Vespa P200E | An Owners Review


Bike is 1981 Vespa P200E

Drift HD

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Hellow there.. I got the 1983 P200 12volt & it can do top speed 110klm (about 70 mpr). Theres also kits to boost your power from 8 hp to almost 20hp +. how deep your pocket is!.. S.I.P. Performentce & Styile….

Ara Chtty says:

hey man I have a 1981 P200E, si 26/26 carb, normal exhaust but perfect compression, shit is scary fast. Also my shifting is easy… something is up with your bike bro if you can only get to 50 and its slow to get there. Worse if your using the speedo… sounds like your loosing compression or your timing is off if the carb is squeeky clean like you say. Get the right tools if you dont have them and pop that flywheel off, I just did that and had to rewire my whole stator because all the wires were corroded out. Also someone installed the throttle wrong, shifter cable holder nuts were too tall so it scrapped on that small top cover causing it to drag. Take the top cover off your gear selector and see if all of a sudden its easy to shift. If so just add a washer between the top cover and flywheel protector, or get the right cover, or bend it lol…
Little driveability shit like that is simple on these things… you prolly have a monster waiting to come out. The bike should be able to to wheeiles in first to third…. at least mine can.

FogRunner says:

i learned to ride on a pit bike hehe. Next up was a 125cc 2 smoker Cagiva.
Wanted to “revive” an old Vespa(no shifter) with my father in law… ended up with a long-hard-to-get-part-list-and-extremely-high-priced …so we ditched the project. Ended up restoring a Mobra Hoinar (old Romanian motorbike… good bike)…. restoring old bikes feels just so…. heroic.

Dick Fatkins says:


barnbersonol says:

I had one in the eighties, trust me they were crap when were brand new. Shit brakes, rubbish headlight. Have a modern scooter now, Honda 125. A MILLION times nicer, faster and safer.

78a67h says:

It’s true, a Vespa needs special skills to ride. A biker will soon be on his ear if he tries to ride like on a motorbike. The direction indicator button is on the LEFT side on all Vespas I have seen. Someone must have switched it on yours.

Steve says:

I have a KLR 650 and a 74 vespa 200 rally. I love both but get all kinds of thumbs up on the vespa. big supporter of your channel. keep it up bro!

Robert Stock says:

I was worried this was your new bike lol.

Should make a video of your favorite places to ride in AZ. Been thinking of where to take either my xr650 or cb919 out.

My drone videos always end up sucking cause I can’t fly it for crap…

keep up the vids.

Jeff Cornock says:

I always found the p200e to be a pleasure to ride. And this guy is only getting 50 flat out I’ve had 6 p2s over the years and the slowest of them managed 65. I think this guy needs a twist and go he such a winger

Vespa Bavaria says:

Something is wrong with your Vespa because it should go faster than 50 mph, mine has 10 hp and does about 60 easily in flat terrain. But nice video!

NEF4RI0US 6 says:

“Always got to chock your bitch out”

vespas125 says:

This is the kid of video I love hhh Telling some things about you’re ride and drive it at the same time
That’s so cool !
I have to do it one time or another !

Blue Moon says:

Oh so you’re that guy who turns and doesn’t indicate ha ha. Friday fix done…thanks

Kyle Robinson says:

you have a problem if you can only get to 50 and your gears are stiff, should do around 60-65

Brand-X says:

yes, it’s because you’re tuning it wrong

DJ 2timezzz says:

got the same exact one

David Sizemore says:

If you’re P200e isn’t running right, you might want to look into either cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor and/or look at replacing the cdi box. It should run smooth as silk at all rpm’s with minimal vibration. You also need to look at the clutch and transmission cables as the shifter should be smooth. I had an ’80 P200e I bough new and drove it for years until I laid it into the side of a car that pulled out in front of me and then stopped blocking the road. That front fairing and rear covers kept me from loosing a leg. I ended up driving the scooter to the hospital about a half mile away. Take a look at this guy’s video that was like mine. His is running like one should. Good luck with yours.

Friday'sThe Bomb says:

2nd lol

james goodwin says:

Lambretta is the one to have,uk mods ” we are the mods we are the mods we are we are we are the mods” quadrophenia

Blue Moon says:

New bike yet?

The Lawnfeed Company says:

Great video .. you have to ride these to understand

Luis Inzunza says:

I really loved your video, because I always try to explain… yes… it’s unpractical, its slow, it’s a problem to keep it running right. But I love Estela (that’s my Vespa name)… now I now I’m not the only one.

Supersonic says:

Hey Bro!
I have a GSX-S 1000 as my main ride but i also have a PX with 177cc and approx. 13 hp and i love it. The simple joy of riding this small underpowered bike is uncomparable. BTW here in Europe you see them on every corner but i never saw or heard of a PX with turn signals on the right and horn signal on the left side!

carlos santos says: perfect example

carlos santos says:

A modified Vespa will produce ridiculous power .. you can pop wheelies in 3rd gear just with the throttle.. you need someone that knows about Vespa that can work on them ..

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