Vespa GTS 300 Super – Becky Gets a Scooter for her Birthday and Rides Solo for the first time

June 2016 – Its Becky’s birthday and after 35 years of marriage, she is finally willing to be on two wheels. I’ve been riding over 55 years so this is a big deal for her (AND FOR ME)! KTM doesn’t make scooters so we buy her new 2016 Rosso Dragon Red Vespa 300 GTS Super ABS-ASR, from Sportique in Boulder. We load it in the back of my GMC pickup (aka KTM hauler), so she can have it while taking a class at the Ricky Orlando Motorcycle school the following weekend. We only plan on riding our new scooters (yes… I bought a blue one, and rode it home) around the local area, and take them on vacation if we stay in some place for a couple weeks near the coast.


Ray Maramara says:

Quite impressive for a first solo ride! Congrats and have fun!

Carl 123 says:

Nice to see somebody having a good day with a new set of wheels. Pity about the rabbit though.

pat murphy says:

that is so cool, it’s a lot of fun riding my hubby & i ride sometimes, we have a yamaha 125vino & a honda metropolitan, it’s fun for us too…congratulations becky on passing the riding course & getting your endorsement & getting your wings!!.

Andrew Stamp says:

I’ve the European supersport version of this, it’s much easier to put it on the side-stand & then get on it..the stand is spring loaded so you only need to tilt the scoot to right & it kicks up on it’s own … that’s assuming the us version has the kick-stand.

lennie thomas says:

A 300 as a first scooter seems a bit risky! Is Becky still ok?

lb150t says:

I just bought a new 2016 Kymco People GTi 300 in June in (Matt white) it’s my third scooter. 9 yrs ago had a 50cc from Pep Boys. That following summer got a 150cc China made small framed 150cc with 12 inch wheels rode it for 9yrs pretty quick still own. Now just this past June I bought my Kymco People GT300i got it just over 90mph on the hwy, not broken in yet love it . It has a 2yr warranty too.

Ramen On Wheels says:

red really looks good on a Vespa.

azdesertdog says:

Very cool! Congrats to Becky. Very nice scooter.

Jason DeMel says:

I’ve got a gts300 too. lovely machine. I’d advise strongly against starting it up before taking it off the centre stand as it’s easy to twist the throttle whilst pushing forward and the scooter taking off. enjoy 🙂

Noel Burger says:

Nice scooter Becky I have a Zuma 125

one and one says:

Wow. That is one bad ass dog. Thanks for a great video.

servicarrider says:

Nice quiet neighborhood. Or at least it was until the biker gang moved in.

thechocolatefactoryhunter says:

how tall is Becky? nice bike

Slowrider Paul says:

I bought a new GTS300 2 years ago and use it all the time, more than my CB1100, Vespa’s are a lot of fun for sure, thank you for sharing your experience, I’m sure you guys will share many happy memories riding your Vespa’s together! Regards, Paul.

1WEEBLE1 says:

Congrats. Becky’ride safe

praworeczny says:

I would like to get a gift 🙂

YPO6 says:

Next step: MotoGP and Isle of Man Tourist Trophy racing

darrin slack says:

interesting to see a new rider  and her first  scooter being a  vespa gts 300, did you ever think of getting a geared scooter   at anytime

Jeremy D says:

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was worrying that she would dump it on that first ride around the block, dent the unibody and scratch it up real good. ‘Glad she made it through unscathed. Has it got any dents or scratches yet? New Vespas are magnets for them, I hear. 😉

Chris Esser says:

She took to it really well. Nice job.

rumba149 says:

congrats from connecticut becky ! completely enjoy the vespa ride like we all do ! i have the privilege of driving my gtv 300 in portofino green & a bonus gtv 300 in sienna cream ! — was not planning on a 2nd bike but happen to be in the right place at the right time & botta boom – botta bing ! the bike is in my hands !!

George Herold says:

I ride a vespa and I took a class for my license, and let me say a scooter is cake…. no gears at all.. if anyone is scared to ride a harmless scooter they have probs

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