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Vespa SXL 150 is the first-of-its-kind 150cc scooter from the Italian auto maker in India. The scooter here reviewed is the SXL version of 150cc Vespa. We picked the Matte Black color which is quite popular among youngsters. You can check the full specifications, features, ride experience and our hands-on test ride of this scooter.

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Please note that the fuel tank capacity of Vespa SXL 150 is 8 litres!

Video produced by Achaiah CS and Baliada Ramesh Ganapathi.

Location: Bengaluru


Anas Sayyed says:

1,00,000 on road to costly scooty…thts y i hav to chng my mind

Recep Mercan says:

I’ve got Lx 150 and its top speed is 110 kmh

Peshawar Nights ليالي بيشاور says:

i am in pakistan . and love to buy it.

Abhimonnu Biswas says:

once i had vespa scooter my dad purchased it in 1989 till 2012, when i was 16 year old i start riding the scooter and seriously
i like to say to you guys its not just a scooter its a beast, me and my friend on my back riding at 100 kmph without any hesitation, even sometime i repair myself the scooter the engine is no compare to other scooter engine
( if you had budget then go for it and enjoy)

saketh varma says:

shit review i gained 107 kmph in my vespa.. 150cc sxl worst review ever

Hussain Ali says:

1lakh on road price omg.

Smithesh Sundaran says:

Man, you get a perimeter kit as a free accessory on the SXL 150, so not sure if your last point is valid. All you have to do is fit a saddle bar which costs less than 500 Rs… Having used this bike for the last few months, the major issue i have faced is of customer service from the dealer and this blows away the claims of a “Lifestyle product” experience…

Dheeraj Duppalli says:

things that people wont consider is this could beat the shit out of any premium sports bikes of 150cc in moderate to heavy city traffic conditions…it could go through much smaller gaps while still performing better than the likes of activa or is worth the price

Suhash L says:

Hi! Great review! I wish to pick the matt black vespa..Is the matt black finish maintenance difficult??

Aashay Agnihotri says:

Can you tell me what is the mileage of this vespa..??

Saad Akhir says:

The background music has ruined the video

TheBR911 says:

you didn’t quote the mileage of this scooter which is very vital info. hope you will do in your upcoming videos.

Awesome Blogger says:

Highest speed of this scooter?

Saad Akhir says:

Like the colour though

ìmù vĺòģs says:

is this worth buying for daily office runs and weekend fiesta trips?

Abhimonnu Biswas says:

its full solid steel body make the scooter stable verymuch

Shekharan Narayanadas says:

im going buy vespa sxl 150 matt black…

shudhanshu chaturvedi says:

You mentioned fuel tank capacity is 11.8 but per vespa is 7.8

Zahid Ansari says:

Should I buy a like new 2cnd hand 150cc sxl or a new 125cc sxl.

Prashant Bhadane says:

tell me average?

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