USER REVIEW of VESPA GTV 300 *** GTS Differences Outlined In Video Info Below ***

Video shot with first 400+ miles. Now with over 7,350 miles (Updated Nov 11, 2013) and going strong. Runs great and gas mileage is a pretty steady 63-65 MPG even though I drive it like I stole it. I did have to replace my rear tire at 5200 miles due to an error on my part. It cost me about $150 for the identical Michelin tire, which included labor. Turns out, I had ridden it pretty hard without checking the pressure (honestly for months) and it was about 24 PSI instead of the required 39 PSI. I am much more cognizant of that now and check it more often. FYI- The front tire still looks new.

List on these is just under $7K. With Dealer Prep, shipping and Texas Tax it runs closer to $8K. (I haven’t seen any price changes from 2012). I mentioned in the video that I had it up to about 75 MPH. Since then, just for grins I took it out on the highway with calm winds (or maybe a very slight tailwind) and got up to 85 indicated. I say “indicated” because Vespa speedometers are notoriously off. (by about 3 MPH according to my GPS) Still, I’m sure it shocked the highway drivers to see a Vespa passing them in the fast lane doing 80+. 😛 It was surprisingly stable at that speed but I still wouldn’t recommend it for the feint of heart. And I sure wouldn’t do it on a gusty day or with 18-wheelers blasting around. Don’t forget to wear proper motorcycle protection! 😉

The only real differences between the 2012 GTV 300 and the GTS 300 is that the GTV comes standard with the front & rear Luggage Racks, the Headlight on Fender vs. the Handlebar, a short smoked Windscreen, the split Leather Seat (Saddle for driver, more of a rectangle for the passenger) and the fact that the GTV comes in two colors only, that being Portofino Green and Expresso Brown. For 2013 it also comes in beige. The differences in the GTV will set you back about another $1000 over the GTS.

I mentioned some Quick 12v adapter instructions in the video – (Note: You can’t use an alarm system if you do this unless you buy the Y-connector). Here’s what I recommend. Go to (Full disclosure- I have no relationship with them) and ask for the adapter kit ($50) and also be sure to get the theft alarm adapter cable ($7). 1. When your stuff comes in, replace the cable that came with the kit with the $7 adapter cable. 2. Remove old panel (one “star” screw),. 3. Plug the alarm adapter cable into the matching theft alarm plug. 4. Install the new panel with original screw. You’re done! If you are willing to drill a hole in the old panel, you can save $$ by just buying the adapter cable and getting the 12V female plug on your own (Radio Shack). Enjoy your Vespa!

I also recently added the LED lights. Easy Peasy. Got to ScooterWest and you can order a set. Just make sure you get another splitter if you want to also have the lighter adapter. I have a video response for the light installation from Peter below as well.

Enjoy your Vespa but please watch out for all the idiots out there! 😉


Dave Fisher says:

what a great video showing & pointing out basic points of interest, also love the color. Now looking to get a GTV model myself when I find one for sale in the UK.

Scoot v says:

that is a awesome bike

Jeremy D says:

beautiful bike; congrats. I agree, its a very sharp looking.

stumaclean111 says:

I have the same bike bought new in 2012.  The Portofino green colour comes from the fact that Portofina, Italy is a prime olive growing region.  Think of the colour of green olives and Vespa named the colour accordingly.  My bike has 6,000km on it now and has run without a hitch.  Hope you’re enjoying yours!!  Cheers!!

Dom Degood says:

The suspension comes from the vespa planes.

Larry Keesee says:

really nice scooter…

sdvma says:

Very good – thanks

Pooja Verma says:

Price kaun batayega

Flipnred78 says:

Good video; nice bike !

Steve Figueroa says:

Very informational, thank you for the video

neno neiro says:


madogblue says:

Nice looking scooter. I have read about wobble on these models especially with the luggage box. What has your experience been?

shreesth singh says:

its also very expensive …we can buy a car in this price …$8800 right. but this scooter worth it…

wan han lu says:

You can also use a BarBQue cover to cover the bike. Usually runs about 23 bucks w tax. They last about 8 yrs or more in the sun. Impermeable so water does not leak onto scoot thru seams

welcome159ify says:

That thing looks beautiful!

Peter Sanderson says:

Hi, remember me? I purchased a GTV-300 after watching your video. Do you still have your Vespa?

