2015 Vespa Primavera 150 Review

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Aidan Skoyles says:

I just upgraded to one of these from a 2008 LX150, and I have a couple of gripes:

1. We can smell the exhaust when stopped at a stoplight. Never had this issue with the old LX150. Is this a common complaint? Will it go away after we break it in? If not, is there anything I can do to help?

(other small gripes)
2. The speedometer really should have the mph in big numbers and km/h in smaller numbers for the US market.

3. The dash should have a separate light for left and right turn signals. My old LX150 had separate indicators. Not sure why this one doesn’t.

4. The seat hook is much lower and so less useful than the old LX150. Not sure why that was necessary or why they couldn’t have installed a bigger hook.

Overall I like the Primavera though. Mileage is great; runs smooth. Hope I can live with these gripes. Hope someone has tips re: the exhaust issue.

Iam Irish says:

I have had my Primavera for 8 months.  Very happy with the fit and finish and throttle response which has improved since breaking it in.  Braking is good, though I am still unclear why Piaggio is still using a drum at the back.  Dislike the red seat on my white Primavera and unfortunately, the Canadian market only has 3 colour choices for the 150 (red, black, white).  I swapped out the seat for a black seat from the Sprint and love it.  Gas mileage is great.  Would have liked an accessory outlet.  I have the Vespa top case which is not as roomy I would have liked but matches the scooter well. Tires provide good grip. Must use premium low octane fuel (less ethanol) for best engine performance. It is an expensive scooter that I hope lasts a very long time. It brings a smile to my face and pretty much everyone else I meet as well!  I might go back to San Diego just to visit Vespa Motorsport.

northcacalacka545 says:

I know this might sound cheesy, but, one of my lifelong dreams is to ride the Pacific Coast Highway on a motorcycle/scooter.

David Tang says:

For my vespa i change the oil every 1000 miles

MrPhlegmer says:

Very nice but those tacky thrown on signal lights need to go.

Max Gerber says:

Sorry for a late comment, but I have a question about the instrumentation. Is there a way to change the dashboard to display miles instead of kilometers for speed, or is it permanent? I find it easier to see mph than km/h since all the signs in California are mph.

Leon Davis says:

Is this a comedy act? If so, they need to work on their timing.

omar alhameli says:

Very nice guys,, 

dphotos says:

It’s nice but will cost around 6000.00 out the door with tax and fees. For my budget I got a 2 year old LX150ie for 1/2 the cost.


not as cute as 19165s

Alex Kelly says:

The instrument cluster look like a mushroom

Angel Vallejo says:

Steve and Robot, you guys do such a great job doing these reviews. Keep it up and be sure to remain the best Vespa dealership in the USA.

วรวีร์ วรศักดิ์โยธิน says:

ขอบคุณค่า (^^)

M Mora says:

What is with the guy’s shirt and spinal chord?!?
Good video, good info. Love Vespas!

msoviet409 says:

This is no doubt a beauty, but that adds to worries that potential owners would have. That is theft and vandalism. Unless you live, sleep, eat and work next to it.

Greg0617 says:

Hey, do you guys know if they will continue this new design language to the 300’s? 

mythos4sl says:

Steve and Robot, Thank you for an awesome review! Because of this review, i bought the Primavera 150 as my first Vespa 🙂 I love riding my Primavera every where. I do have one quick question and maybe you guys can help me out. I weigh about 100kg and I’m pretty tall so i was wondering if i want a little more acceleration out of the bike, what can i do? i don’t want to change to much. i was reading that changing the rollers to Malossi Rollers 12.5 grams will help a lot. Is this true? 

John Wilkinson says:

I like how these guys don’t want the review or even the bike to be perfect.
Anyone considering getting a Vespa I’d say ride one around the block and try not to smile. American version has some ugly features I gotta say.

Fun Korea says:

these guys are fun and awesome !!

Maxwell Japhy says:

Definitely going to invest in one of these babies! Beautiful, a little retro, stylish, and it has ridiculously amazing gas mileage. 

Suave Chiang says:

I’m new to all of this so pardon my inexperience but I would like to invest in a Vespa just like this for commute to work, school, and home. Do I need a special license for this?

ramirolin says:

Vespa is a iconic scooter

PinoyAdoniz says:

Can you please do the same review for vespa sprint

salamonsalman says:

More vespa reviewss!!!

Lim tommy says:

what the different between USA version and Vietnam version! does the engine always different? thank you

Rusty Rivet says:

4,800 for this? Who are you fooling vespa? Your bikes are not even Italian anymore, they’re made in china. My 2015 honda pcx150 was only 3400, and Is better equipped and faster. Much respect for the old days, vespa. But you guys are nothing but a “brand name” now.

Pixelated Pie Productions says:

One of the nicest Vespas I have ever seen!

Lynx Star Automotive says:

I noticed a Check Engine Light. This scoot has an OBD system?!? How does one pull codes, and view data pids? Is it compatible with EOBD scan tools? Or do you have to have a special scan tool?

Nidjo 34 says:

Are you related to Maurizio Vespa by any chance? 🙂 Please share your thoughts

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