Vespa PX200 Review

Review of a 2001 Vespa PX200


pier says:

That’s old school of building good scooters. Of course new ones are also great but it’s always nice to see how it was many years ago.

Lachlann Ban says:

A good review………as i have just acquired a PX200……..(funny thing though half way through I started to recognize the roads!
a real deja-vu moment!)

Fistful Pennies says:

simple design , functional no computers , easy to work on……..all metal ….sounds good

Eoghan Hennessy says:

They started production again in 2007 by the way

Danny Murphy says:

Hey that’s awesome! I like your open minded approach to reviewing all things on 2 wheels. Great review

Danny Murphy says:

That’s incredible!! I’ve never seen a manual gearbox scooter!! I’d whip it.

Michael Evans says:

Have you still got the Triumph?

Nimitzclass A says:

Just to make sure, it’s boxy then?… XD

Danilo De Gortes says:

Great review!! I am italian and I do ride a Vespa.. well… I totally agree with you!!

Paddy Doyle says:

I have a px200 I have been riding them for over 20 years now but i am changing it for a gts 300 I use my px for every day use and as I get older I find it getting too hard on the back and legs

Danny Murphy says:

Wudup British Biker? I’m the first one here


Do they have a power band?

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