Vespa Elettrica: Robot’s First Test Ride, Review & Impressions

Robot’s first test ride, review & impressions of the Vespa Elettrica. Live from EICMA 2018 in Milan, Italy.


todd skidmore says:

Ol robot

Uncle Skull says:

Where I live, I would want a top speed of 50 MPH (real) to keep up with traffic on some of the 45 MPH roads I routinely travel.  Even better, make that 50 MPH with a passenger.  60 mile range not bad for a commuter.

Bo Dog says:

Chinese egrom clones will go about 45 mph and cost about 1200-1400 usd

Kawasaki Man says:

Expensive and can only do 30 mph not much use

glenn maltese says:


peter kreisler says:

Ideal in cities where everyone in 30 years time will live

Jack says:

Just adding my 2 cents. I agree with the majority that 30mph will not do it here in the USA. 55 to 65 mph with a 50 mile range would be minimum for me.

Cangel Tibon says:

Love the brand, not the speed, it needs to hit at least 65 mph to be any sort of commuter for an American.

Jimbo Baggans says:

For that much money I would expect a lot more speed and range. A person could buy 3 Honda metropolitans for that much money.

Graham Stewart says:

30mph 60mile range and costs equivalent of £6000, I’ll crack the jokes here Vespa.

Emil Caillaux says:

Good quick review. Looks interesting for a 1.0 product. Can’t wait for an Elettrica Max which takes advantage of the larger GTS frame. Love that electric sound though – very futuristic.

bob thebuilder says:

Can get a used Chevy spark fully electric for that price

Peter Zurek says:

Good job.

Kristufar Burhtun says:

It’s the kind of bike I would only buy as a reliable backup assuming it’s easier to maintain and less likely to fail.

Steve Martin says:

It is such a shame that a company is fantastic as Vespa would come out with such is non-competitive product. All that engineering and manufacturing for a product that will not sell because of the upper speed limit and exorbitant price. They may think they know their market because they sell expensive gasoline powered scooters. They are in for a rude awakening. China is producing too many good, competitive scooters.

EikkaKeikka says:

Hey Robot, did they say anything about the elettrica X -model? Last year it was announced at the same time as this one and it was supposed to be some kind of hybrid with a range of 200km instead of 100km. I can still see reference to this model in some brochure but its kind of vague. It seems that model was cancelled. Guess it would have been too expensive as this basic models is allready way, way highly priced for what it is.

David Christie says:

Great job thanks Robot; you’ve done a better job than Vespa themselves in marketing it. With their usual Italian arrogance they really just expect everyone to gasp and grab; where we really need some facts and comparative estimates of the average daily use, charging times, charging at public places safely and securely, remote monitoring (if any!) and much, much more…but all Vespa do is pretty pictures.

Steven Fitzsimmons says:

30mph no use for the British market.

Owen racing says:

What only does 30mph it’s no good.

Ciara Garrity says:

Make it faster by taking it to vespa????

Raymond Brower says:

If the acceleration is real quick, like my electric car, 30 mph isn’t so bad. The main shortfall of my 50cc scooter is the acceleration rate. Getting to 30 mph quickly is a safety concern.

Steven Fitzsimmons says:

Nice looking scoot tho. No doubt.

Matowix Unplugged says:

Are hyosung good scooters robot ? Electric scooters will become popular way before electric cars.

peterah7957 says:

I’d honestly Consider getting one but I’d require at least 70mph as a max speed 30mph is not enough for a commuter and a vehicle I’d find a lot of use for

ACH-2 says:

Sad to hear it was not more comparable to a 150cc scooter… I would love to own one if it could go 65+mph. Thanks for the video Robot!

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