Top 8 New Vespa Scooters In 2019

97th Brussels Motor Show, The models of Vespa 2018-2019

2019 Vespa Elettrica € 6.479
2019 Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE RST € 5.709
2019 Vespa GTS Super Notte 300 € 5.709
2019 Vespa GTS Touring 125 RST € 5.709
2019 Vespa GTV SEI Giorni RST € 5.709
2019 Vespa Primavera 125S € 5.189
2019 Vespa Primavera Yacht Club 125 € 4.739
2019 Vespa Sprint 125S € 5.289


Emilio Volpicelli says:

Vespa bella vita

Hao Huynh says:

Bao nhiều tiền 1 chiếc vespa

Abas 1 says:

I lovespa..

Bekasi Redmi says:


Mallesh Thoom says:

New vespa how much

Jagdish Prasad Gudeshar says:

I have this scooter. it easy to stand on main stand. Soft kick. Quality of scooter is good. I dislike front scooter mud guard as this made up of fibre, it shorten the life of front mud guard. Digital clock, cell replacement is a problem. break lever should be in colour because it is made up of Aluminum so it leaves black mark on fingers. No light guard is an another problem. Spare parts non availability in open market is also a problem. Company requires attention towards these points.

Rene Van Eynde says:

Zonder kniesteun zijn die machientjes levensgevaarlijk. Schietstoelen!

Johnny Royal says:

Vaginas are compulsory to ride one of these.

Shaikbasheera basheera says:

Vespa super

ginan maulana maulana says:


bluelipbeaver says:

I drove my Vespa 250 GTV from NH to South Florida. In the winter. It purred along at 72 mph the whole trip. It loved the liquid cooling as well as the cold weather. I would do it again.

Vespa Travels says:

Vespa you have done it again they look awesome.

Mike McGovern says:


Gerry Nightingale says:

**FUCKING BULLSHIT “CLICK-BAIT!”** (no ‘Review’…just walking around set-to generic
music! As-if this **ASS-HOLE** ‘Poster’ knows something)

Vishwajeet Barawkar says:

These vespa and aprilia scooters and bikes are coming this year 2019 in india.

Jaya Manggala says:

is ok pokoke mantap lah .

NsLeo AS says:


Krakatoa says:

just make the 500 cc gts a genuine interstate touring machine.

Sachin Kumar says:


isan Hanum says:


Vishwajeet Barawkar says:

Most of em ain’t gonna come to India this year…

radha Santhanam94 santhanam says:

I love vespa

Zahir Muhammad says:

Where is BD/Dhaka Address

Roland Métayer says:

Beautiful scooters, but the $$$$ is TOO HIGH ! ! !

Rafał - łódź Pruszków - piotrków says:

Chi compra vespa non capisce un cazzo di scooter .Troppo costosi. brutti e non veloci

Donald Haverstick says:

I LOVE THE SCOOTERS I have a 2009 black 250 super . I wish they made a small trailer for the Vespa Gousbasaniotis says:

Notte by far the most beautiful vespa that total black look makes her look like a superhero bike

Robert Brunston says:

I like these scooters! Thank you.

Karthik Keshri says:

Fraud mc

Allen S says:

Best? There’s no dialog. No facts?

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