Gregory Kalof says:

Great short review. I can’t wait to get my own GTV. I read something that indicated that the engine is only 278cc. What do you know about that?

renewer says:

Nice review, but please stop calling it a bike, it isn’t.

Sonny Fish says:

Boxes cause high speed weave and low speed wobble, or vise versa! High speed wobble, low speed weave. 🙂


Did just showed me that i don’t have to DISMANTLE half of it just to change the spark plug and/or do some basic maintenance ? The world must be coming to the end. BTW, that leather seat look SWEEEET.

Mohamed El-Rouby says:

Excellent review

vulcan1753 says:

Beautiful Vespa. Only thing I don’t like about it is the fuel injection. I have had nothing but trouble with that crap, and I do mean expensive trouble. You think $800 is expensive, it can be a lot more when the fuel injection fails. I have a like new 2006 GT200L,, in Portofino Green, looks just like the GTS250/300, but has a carbed engine, easy and cheap to work on. I bought it 6 months ago with only 1900 miles on it.

I also have a 1978 Vespa P200E, 2 stroke, manual shift and clutch. It is much more fun to ride, just for fun. But it gets annoying after you have shifted gears about 200 times in 10 miles in town. I have it jetted really rich to help keep the air cooled motor cool.

matty d says:

Damn I really thought they would be more than $8100. The leather really looks sharp on that green. On the flip side Vespas like most vehicle manufacturers have started to use less expensive components (not cheap) but not built like they used to be. Of course you can upgrade your motor exhaust and suspension but you shouldnt have to.

Rick hill says:

Great video! tnxss awesome big Vespa scoot (Y)Regards from the Netherlands

James Homology says:

that rear case is hideous. Period.

Lumbar87 says:

Great review! I just purchased a 2016 GTV 300, have about 480 miles on it thus far.

Dale Gross says:

RmeyPilot, do you still have this Vespa? How many miles are they good for?

jimmy Lincoln says:

Looks a quality bike

O8 ride says:

Thanks for the review. I was just getting hot grips fitted and a new headlight bulb on my Piaggio Fly 125 at the dealer and saw they had a second hand 2010 GTV 300ie Della Mode for sale. At a price I couldn’t turn down. Two days to wait until I pick it up and hand over my beloved first scoot.


hoo yeah
hoo body~~^^V
here ?we ?go~~~hahaha win i win!!

Lindy Lou says:

This was one of the very BEST BEST BEST videos I’ve ever seen on a two-wheeled animal!!! I am looking at getting one for school (I teach at a division 1 university where parking is ALWAYS a nightmare!!!! Your information is great and thorough! Thank you!!!

wan han lu says:

1,The crazy front suspension does not handle road bumps and potholes too well. The travel seems to be too short. 2, With the windshield you hear the valves clattering away even though dealer claims it’s the rollers. She is getting a valve job at 600 miles. Be careful with the cool-aid. Suspension bangs on holes. Vespa gts 300 owner.

Ιωάννης Τσακίρης says:

It is Beautiful man have fun with it !!!

Karina says:

Thank You!  Real nice video

Adrian Rubi says:

is there a tall Vespa windscreen for that?

shreesth singh says:

very nice scooter …very well described about scooter ..i am from india we use scooter a lot over here …this model is not yet launch in india….

stew tube says:

Great review….I can not find any other Vespa videos on your channel 🙁 ….do you still have your Vespa ? Thank you

CrowsBrother says:

What a beautiful machine,- congratulations !  😉
Hope you still are enjoying it.

Oliver Brooks says:

Nice review, I have a GTS 300 and if you are into scooters especially classic italian these the bee’s knee’s to quote an old fashioned phrase and keeping it clean Lol!

matty d says:

Man if you constantly have a passenger (ie: wife) Sena’s are the best investment ever.

Ivan Rojas Jaque says:

Great review, dude. Thanks a lot for your time and effort. I’ have been thinking for a while on purchasing a Vespa but I could not make up my mind about which one. Now I know. Happy New Year to you!

Larry Keesee says:

really nice scooter…

elbenaso says:

beautiful bike! congrats!

Larry Bahr says:

Love this scooter but, It’s just too small of a motor. I have owned a lot of motorcycles.
Can not go back to a little scooter…

Larry Keesee says:

really nice scooter…

Jacky Rosado says:

I love it! I need one for my commute

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