Vespa GTS 300 Review and Ride

Vespa GTS 300 Review and Ride.
Vespa GTS 300 Super Review.
Vespa GTS 300 Review UK.
Vespa GTS 300 Ride.

This is the 2013 model so no ABS or Traction Control (which means better acceleration).

I have owned this for 2 years so it’s a real world review with the good bits & bad bits.
First I’ll take you round all the features then we’ll go for a Ride together.

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Ride safely.


Graham Stewart says:

Wee bit of surface corrosion on engine casing and front damper, try applying ACF 50 to all exposed area’s

playte says:

nice 23 / 474

BlondeBabyMetal says:

coughs, motorbikes are better lol

mdaydj says:

I have the same model but with the funkier updated dash and i love it !! i also have a BMW GS1200 and love both machines equally

Tighty Whitey says:

sooooooooooo cleeeaaaaannnn

grego gregson says:

vespa gts footrest eBay item number: 182729640293

Trane067 says:


Fikri Kittikhun says:

what is it’s top speed? always wanted one sir

the aftertaster says:

Hi, nice review, how is GTS handling roads with bumps or holes, considering the smaller sized wheels?

simon worrall says:

my 300gts less than 3k on clock , 3 years old, rotting already, chrome sub standard, abs failed…spend your money elsewhere. ..

Metal Zombie666 says:

I have watched many videos of this new Vespa 300, I am super impressed and would possibly take one for a test ride here in San Diego, then this…whats up with all the RUST? How is the reliability on these? The scooter rally’s from back in the early 80’s, meet at Ski beach. Good times

The Tony Cobain Show says:

Subbed! Sub back!

Coloring TV for Kids says:

subbed please sub back

Guzzi Gal says:

My husband and I just purchased a ’12 GTS 300 Super and a ’13 GTS 300ie, our first Vespas. We both ride “real” bikes, but find our scooters give more miles with smiles!

David Hamilton says:

Tell me, can one use the passenger foot pegs comfortably while not carrying a pillion?, as I believe I’d have better control with legs astride, then in front like sitting in a chair. I say this as many moons ago as a rider of a 1959 Triumph Thunderbird 650 for many years, I took a mates Vespa for a spin and felt downright unbalanced in leaning into corners. It felt like you had to make a conscious effort to  lean it over, whereas on the Trumpy, it was like thinking it around a bend. As an old geezer now, I’m considering the Vespa 300 GTS, or if I’m lucky, pick up a Vespa 946 to tool around on. Cheers and many thanks for your fine video…

Manny Perez says:

rip the rust. how do you get rid of it mate?

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