Vespa Primavera 50cc Tour 2015

Hey guys this is the tour of my Vespa Primavera scooter. Hopefully it helps someone who’s trying to decide on a moped lol. I forgot to mention that there is also a bag hook at the front of the seat where you can hold your grocery bags or shit like that if you wanted to haha.



James Knott says:

That button by the ignition that you don’t know what it does opens the under seat storage so you don’t have to use the key to open it 🙂

Fabian Huck says:

please ride the Vespa! it would be nice if you can make also a kikstart!

黃漢林 says:

you are beautiful

Scooty Man says:

Without doubt, the Vespa Primavera 50 2t is the best 50cc scooter by far.

Danny Bates says:

scooter girl i chased you on my bike after school

Floris van Elten says:

If you press the little button, it automatically opens the seat compartment when you’re not sitting on it. So you can open it without pulling your keys out. 🙂

Eurgio says:

Max speed 45 ?? or 47-48-49 ???

Martin Del Busto says:

Wich is the top speed?

Taher Moosabhoy says:

i would do u sideways

S. Brown says:

If I were the scooters seat…

Maxence Debruyne says:

Can you ride with it?

Mr. Lengers says:

do a motto vlog i will subscribe

McMuffinFluffin says:

Cool accent

András Novák says:

Alex sighting the regard of the man with the Vespa scooter on the seaside promenade, flashes him her ankle raising a little her skirt! The woman in consequence of her gesture becomes bashful.

vracan says:

top speed please?

Superbuche95 says:

NIce video, which is the high speed that 50cc reach? Because i am doubting between the 50cc and the 125cc, thanks!

Damaraadityas says:

ur so beautiful 🙂

Martin Del Busto says:

Wich is the top speed?

Azeeza Sahib says:


Avaxo says:

great video, can you do more video about you’re Vespa ? 🙂

TommyTheWolf says:

That “button” that you couldn’t find anything about is a bolt, screw, or whatever, but it’s something like a screw.

Ryuzaki says:

Elle déchire la Vespa je la veux ^^

Legends Garage says:

nice ride looks really fancy u really should do some motovlogs its alot of fun

Ben Schiszler says:

The glove box is like that so if someone tries to nick your stuff they will think its not working. You just proved to yourself its very effective.

Fabian Huck says:

have you done moto vlogs?

Nation says:

WOW what a sweet thief friendly backyard tour ! :)))

Axel Walters says:

you seem cool as fuck holy shit. you remind me of myself a lot.

Fabian Huck says:

please more videos!

ezra sangyum says:

thanks alex for the toour haha

서민갑부 says:

marry me i love you!

Axel says:

4Stroke 😀 nice bike

Sholivery & Deezy says:

your so preettyyy i love you,
hello from the dominican republic
sebasrsenior on instagram look me up

Scooty Man says:

That bike doesn’t sound right. It sounds like the exhaust mounts are loose at the manifold plus the Rickover is too high. Lovely scooter though. The blank button next to the ignition key is for the 125 only. It would be a remote seat switch on those models. Hope that helps and ride safe

Haydn Fisher says:

good shit lmao

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