Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS ASR Review

Review/first impressions of the Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS ASR


Gerry Nightingale says:

The scooter I like! The English roads? NO! (all of the markings make no sense to an American…the ones on the pavement itself…and car-parking seems a bit much for a congested roadway…one door opening, and you’re SLAMMED!) “Plastic is not as good as metal” is what I’m hearing…and you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s a question of ‘pre-load stress-point fittings’ and this has been perfected over the years, especially with Honda…they are the ‘masters’ of this technology.Take a look at an ’08 ‘Metropolitan’…I have one done in ‘Gothic’, and it cannot be told from ‘left the show-room last week’, despite having it’s ‘second go-round’ on the odometer! (over ten-thousand miles, all original ‘bits and bobs’) and it rides like it’s on rails! With a 220lb. rider!(I use it to go grocery shopping and short-trips on less-busy roads…it has sufficient ‘performance mods’ to maintain 42mph with my rather chubby-ass on it…damn good for a 50cc engine!) All the ‘plastic portions’ of this Honda have stood-up to whatever the road and weather can offer…and still looks as ‘new’.(no ‘spills’ yet…but, I notice I can purchase replacement parts like the floor-panel or the fairing-shields ‘OEM’ for very low prices on-line…and install them easily without a ‘shop’ necessary complete with experts) I would like to own this new, upgraded ‘300’…but I really cannot justify buying another scooter ‘just to have it’ when I already have my little ‘Honda’…(which I will keep until I’m dead!)

Paddy Doyle says:

Great video mate I love the gts I am getting one soon can’t wait

candy lel says:

good job man!!

Mark Walters says:

Oh my God you’re driving on the wrong side of the road

Mark Walters says:

I’m going to wait for the 650cc cylinder.

ClutchPedalReturnSpr says:

Hmmm, no gear shift. I didn’t see a foot brake either. Do you think this model has the capability, like the Vespa of yesteryear, to circumnavigate the globe? It has a nice blue color.

Clem Fandango says:

I understand why Big Bike guys don’t like scooters or car users for that matter, that’s fine not everything will suit everyone we all know that, if you don’t understand, you’re redundant. I can also understand how scooters have given sensible scooter riders a bad name, a sensible scooter purchaser and rider understands the limitations and the scooters purpose. For what they’re intended to do, there’s absolutely nothing that can replace a scooter, there’s things a scooter can do that a big bike would just be annoying and cumbersome to do with. Bigger bikes are a bigger liability, if you’re in a country that has strict laws you will always get scooter riders with under powered engines causing more congestion in traffic when their best intentions were to try and limit their footprint initially. If you’re under powered choose a different path to work or get your license and get a 125cc or more, it’s safer and you won’t get hated on, some drivers are violent and abusive and it’s not worth getting involved . It is however worth waiting the extra time and costs to sit the driving test for the bigger cc bikes, unless you never need to cross main roads and you’r only scooting down the street you’re going to be fine on the smaller engines.

Be late to work if you need to be as long as you’re safe. take the back roads, leave earlier, enjoy the ride. Scooters like other two wheel machines to some extent have a smaller presence on the road, you need to be aware of this, being headstrong with the attitude “I have every right to be here as much as this car in front” will get you killed. you need to park your ego up your arse and ride like nobody can see you… you need to eat that humble pie and enjoy every morsel, you wanna play bad boy, get a fucking harley, there’s nobody around you who doesn’t know you’re there. lol .

scooter riders who are using them for their versatility will agree with me, sometimes you learn the hard way, emotionally, physically and Financially but as long as you learn.

Michael Evans says:

Try the Honda sh 300i not pretty like the vespa but pulls really well.

David Howes says:

You should have the heavier bar end weights if riding with a top box. They are usually included when you buy the topbox.

Thomas Sonntag says:

I have a 2017 GTS for half a year now. This was the best GTS300 review I’ve seen.Very detailed, and not comparing with motorbikes. Some comments: Tank has 9,5 l, enough for more than 200 km, Fuel consumption was less than 3,5l for 100km, so there’s left enough to find a filling station. Weight is 158kg without extras as top box. It’s not a combined breaking system but it does a very good job.

TheBazFella says:

Excellent review, mate. Bloody Volvo @17.05 – theres ALWAYS a Volvo. The new Vespas are a world apart from the side-wallowing 2 strokes of my youth (which I always loved, nevertheless. Defo wanting a 300 auto now.

CT Mac says:

Good review!The tiny fuel tank is a limiting factor, but the Vespa is brilliant.

alterdestiny says:

Gonna grab me a vespa…61 yrs old…love them

Tango165 says:

Great review!!! Just subscribed to you…

J.T. Jaeger says:

Any good for a 6’4″ guy?

Jethro B says:

nah you can still use this bike even it is a long distance ride bruh this is a 300cc bike.

Peter Stevens says:

Thank you for this very informative review.  One of the best I’ve seen on YouTube.

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