I Rode A Vespa

Vespa GTS 300 IE Super | First Ride

Although this is not officially a review, I do give some feedback on what I think of this fun little city beast.

Big shout out to LA Moto in Arlington for letting me take this for a spin: http://lamotowashington.com/

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shtech99 says:

such fun to ride, I wish I never sold my Vespa LX50.

Slowrider Paul says:

I arrived here as I own a Vespa GTS300 and clicked on this vid, I also have other bikes and like your channel so you’ve got yourself another sub!, nice review/first ride thingy, lol, enjoyed the vid. cheers, Paul.

CM MOTO says:

Vespas r cool…I rode a 150cc with 4 gears

Shawn Kuse says:

Duke, the Vespa totally rocks in Georgetown! Lol So, r u living in Alexandria and working in DC or Va now? My FJR has its 16k service being done. Been without it for 3 days and it is killing me. I cannot imagine what it has been for you without your baby. Rock on bro!

Muhammad Usama Ameen says:

Well I enjoyed this first impression, it reminded me my old days when I used to ride my Vespa. Keep doing the good work.

John Ferreira says:

“Lots of fearful moaning”…..If that phrase was ever presented as evidence in court…..

PAC MAN says:

dude thay rock always have lol

lennie thomas says:

Nice video. I ride a 125 super sport here in London and I can get 70mph out of it. It’s the only way to travel!

Kyle Rodrigo says:

DC reppin!

Adrian Watson says:

School vid. Subbed. I want one

Nelson Soremekun says:

Can anyone tell me what gloves these are? 🙂

Muffin Hands says:

I enjoyed this. I’d never buy a scooter either, they just don’t suit me. Plus they’re crazy expensive for what you get.

TLC Strong says:

how does parking work with a scooter? Also do you have to have tags and all that? Im moving to bethesda and wanting to get a scooter for commuting to work.

TheGreatCornholio says:

125s are the best, really quick compared to mopeds in my town which are doing probably 30k moaning like a bee hive xD no 125’s in my town

Hector Perez says:

Hehehhe this has to be one of my favorite bike reviews ever I own both a Vespa and a Ducati and I know the differences and joys of both. Great video I laughed the whole way thru it. Thank you for doing these posts!!

reginaldo sky says:


Piero Alegria says:

dripping in swag

Silvio Fontana says:

Adjust your mirrors before you start your ride – you are a statistic in the waiting – long term rider, still alive.

JoeGo101 says:

I was like what the hell is he riding….. I had to click it LOL

Makuna Matate says:

Duke..  this scoot’s so much more easygoing safer and virile 🙂 than your prior RSv4.

Gunars Lodzins says:

Why so scared ? 🙂 I’ve got Honda SilverWing 600 alongside my JFR1300. Have SW for 7y now and it is pretty cool to have fully automatic motorcycle from time to time.

DanLoves Clubbing says:

I enjoyed the video, you’re a funny guy! I’m looking to buy one myself in the UK. Btw, the make is Piaggio, the model Vespa and the trim is GTS 300ie Super 🙂

Charlie Hein says:

Very interesting, “Misfit of the District!” 🙂 I used to live right in DC about 7 years ago. I never even considered buying scooter. Now I live in San Diego and ride my Vespa every day. … and I think, it would have been AWESOME to have had this in DC! It was fun to see you cruising around DC like the way I dream it would be! Very entertaining! Thanks!

trever pitts says:

they can do 80 i seen them here in Fl doing 80 on the inter state

john rutkowsky says:

that is ugly

MR 007 says:

These things are super quick off the line. Leave cars and even some bigger cc bikes for dead. Low fuel consumption and just a pleasure to ride.

Nice vid man.

Paul Oxley says:

Have just brought a 150cc Vespa as we are moving into city living. Had my first big ride today .
56 yo first time cycle driver . Absolutely love it and when I can filter through traffic even better .
I recommend people have a ride great fun .

Wild Eye Studios says:

audio quality is superb, could you tell us what microphone you’re using? and where is it exactly placed in the helmet?

saleeezr says:

you sound like you’re freezing!

Maine Man says:

Get out the way yo! I’m on a Vespa. 🙂

reginaldo sky says:

Question. I’m a new rider and was wondering, can that Vespa handle riding on the highway, cruising at 70mph in your opinion?

ToxicDonut81 says:

Adorable how this American rides a Vespa for the first time in his 20s when us Europeans start out on them aged 15 or 16.

a979259 says:

dogg if you live in DC and you get a vespa you’re emasculating yourself.

RocketJohn says:

Fun times! Glad to see you having some fun again. Happy New Year!

Peter Caschera says:


balsara 675 says:

300cc scooter with traction n abs


hope they bring it to India

SaiyanR6 says:

You sound really excited riding a Vespa, hahaha. No lie, I wanna test one out.

VeeFour says:

Traction control? Rly? xD

Eddie Gresk says:

I have a Harley Bagger and a GTS300 Super. I love them both.

Emil Caillaux says:

Guy basically did my commute, and I do it on a Vespa! Cannot recommend it more.

mcrubar says:

No surprise scooters are not very popular in the US. Your roads really suck, especially with those small tires.

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