niladri Haldar says:

What’s the aftermarket exhaust fitted to this as shown? @autotrader

GTA 5 Glitches & more says:

Do u have to run a Vespa when it’s new

abhisekh mukherjee says:

how much its price in india

Fun Stuff says:


TheKkd123 says:

What’s the top speed?

Kd Grayson says:

Why the mini bike tires, that would be crazy going 70 mph.

John Wilkinson says:

If you don’t get a proper helmet you’re gonna land on your face one of these days.

Diogodeamorim says:

Anyone know, wich brand is the military jacket he is wearing?

MrDefeater94 says:

How much is it? How much do Vespas cost in general?

Daetwan Williams says:

I have the GTS 300 super sport. Loads of fun in the city and on twisty back roads. It can get up to 75-80mph with my big body (5’10” 240). Great review Auto Trader!

ChristmasTrax says:

Was this filmed in Brighton?

Livid says:

Is it legal to drive this on the road in America? I’m scared of cars, but this might be ok.

Stephanie G says:

Sorry but the Vespa’s design now looks very dated. I like the look of the Honda Forza and Suzuki’s Burgman.

Tristan Barnes says:

can you please do a review on the vespa sprint 125 please

Edzel Mejia says:

I’m thinking of owning one of these.

MrAmedina5 says:

I need a driving Lic for Vespa Scooter?

Vuadora nus Ar de poluição atmosférica says:

Tragam revendedoras para o Brasil! ♡

naveen av says:

jhone quirk good presentation,nice review,and vespa gts waiting for releasing in india.

EFA22000 says:

Very good review, the shots are good and the rider also

j kd'n says:

A most nice looking skewtuh. Is it available with right hand drive for us blokes in the states?

Ovidiu Onica says:

I have one but not very good

Anandhukesav says:

That’s almost the bhp of a KTM Duke 200. Vespas are cool and has that classic look.

Helen Ricks says:

Is there a Vespa scooter that doesn’t require a license for it because I want one so badly.

valter oliveira says:

what is Jon’s height? Jon u’there?  how tal are you?

dphotos says:

I own the Vespa 150 here in Los Angeles and I only use my SUV on my jobs. I am saving tons of money. I am in the local scooter clubs and I still think Vespa is the best looking scooter made. Someday I will buy the 300. Was that the stock exhaust? I also like the older shifter Vespa models.

Jay Santiago says:

Whats the rider height in the video?

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