2015 Vespa PX150 Two Stroke Scooter

2015 Vespa PX150 Two Stroke Scooter


daya chandrapala says:

i have lml nv 150cc. ill like buy vespa but there are no way in sri lanka

MrSparklespring says:

I had a dark red PX 200 in the eighties. Man that was good power (together with blue smoke in first gear lol) Pity they don’t make that anymore but it ‘ate’ too much 10 inch rear tires! (each 5000/6000 kilometres). Undestructable engine!

Flip Hager says:

Did they fix the mirror mount issue in the bottom of the headset?  That was definitely a weak link and woefully under-engineered leading to many a mirror problem.  Also- did your customer have any issues bringing it across the border?

francisco milano says:

very nice


non sapevo fosse cosi apprezzata in America la versione PX

receo11 says:

Ca plate

luckys93 says:

Is it possible to remove the sideview mirrors ?

piero marcheschi says:

i have one..just px150..but black..red is narvelhous…calling from PisA
vespa is born here

aggy abdul says:

gantianlah siateh jg bajay nu uing arek?

Adamos says:

hi there.i have vespa px 177 polini cylinder.how can i make the best modified to make my bike fast and strong.write what parts i have to buy please

Kamaseya says:

Thanks for sharing!!

Shafi A S says:

Have you ever worked on the Bajaj models from India? The Chetak, Classic etc

eric walls says:

Cheers mate .i learned something new

Seremban Cycle Club ,Est 2009 says:

Hi, we can get P150X & P200X in Malaysia as i do have one, 1978 P150X. The difference is for P150X, it comes with square light and for P200X, it comes with round light and front disc breaks, others are pretty much the same.

PaperbackStories says:

If you bought one in Mexico, is there any way to register it in California?

Daniel Kinton says:

Made in India* actually 😛 Along side the LML’s.. only the final assembly happens in Italy (put the ready assembled forks in, but the ready assembled engine in and connect things up) 99% indian.

Zed Tee says:

Did I see an MP3 briefly on the left?

tHe ReAL DEal says:

Men who ride scooters want to ride motorbikes, but they love how the wind feels on their vaginas

Anang Rama Wijaya says:

mbois ilakes….

RedJoker says:

Vespa is just cool. Cruising through the historic center of your local small European city, eating some Italian ice cream, enjoying the good weather.
Or taking the Vespa to drive from south Germany over the Alps to Italy. Also nice 😉

deepshitjunkies says:

Vespa/Piaggio never stoped making 2 stroke engines.. here in Europe their been in sale all the time we also have some great models you dont got in the US The NRG models. 4 stroke vespas/piaggios are slow as f..k! 2 stroke eany day. tuning a 4 stroke is like putting make up on a pig… it’s still a pig 😉 Mexican market…. pfffhhh! European market 😉 the laws in California regarding pollution is funny as hell to hear about b.c its made up by hippies and trehuggers.. no offence.

Farooq Dxb says:

good I love vespa!!!

Азиз Маткерим Уулу says:

супер веспаааа

Luca Capurso says:

We have 150 cc as well in italy, I actually han one exactly like that! Is it still possible to drive an old px in the usa?

checdm says:

una hermosura!!!! saludos Carlos

Dream Master says:

Anyone know her top speed on the real road ?

luisfe says:

im new with vespa scooters can you tell me wich is the better betwenn vespa lx/px /sprint /primavera and gts im want to buy a vespa i like the style of the px but dont know wich is the best

Costan Yarona says:

masih ada.. yang di jual seperti yang berwarna merah itu.. saya ingin membelinya..??

Gear Box says:

Hello I suggest to move the mirrors and fix on plates that will be fixed by 4 bolts under the handle bar. Unfortunaly, this new system passing through top plastic makes difficult to replace head light and there is also the risk to loose mirrors due to they unslack.

Wael Rock says:

am from ksa and want your concact number to call u

Fares Hassan says:

الفزبة جمدة يابا

Henz says:

we only have it in Vietnam with 125cc version.

Mohamed El-Rouby says:

Actually, it was 2007 that Vespa stopped making it – then they resumed again in 2011 🙂

kdeeuk says:

beautiful scoot love mine
i had a lambretta but the px beats it hands down the only bugbare is the retriction caused by the cat on them but well worth it

Mohamed El-Rouby says:

In Europe, recently you can choose between a PX 125 or a PX 150 depending on your license class and I believe 1997 was the first year for the disc brake models

Bruno Norrito says:


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