2018 Vespa GTS Touring Edition

2018 Vespa GTS Touring Edition


Brian Moore says:

Very nice

Vincent Santamaria says:

Very nice review of the 2018

The Flying Brompton says:

Love the color but I can do without the front rack.

abbaby555 says:


gyanaranjan nayak says:

Sir, is it available in India…

maggie gean says:

Time to win the lottery, since I love my LXV and she’s close to paid for…love that color!

Uncle Skull says:

How’d you get the scoot? 2018’s aren’t even on their website yet. Great color!

Torsten Hranchuk says:

will vespa be left in the dust??? all electric scooter???!!! bmw has one why not vespa love my vespa but all electric will win me over come on vespa all electric 946!!!!

frank whelan says:

Can’t understand why nobody comments on(I think) long,very ugly seat on all the 300 rets,think it spoils the look.

MrMods79 says:

Whats the official colour of this model? I need some touch up paint.. kind regards

Tango165 says:

Good stuff, very nice color!

Siclmn Cyclerider says:

They could have made the windshield much better with a large up and down adjustment range.

Andrew MCQ says:

Another great vid – thanks Robot. Giving everyone a good insight into Vespa and a top source of information.

The Flying Brompton says:

Is the front rack removable? Love the color but the front rack takes I can do without.

glenn maltese says:

robot.. some one too your video and made this, just letting you know https://youtu.be/c8rEsJzX88Y

Gerry Nightingale says:

“Piaggio” needs a ‘folding-swept-roof’ option to stay w/advances from others…otherwise they will lose sales (again!) Americans want more ‘protection’ from crappy weather and cold…and the ‘Vespa don’t got it’.

Sanyo Dsouza says:

I have watched all you’re videos after I found your channel I enjoyed every bit of you’re interaction with the moped. I own a vespa 150 Sxl, my mom bought me. I enjoyed you akraporic exhaust installation the most. Someday I too hope to have enough money to install it myself

Ziga Veliks says:

hello from a small country in Latvia. with pleasure I watch your video. thank you very cool

Robert Papps says:

Is the front tire mounted the right way?

abbaby555 says:


Loredo De Ducruet says:

I got this vespa and is amazing!! I love it!

Can Truong says:

Love your shop!

Geoff Gyro says:

Robot is cool. I’d buy a scooter from him.

Robbin vd wijgert says:

There s one flaw on this scooter the orange reflectors on the front fender for the rest very cool bike.

Soumaya says:

Hi is it electric .

John Mclarry says:


Mark Gosling says:

great to watch and fantastic entertainment, please could you show how to fit the plug and play piaggio alarm system with latest 2017/18 wiring kit as just bought gts touring 300 euro 4 spec . …mark uk

Henry cifuentes says:

Amazing Vespa!
Thanks Robot!

Lambretta1980 Lambretta1980 says:

The color is great and is very close to the old p200 burgundy color

Antonio Rodriguez says:

How fast can it ride? Can you go on the highway?

Gary Bowen says:

Any improvement/s in suspensions?

Lurgs says:

I hope they’ve sorted out the underneath, my GTS300 is 4 years old with only 2000 miles on it & it’s rusting away over here in England. Awful quality underneath, really disappointing.

Rikkan4 says:

Such a sexy scooter

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